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    Map of Minron_v2.png

    Sapphire Kingdom

    Society and Culture

    The Sapphire Kingdom is known to be the most accepting of those of different races and mixed breeds, however, there is a large divide between the rich and poor. Most citizens are quite poor, and only a few can be considered middle class. They are also heavily taxed, which prevents many from being able to escape from poverty. A society of rich nobles rules over them. The countries current king is meant to be in control, but it is really the rich nobles that control the kingdom.

    A name means a lot in the Sapphire Kingdom, specifically one’s family name. Lower class citizens are often barred from entering certain parts of some cities that are reserved for well-off or noble class citizens. Having a friend in the higher reaches of society can help a lot.

    King Sebastian the 1st
    Prince Sebastian the 2nd
    Princess Sarah
    (The queen died)

    The Sapphire Kingdom is the only country known to be on good relations with all of the other countries. The only country that they seem to not be extremely fond of is Moonever, but this is mostly due to its inhabitants considering themselves to be descendants of a god and better than the other countries.

    Climate is fairly mild. Winters are not too long or cold, and summers not too hot. Rain is as frequent as it needs to be. Crops grow very well there and there is always plenty of game to hunt.
    Ruby Kingdom

    Society and Culture

    The Ruby Kingdom is also known as the Country of Fortune. This is because there is such an abundance of resources and wealth, and many different ways to earn it. Much of the wealth though, comes through trade. On the eastern side of the kingdom by the Moonstone River lies city of Bondling of the Sapphire Kingdom, where nearly all of the Ruby Kingdom’s exports go. The Ruby Kingdom ends up trading its gems, minerals, spices, alcohol, furs, and other fine goods in return for food and crops, as most areas in the Ruby Kingdom are not ideal for growing food.

    The Ruby Kingdom has another name as well. It is sometimes called the Kingdom of Blood. This is due to the violent, competitive nature of many of its inhabitants. At night, the streets are very dangerous. Some people end up being kidnapped, especially draconians, and then used as slaves. Slavery is not something officially allowed, but it is still wildly done in the country and taken advantage of by wealthy merchants. There are many underground societies in the country’s wealthiest cities. The black market rules there, and sells illegal goods there such as drugs, potent poisons, and slaves. Most citizens live in blissful ignorance to this corrupt society, or perhaps simply choose to ignore it, for those that oppose it don’t often live long.

    Emperor Ramses
    (Advisors/2nd in command)
    Gerent Helrund
    Gerent Liandra
    Gerent Zarune

    · Sapphire Kingdom: Trusts them to a great deal, and finds them to be a very profitable trading partner
    · Moonever: Accepts some trade from them, but largely doesn’t want much else to do with them. They find their religious lifestyle much to extreme
    · Dragonfell: Despises them, and considers them to be a very primitive and barbaric country. This is due to a conflict with them in the far past.

    There is quite a large variety of terrain and environments within the Ruby Kingdom. Due to this, there is a large variety of spices, fruits, and animals that can be gathered or hunted. However, most areas in the country are quite dry, and the land often very uneven, making it quite difficult to grow crops. The country makes up for this through trade though.

    Society and Culture

    In the country of Moonever, all people are considered equal, as long as they are lunarian that is. There is virtually zero crime in the country, but that is because the lives of its citizens are closely monitored and directed by its religious government.

    The country is a bit more advanced than all of the others as nearly all its inhabitants are proficient in magic. They have built various machines that utilize magic, making life a bit easier on much of them. Anyone not able to use magic would find it extremely difficult to function in their society. In fact, one of the only things that certain lunarians are discriminated against for is not being able to use magic well, but it is not extremely common. Those that do not conduct themselves in a way that favorably represents the goddess are sent to the Great Tower to have their behaviour corrected. Once they are deemed acceptable they are sent back to their homes.

    The high priestesses that govern their country have a lot of power. They are treated almost as if they were gods themselves and live comfortably within the Great Tower.

    The High Priestess (name to be decided later)

    Moonever is largely neutral to the other countries, except for Dragonfell. They dislike Dragonfell as they feel that their people worship a false god.

    Moonever has a pretty temperate climate, except for that it rains fairly frequently. There are many lakes and marshes within its borders. Winters are typically quite harsh as they nearly always receive a great amount of snowfall.

    Society and Culture

    The citizens of Dragonfell are known to only be draconians. Most of the draconians have more dragon blood than human and try hard to keep their bloodlines pure. They mostly live in tribal type communities where the oldest draconians, and those with the most dragon blood lead. The opinions of other important members in their society are also valued though. They are a lot more democratic in decision making than most of the other countries.

