Adventures In Wonderland



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Game Masters: Acquariana :] (pending)

Accepting New Characters: Yes!

Posting Expectations: You should be able to post at least once or twice a week, preferrably more! Although I do understand that people have writer's block, I like posts to be at least three sentences.

Rating: PG; Except for some fantasy and cartoon violence and comic mischief, it'll be pretty tame.

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Escape-From-Real-World (if that's a real genre, hahah).

Atmosphere/Mood: Expect a simplistic but generally light-hearted atmosphere at first. It can get more dramatic if wanted to move the plot along, but it shouldn't become too dramatic. I don't really expect too much romance between pre-pubescent children, but crushes and puppy love are fair game.

Timeline: It takes place partially in a modern-day setting, and partially in a fantasy-world that resembles the modern world, but with more rural areas.

Basic Plot: Children escape to wonderful places in their dreams. In their dreams, they can be anything they want to be: a fireman, a policeman, a pop star, even. While in reality, the world of dreams is casted off as a mere mental state, evidence is beginning to build up that dreams are not merely some mental state induced in sleep, but part of an actual world. This evidence began building when children, among people of other age groups began having vivid dreams of being in a place much like Earth, but with a few different twists. They could actually interact and see other people in their dreams as if they were awake. And thus, while the children sleep on Earth, they continue their playtime in Wonderland.

Because Wonderland is an actual place, there are original residents. The original residents are animals that can and do speak in English, and are much more civilized than their Earth counterparts. Although the majority of them are comical and are lax towards the children and few adults that arrive from Earth, there are a few that wish for the children to remain on Earth. The most notable of these people is the Red Queen, who lives as far as she possibly can from the Great Forest where most of the children appear. The White Queen, however, opposes the Red Queen and openly allows the humans to travel in her domain. Because of this, the White Queen and Red Queen are constantly in conflict.

Character Bios: I'm honestly fine with people who join using any template from the site that is comfortable with them. I would like for the characters to be younger, but I don't mind one or two adults watchin' over the kids, as long as they're not like, psycho killers or anything like that ^.^;. Also, feel free to PM me if you want to be a native of Wonderland.

Another Note: This RP will place more emphasis on character interaction than the actual plot. So the plot will be more of a side thing and the character's dialogue and actions will be more at the foreground. As such, the pacing will be a bit slower than other role plays, but this way, the plot is open and can be influenced by the users to an extent.

Most important rule, period. Have fun!

Character Name: Jack Hatter
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Birthplace: Suburbs


General Appearance:


Fears: Spiders, Water
General Personality: Pretty outgoing and Friendly. Tries to strike up a conversation with anyone he sees. Very humble


Present Life: Growing up in a suburban community with a lot of stuck up children. Usually ends up playing alone. Parents are usually busy.

Character Name: Sierra Marquez
Name Meaning: Mountain. It originates from Spanish. This is actually somewhat ironic considering she hates cold weather.
Alias: "Kiki"
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 9
B-Day: June 1st
Zodiac Sign: Gemeni, the twins.
Bloodtype: A Positive
Place of Birth: San Diego, California, U.S.
Current Residence: Miami, Florida, U.S.
School/Grade: 5th, Elementary School
-Roberto Marquez (father)
-Paula Marquez (mother)
-Tatiana Marquez (older sister)
-Susana Marquez (twin sister)

Gemstone: Aquamarine
Favorite Color: Sky Blue


Height: Four feet, three inches.
Hair: Her hair is sandy, with lighter caramel and golden blonde highlights running through her hair. Her hair is long and thin, curling in ringlets whenever given the chance to just fall naturally. Most of her hair is kept up in a bun except for about four strands of hair. Two fall and curl down the side of her face and fall just above her shoulder, while the other two strands are moved over to the other side of her face, covering part of her forehead.
Eyes: Her eyes are a hazel color. More specifically, her eyes are mostly blue, but there is a ring of a yellow-ish brown color lining her pupils.
General Appearance: She is a little bit short for her age, and is skinny. She's not particularly lean. Her skin is an olive color as a result of the harsh sun she has lived in for most of her life. She tends to dress in clothes suited for warm weather when not in school.
Strengths: She is good at academic endeavors, and is good at solving puzzles and brain teasers.
Weaknesses: She's not a very fast runner or strong. She's also prone to disagreement with others of her age.
Allies: Her twin, Susana
Enemies: Not really anyone at the moment.
Current Goal/Purpose: She dreams of being a person that writes the next "it" book.
Aspirations: She wishes to write, and also to be super-famous.
Hobbies: Playing games on the computer, playing cross-word puzzles, completing puzzles, reading books, writing little stories, going to the beach.
Likes: Summer and Spring, the beach, candy in general, books, and the water.
Dislikes: Autumn and Winter, snow, the cold, arrogant people.
Talents: Learning, reading, writing.
Inabilities: Running for more than a few minutes, lifting more than twenty pounds, and talking over her twin sister.
Fears: Sharks, snakes, wolves, any situation that presents a physical challenge.
General Personality: She is generally reserved and quiet. She will introduce herself at first, but she tends to drift into the background because of her sister Susana. She is often seen as a bit dumber than she actually is because of her lack of speech.
Inner Personality: Susanna is smart for her age. She often hides her most insightful thoughts to herself, and writes them down later, afraid of others finding out.
Fondest Memory: Her fondest memory was of when she went to the beach in Miami at sunset. It made her uncertainties about the new place she'd recently moved to dissappear.


General History: Sierra was born in San Diego about an hour before her twin sister, Susana. Sierra's parents owned a few successful clothing stores in the area. Sierra was home-schooled beginning at the age of four, along with Susana. Sierra took on to reading quickly. When Sierra turned six, her family moved so that her father could open a new store in Miami. Eventually, the Marquez family came to like Miami more than San Diego, and decided to settle there for a good while. Eventually, Sierra started attending public school.

Sierra found it easy in public school. She exceeded the teacher's expectations, except for P.E., anyway. Eventually, she managed to skip a grade. Unfortunately, skipping a grade made her nervous, and wanting to escape, she ended up in Wonderland whenever she fell asleep.
Present Life: Now she is in the fifth grade. Her life is a bit more privileged than the average kid, but she is still a bit stressed. She'll soon be going to a magnet school that she heard was very difficult. Almost everynight, she falls asleep to find herself in Wonderland.
Special Historic Notes:
Age 7: Moved to Miami
Age 8: Started attending public school
Age 9: Skipped a grade and started having dreams where she would end up in Wonderland.
Hey all, I noticed a lull in activity and wanted to check out if the interest for this rp is still up.