Adventures In Wonderland

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  1. Game Masters: Acquariana :] (pending)

    Accepting New Characters: Yes!

    Posting Expectations: You should be able to post at least once or twice a week, preferrably more! Although I do understand that people have writer's block, I like posts to be at least three sentences.

    Rating: PG; Except for some fantasy and cartoon violence and comic mischief, it'll be pretty tame.

    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Escape-From-Real-World (if that's a real genre, hahah).

    Atmosphere/Mood: Expect a simplistic but generally light-hearted atmosphere at first. It can get more dramatic if wanted to move the plot along, but it shouldn't become too dramatic. I don't really expect too much romance between pre-pubescent children, but crushes and puppy love are fair game.

    Timeline: It takes place partially in a modern-day setting, and partially in a fantasy-world that resembles the modern world, but with more rural areas.

    Basic Plot: Children escape to wonderful places in their dreams. In their dreams, they can be anything they want to be: a fireman, a policeman, a pop star, even. While in reality, the world of dreams is casted off as a mere mental state, evidence is beginning to build up that dreams are not merely some mental state induced in sleep, but part of an actual world. This evidence began building when children, among people of other age groups began having vivid dreams of being in a place much like Earth, but with a few different twists. They could actually interact and see other people in their dreams as if they were awake. And thus, while the children sleep on Earth, they continue their playtime in Wonderland.

    Because Wonderland is an actual place, there are original residents. The original residents are animals that can and do speak in English, and are much more civilized than their Earth counterparts. Although the majority of them are comical and are lax towards the children and few adults that arrive from Earth, there are a few that wish for the children to remain on Earth. The most notable of these people is the Red Queen, who lives as far as she possibly can from the Great Forest where most of the children appear. The White Queen, however, opposes the Red Queen and openly allows the humans to travel in her domain. Because of this, the White Queen and Red Queen are constantly in conflict.

    Character Bios: I'm honestly fine with people who join using any template from the site that is comfortable with them. I would like for the characters to be younger, but I don't mind one or two adults watchin' over the kids, as long as they're not like, psycho killers or anything like that ^.^;. Also, feel free to PM me if you want to be a native of Wonderland.

    Another Note: This RP will place more emphasis on character interaction than the actual plot. So the plot will be more of a side thing and the character's dialogue and actions will be more at the foreground. As such, the pacing will be a bit slower than other role plays, but this way, the plot is open and can be influenced by the users to an extent.

    Most important rule, period. Have fun!

    Character Name: Jack Hatter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 6
    Birthplace: Suburbs


    General Appearance:


    Fears: Spiders, Water
    General Personality: Pretty outgoing and Friendly. Tries to strike up a conversation with anyone he sees. Very humble


    Present Life: Growing up in a suburban community with a lot of stuck up children. Usually ends up playing alone. Parents are usually busy.

  3. [​IMG]

    ⎈ The Desert Kingdom ⎈

    CASTLE | The Sun Palace
    RULER(s) | Ariya and Mosseph Drystane
    LOCATION | Central Desert

    CREST |A red background and bright orange and yellow sun emblem make up the crest of Bravgara’s Sun Palace.

    DESCRIPTION | The hot arid desert, the towering buttes and the savage culture, Bravgara, while hardly a wasteland is certainly no paradise. Located northwest, beyond the mountains of Wasslorien, Bravgara is home to the Monarchy of the Sun. Outside of the moderately sized city, Bravgara is sparsely populated with small groups of settlers here and there, spread throughout the desert and within the valleys. Towards the Northeast, beyond the Grim Lake, can be found a tribe of barbarians, a dangerous and ruthless crew, known for taking captives to barter as slaves.

    CULTURE | While a monarchy exists within the Sun Palace, the whole of Bravgara isn't necessarily ruled over in force. The Family Drystane currently occupies the Sun Palace throne - as reasonable and just as rulers in Bravgara come, but beyond the city, Bravgarians are typically self-governed.

    Because of the nature of their climate, Bravgara relies largely on trade for food supplies, though a large crop of beans and corn are grown within the Sun Palace territory and more adventurous meats can be found within the desert, such as snakes and lizards, wild dogs and mule deer.

    The desert city has little in terms of cultural application, though art can be found throughout in architectural elements like fountains, stained-glass windows and within the stonework of the buildings themselves. Many Bravgarians also hold an appreciation for culture outside of their own, most particularly in fashion and musical influences.