    Physical strength and good character are some of the most highly valued things in Dragonfell, besides dragon blood of course. Typically anyone who has any dragon blood is treated as family though. However, due to wanting to keep their dragon blood strong marriages are often arranged. Also, all citizens are expected to worship the Great Dragon Baltor, their god.

    Master Xenos (draconian that appears to be full dragon)

    Dragonfell is known to not get along with most of the other countries in Minron, however, they keep their distance and avoid getting involved in any conflicts with them. The only country they are willing to associate with is the Sapphire Kingdom, which they do a small amount of trade with. They do this trade mostly by flight.

    The climate of Dragonfell is quite dry and receives little rainfall. It is also a bit colder than most other areas in Minron.Therefore, most of its inhabitants hunt or forage for food rather than farm.

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    Celestia was said to be a goddess born from the moon that descended to Minron and created the race of lunarians as well as magic and moonstones. Most worshipers of Celestia are lunarians or mages. The largest lake in Minron is said to be made from the goddess’ tears. Those that follow Celestia often refer to her as their Mother.
    The Order of the Dragon

    The Order of the Dragon is a religious group that worships the old dragon god, Baltor. He is said to be born from the sun and then descended to the land of Minron. They often refer to Baltor as their Lord. It is said that long ago he fought off a being of great evil. After the battle he became very tired and fell asleep in the sea. This appears to possibly be true as there is a large island shaped like a sleeping dragon within the sea in Dragonfell (hence the name).

    Triduists follow the three ancient gods, also known as the Holy Triad, that are said to be the original creators of the world. Triduists generally believe that Celestia and Baltor were simply powerful spirits created by the Holy Triad and not actually gods. They also believe that the Holy Triad is always watching and judging mortals.

    The Holy Triad Consists of:

    Nyrth: The God of Life –symbol: three branched tree, three antlered deer
    Nyrth is mostly worshiped by farmers, rangers, or generally anyone who lives close to nature. It is believed that sickness and plagues come when he is unhappy.

    Hexia: The Goddess of Death/the Afterlife –symbol: closed eye, weeping skull
    Hexia is believed to govern the afterlife. Glowing, slightly humanoid spirits known as wisps are sent to guide spirits to the afterlife. Only those that are dying can actually see them, or those that have died but were saved before being taken. For example, a person who had only just died and then was brought back to life very quickly by a healer would later be able to see wisps, though only very faintly.

    Hevenor: The God/Goddess of Soul (genderless)– symbol: spiral, heart, masks
    Hevenor is known as the god of soul, but also of compassion and love. Unlike the other gods, they are often shown having a human form. However, they are always depicted wearing a long hooded robe and a mask. The type of mask varies depending on the place and what is trying to be expressed by the idol. It is said that the god loves all of the races and wishes to be able to live like them but is only able to watch over them. Most people pray to Hevenor for help or guidance, and refer to them as a ‘he’ or ‘she’ depending on the person’s preference.

    Druids worship the nature spirits of the world. They still respect the gods of old and believe in the Holy Triad as well as Celestia and Baltor. However, they believe that these gods are not active participants in the world any longer, and that the nature spirits should be given more attention. Druids help to preserve nature and they believe that all creatures are equal.

    Religion in Countries

    Sapphire Kingdom

    Main Religion: Tridistian
    The most common religion in the country is Tridistianity, but it is only slightly above the others. Many other religions are also practiced in the country. Some people even practice a mix between two.

    Other Religions Views:
    Not many people care what others worship in the Sapphire Kingdom except the Knights and Nobles. All nights in the Sapphire Kingdom worship the Holy Trinity that they believe judges all mortals. The second most common religion is actually Celestialism, well, more so a mix between Celestialism and Tridistian. Many human mages worship Celestia, though many dislike that the lunarians seem to think that she is only their goddess.

    The third most practiced religion is Druidism. Many villages practice Druidism and just generally a lot of the poorer folk. However, none of the nobles are known to be druids and tend to treat those that practice Druidsim with disdain.

    The Order of the Dragon is practiced by almost nobody in the country. Only a few noble draconian families seem to practice it. Most other religious groups don’t really care about the Order and just avoid them. Only the zealous knights seem to disapprove, though they disapprove of worship of any gods that aren’t part of the Holy Trinity.
    Ruby Kingdom

    Main Religion: Tridistian

    Other Religions Views: The Ruby Kingdom is actually the least religious of all of the countries. There are even some groups that don’t even believe in any of the gods and simply acknowledge that spirits exist, but do not think they were created by anything and that they simply live and exist like all of the rest of Minron’s creatures. Most people that are religious are quite casual about their religion.

    Main Religion: Celestial
    All citizens in Moonever worship Celestia, and no other religion is permitted.

