Adversus Omnia Dæmonia

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    Adversus Omnia Dæmonia
    Rated M (See Rules)
    It was long a time of peace, untested by the unknown and arcane. It was a peace hard-earned by the turmoil of generations that had long stood against the demonic threat. For once, people all over the land could walk freely without the fear of being enslaved, tortured, murdered, consumed, possessed...and the list of atrocities go on. The Grand Sceptre, head of the Sanctum Circulus (Holy Circle) had provided a peace long awaited by striking a pact with the Archdemon known as Belhazareth. It was under the condition that every year, a human sacrifice of the Archdemon's demand would face the most hellish of demises. It was also stated that all human-demon contracts made prior to the peace would be abolished, and all the demons who were once held in the power of the humans that had subjected them, had been liberated and returned to the Nether (Hell) where the demons had originated. For well over five centuries, this peace was kept until the Seventeenth Grand Sceptre accepted the office. In his first year, it was demanded that he sacrifice a child. In the moment of truth, the striking of the new year, he refused to subject the child to this madness and the seal was broken. It was to the horror of the entire world that the seal had been broken, that one Grand Sceptre's decision to protect a child had overridden the long and accepted terms of sacrifice, but it was too late to take back his act of heroism and foolishness. The Seventeenth Grand Sceptre was murdered by a slew of demons before the people could even get to him.​

    A century passed, one of chaos and destruction, humans and demons once again in conflict. After years of spilt blood in the office of the Grand Sceptre, one Grand Sceptre remained strong enough to maintain his integrity and will. The 21st Grand Sceptre, Father Tritus II, had convened with a standing number of the Sanctum Circulus. It was at this convention that it was decided that a party of the most promising of demon Harvesters, Contractors, Modders, and Vanquishers would retaliate against the demonic ascent and force the Archdemon into submission. It was to the Sanctum Circulus that these would-be heroes were summoned, all of them bound by one common trait. They had all subdued a Greater Demon...​

    HELP: (References)Terminology
    Grand Sceptre: Head of the church, essentially. It is said that he can communicate with the heavens, even though no record of angelic beings on the surface have been made for over a millennium.​
    Archdemon: The head of all demons, he who opens the gate between Earth and the Nether. He has control of all free-roaming demons (those not enslaved, contracted, or killed)​

    Hunter Types:
    Harvester: These demon hunters have learned that by obtaining the true name of a demon, you can bend the demon to your will. They can call on demons as they please and the demons must obey their every wish, regardless of what they want themselves. The major setback is that many people find this method of slavery as immoral and the demons might be harder to get along with.
    Contractor: Those who deal with demons and attempt to work out a transaction where the summoner pays the demon for their services rendered. This is easier than finding or learning a demon's name and the most moral method of service; however, sacrifices are made at the expense of both demon and summoner and demons can reject a deal. In cases with stronger or more treacherous demons, it may seem that the demons have control of their summoners.
    Modder: These are possibly the most immoral of those that fight demons, killing demons and utilising parts of their body to empower their own. When this occurs, the summoners' bodies may grow grotesque according to the body parts that they have taken for their own.
    Vanquisher: Those who kill demons without using them. The Holy Circle respects these the most; however, controversy has arisen in the masses about the morality of killing passive demons.

    Demon Ranks:

    Petty: Weak imp/goblin types that are easy to coerce or persuade into your service, these petty demons are good at a range of small but useful things. These things can include making maps, cooking food, throwing snowballs, or using their magics to create far vision.​
    Lesser: Slightly stronger demons that have trouble taking a physical form, but embody the seven deadly sins. They are easy to communicate to for advice if your character is confused, but are treacherous if no bond has been formed. These are considered passive demons. When a Petty Demon is freed from service, it becomes a Lesser Demon.​
    Adept: These demons are average, usually embodying humanoid forms with slight differences to appearances that make them look a little more demonic. They can be relatively human in nature, but usually are drawn towards sin and deception, can make companions if contracted with or enslaved. When a Lesser Demon takes full control of a human host, it becomes an Adept Demon.​
    Greater: These older, more treacherous demons are harder to trick and have their own personal reasons for their actions. This can range from enslaving a city to stealing children from towns in the dead of the night. These are harder to enslave and bargains are harder to strike. When an Adept Demon fools a Greater Demon into service, it becomes a Greater Demon.​
    Master: The oldest and highest ranking of the Nether. These demons are nigh impossible to kill and harder to trick. Their names are only hidden in lore, and this lore is often stored away in secret. The lore itself is written by the Archdemon and whisked away to a place where not even the Master Demon is made aware. When a Greater Demon kills a Master Demon or fools it into service, it becomes a Master Demon.