    Bravgara is home to many festivals, but none more renown as the Meeting of Champions, a challenging tournament taking place every five years inviting warriors from all the realms to compete for top marks in a series of competitions. Because of the dangerous nature of the tournament, all entries are voluntary and no guarantees can be made as to the safety of competitors. Three times in the history of the tournament, fatalities have occurred, though only one during the actual challenges, one competitor having been poisoned before the melee by an angry squire and another suffering a fatal head wound, falling off his horse in the processional.

    Weddings in Bravgara are small, indiscriminate affairs, generally held before sundown with a few vows shared between the couple. A small celebration is held afterwards, that lasts throughout the night. Funerals are generally too expensive for the majority of Bravgarian citizens, and are therefore typically only seen in families of wealth or stature.

    The city itself is separated into several districts, all rising in elevation - the highest point is the location of the Sun Palace itself, and from there the districts are divided by social hierarchy.

    RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE | Bravgara’s religious structure is split between a monotheistic faith, several small churches existing within the city itself, and something more barbarian in nature, expanding within the city, but more evident outside of it.

    DEMOGRAPHIC | The people of Bravgara trend towards darker skin tones and coloring, exposed far more often to sunlight. Blonde hair is incredibly rare, and in some areas, thought to be the sign of a curse. Their people are called Bravgarians.

    CLIMATE | Bravgara houses an arid, hot climate year round, seeing very little rain and next to no snow (except in the mountain region closer to Wasslorien). Sand storms are frequent, and most homes are build with thick shutters, to keep out the debris.

    GEOGRAPHY | Located in the northern region of Fable, surrounded by mountains, Bravgara is entirely comprised of desert, but for a massive underground lake near the central region.

    PERTINENT HISTORY | When first founded, Bravgara was much like the Southern region of Wildryn - barbaric and primitive, but as time elapsed and more of the land was colonized, the Sun Palace was built and some of the population developed a more civilized approach to life. Initially, Bravgara’s Sun Palace was established as a patriarch monarchy, but that all changed when the fourth king, Arvin Kragar’s young wife decided to poison him in his sleep and assume control. Overnight, Bravgara’s social hierarchy changed and the kingdom came under a matriarch structure, which has lasted since, threatened only once in history, when the young queen Mora Valamar failed for many years to produce a female heir. Eventually, however, and late in life, Mora gave birth to a young girl, who succeeded to the throne at only four years of age. Despite the matriarchal approach to the monarchy, woman in Bravgarian positions of power are still likely to take their husband’s surname upon marriage, and so as often as the queen is reseated, the name of the royal family changes.

    ARMY | Bravgara’s army is the only within Fable that exists under a unisex platform - men and women both permitted to join. The process for attaining a position, however, is incredibly difficult, and so the army is small by comparison standards. The Royal Guard, in charge of protecting the royal family, are a particularly prestigious order called the Brava Guard, of which there are never more than eight at a time.

    CONFLICT | For many years, a rumor has circulated that the current Queen of Bravgara mothered a child not belonging to her husband.

    Having a matriarchal government has, at times, caused difficulties with other realms diplomatically.

    The Sun Palace is a city located near the west of Bravgara - a tower spire rising high above the bright, shifting sands of the desert. Surrounding the spire, lies a small city with a modest population of Bravgarians, with a small trading hub, a large market bazaar and a training ground for the Brava Guard. It has been long-rumored, though never clearly confirmed that a series of underground tunnels exist beneath the city, as long as the distance between the Sun Palace and Wasslorien.

    The Dire Grove is an oasis located in the northern most region of Bravgara. Surrounded by a thick copse of spiny palms, the small, deep lake is difficult to locate, but with the rumors of the healing capabilities within the lake waters traveling world-wide, it's often sought after by travelers.

    Once a deep underground spring, The Grim Lake was split apart in a quake many centuries ago, leaving a gaping hole in the desert sands. The reflection of sun against the bright colors of the desert stone leaves the simmering lake with a cast of deep reds and oranges, giving the impression that it is, in fact, liquid magma. Still, truer to magma than water, the heat of the lake is so intense, to enter to water would result in near immediate death and for this, the Grim Lake is greatly feared and generally avoided.

    Located in Northern Bravgara, Mog is a small settlement of desert natives. The people of Mog are uncivilized, and tend to be rather territorial, unopposed to aggression towards any who stumble upon their home without a respectable gift to offer their leader. Despite their violent nature and lack of education, the people of Mog are of surprisingly intelligence, and are known to possess great craftsmanship in weapons and clothing and a wealth of knowledge of food, herbs and medicine.

    The leader of the Mog people is called the ‘Warn’ - The current Warn is Dar’Moot.

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