    Color System: (Suggested, not mandatory)

    Action/Thought: Hopefully most of your content will be actions and thoughts, unless your character is a true conversationalist.
    Speak/Shout/Whisper: Using a different color for speech will help diversify your posts and make referencing dialogue for RP purposes FAR easier.
    [OOC/Admin:] If you ever need to speak as yourself for communication purposes or just making side comments, here's yo color!
    [Important Action:] If you are summoning a demon, use it's name in this color and brackets. If you are transferring possession of an important item to another player that must not be missed, also use this color and brackets.

    1. No Godmodding: Self-Explanatory. Do not take your character overpowered. Do not take any kind of control over other characters without their writer's permission (If you gain their permission, write an OOC stating this)
    2. Respect: If there is any kind of dispute in the roleplay, treat other members with respect. If problems continue, contact Kid Moses with the problem.
    3. Mature Content: Sexual activity between characters can only occur if placed within a spoiler. Open at your own risk.
      [Spoiler] Mature Content here [/Spoiler]
    4. Timing: This is not a turn-based roleplay. Post freely and do your best to keep up. If you fall behind, we can help you catch up.
    5. Quantity and Quality: At least one paragraph must be submitted when posting, 8 sentences being the desired minimum, and any more than that is encouraged. Spelling and grammar mistakes may occur, but do your best to correct them.
    6. Private Role-play: Due to the nature of this roleplay, the member base will be invite-only. Invites must be approved by Kid Moses.
    7. Quoting: In order to keep everyone updated when the story moves, it would be appreciated if people are quoted. This will give the other writers in the RP a notification when you post. It's an all-around help.
    8. Summoning Demons: Harvesters can summon the demons they own by calling their name. No other player can invoke the summoning of one's demon. Demons who are released from a Harvester's service change their name. Contracted demons will be summoned by whatever means are agreed upon.
    9. Races: Humans, half-demons, and half-angels only. Half-demons endure a little more scorn than humans, while half-angels almost always remain targets to demons. The physical traits to these are affected slightly.
    10. Weapons: This Roleplay is set during a renaissance-esque time period, with melee weapons being the primary defense. Bows, throwing spears, and other projectiles are also permitted. No guns or nuclear warheads.
    11. Magic: Due to the nature of the RP, character magic should be limited only to summoning and minor additions to personal strength (allowed only by partial demon/angel heritage). Demons and angels (mind you, angels are scarce and almost non-existent) will be the only characters with any kind of active/passive magic.
    Gameplay Mechanics:

    This roleplay is largely free, where your character is able to act as they wish, disagree with their own party, leave the group if so inclined, and so on. However, in order to progress in the plot, certain features have been implemented.​
    • Quests: Quests will be created by NPCs in the roleplay. These may be quests to simply help out other humans or demons. These may be quests that lead you towards demons to be enslaved/contracted/modded/vanquished. These may also be personal quests that only affect one or two characters or quests that affect the relationships in the group.
    • Free Time: Time to fiddle about and frolic with your characters will be provided whenever characters set up camp or visit a tavern. These can be thrown in the middle of quests if the work grows tedious. There are very few restrictions with how you spend your time, but developing character relationships and bios is usually a good idea. However, when the party goes on the move again, even if you are in the middle of a conversation, it is time to move!
    When starting off the roleplay, your character is walking into a circular room, lit by torches. A table is placed in the center of the room, chairs provided for your character. Your character will approach the chair and may or may not sit in it. Please provide a strong introduction to your character and wait for the 21st Grand Sceptre to arrive. Post as soon as you are ready. This RP is officially open.​
    Admin: [Profile Lists & Skeletons are NOT NECESSARY. But here is a sample to help you solidify and brainstorm a character. Pictures when posting would be appreciated.]

    Show Spoiler
    [size=13][align=center][u][b]General Information[/b][/u][/align][/size]
    Insert Image Here
    [b]Ethnicity:[/b] (Caucasian/Asian/Native...not nationality)
    [b]Previous Occupation:[/b]
    [b]Info:[/b] (VERY Brief and unrevealing Bio- plenty of time for back story in the RP)
    [b]Resources:[/b] (Money, fighting experience, intelligence, information)
    [b]Class:[/b] (Harvester, Contractor, Modder, Vanquisher)
    [size=13]Character Type:[/size]
    [size=11][b]Motivation:[/b] (Money, Power, Fame, Love, Justice...]
    [b]World Influence:[/b] [1-10]
    [b]General Alignment:[/b] (Chaotic/Neutral/Lawful)-(Neutral/Good)
    [b]Fashion:[/b] (Usual attire, general description)
    [b]General Likes:[/b]
    [b]General Dislikes:[/b]
    [b]Personality:[/b] (Personality description)
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