    Other Religions Views: The people in Moonever are mostly indifferent to the other religions, except for the Order of the Dragon, mostly because those of the Order consider themselves to be better than them, that they are the descendants of the true god. If a person from the Order of the Dragon were to come into Moonever they would be told immediately to leave, and if they did not comply they would be detained and brought to the Great Tower in the capitol city. Nobody knows what happens when they are brought there, just that they never come back.

    Main Religion: Order of the Dragon

    Other Religions Views: The Order of the Dragon is the only religion in Dragonfell. Though they believe in the other gods, they believe that the other gods abandoned the races long ago and that Baltor is the only god that truly cares about Minron and its people. Most simply pity the other religions as they believe they are misguided.


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    Magic is a very strange thing. It is quite rare for one to be able to use magic, except in the lunarin race. Magic itself is a special energy that mages can harness. It flows everywhere in the world, though very faintly. It is said to originate from the moon, but it is also found highly concentrated in moonstones scattered throughout the land.

    To be able to use magic one must be a mage. Mages are those that have souls and bodies that easily let magic flow through and concentrate in them. However, even if one is born a mage they cannot necessarily use magic. First, before a mage can use magic they must either come in contact with another mage casting a spell, or touch a charged moonstone in order for their magical abilities to be activated. Because of this, many mages can live unaware for a long time, or even their whole lifetime, that they can use magic. When a mages power is first awakened it is a fairly uncomfortable experience. They will finally become fully aware of the magic flowing around them, gaining a sixth sense of sorts. Before being awakened, mages usually can only feel strange sensations from areas of high magic concentration from about 10 metres away, but since the feeling is so faint few realize it is because they can feel magic.

    Once a mage is awakened they can actually utilize the magic energy around them. However, doing so is not really that easy. Controlling magic requires a great deal of focus and willpower. One has to understand precisely what they wish to achieve in order to successfully cast a spell. Magic allows mages to manipulate matter and other types of energy, and certain types are easier to control than others. One type of matter can also be changed into another as long as the mass conversion is equivalent, though this is extremely difficult and requires a great amount of concentration. It is best when attempting such a thing to use two different types of matter that are still quite similar. The easiest spells involve moving and shaping matter or conducting very simple chemical reactions.
    Here is a list of spell types for different difficulties:

    Beginner: move water, create or alter shadows (on ground), sparks, small flame (candlelight), wind gust, big boom (sound attack, for stunning), close small wound, force bubble (size of a soap bubble, can be used to carry small objects)

    Intermediate: freeze water & shape ice, whirlwind, light orb, simple illusion, silence (mute sounds), control shadows, make and move flames, small zap, close moderate wounds, force shield (create an invisible wall of force), send thought (telepathically, but can’t receive unless the person is another mage with the same ability)

    Advanced: control water, control ice, create convincing illusion, choke light (completely keep all light from entering an area), firestorm, electric bolt, heal moderate injuries and wounds, close large wounds, force field, crack earth, telepathy (can send and receive thoughts, even from non-magic users or unskilled mages), identify magic, compass (tell directions), speed growth (for plants), force push, super jump

    Very Advanced: create perfect illusion (looks completely real), regenerate (heals almost all injuries), control growth (for plants), drain life (from creatures or plants), lightning bolt, shake earth, weak telekinesis (can move moderate sized objects or people), change form (basically shapeshift, but only slightly change the person's form, ex. to another human or humanoid race, or change certain features)

    Master: Control weather, resurrect (bring a freshly killed person back to life), earthquake, telekinesis (can move large debris), mimic (copy/mirror movements), shapeshift (change into another animal)

    The level that someone is determines how much concentration is needed to cast a spell. For example, a beginning mage would have to concentrate all of their attention just to cast a very simple spell. They would basically have to not move or do anything else except focus on casting their spell. Now, an intermediate mage would be able cast beginner spells with a little difficulty, but they would still be able to move around and watch their surroundings while still casting the spell. However, spells of their own level would require pretty much their full attention or it would likely fail. Basically, the level the mage is determines how much attention they need to put on casting their spell. Spells of their own level require their full attention, while those below their level require less and less. A Master Mage would barely even have to think to do a beginner’s spell, but they would need to concentrate all of their attention on casting a spell if it was of their own level. Sometimes mages almost seem to go into a trance when casting spells. However, the difficulty that some mages find certain spells varies. Some find illusions to be very difficult, while others find them to be extremely easy.

    Now, besides concentration, magic also uses up a bit of a mage’s stamina. Manipulation type spells usually take the least energy, while healing spells usually take the most as a small amount of the healers energy goes into healing the wound.

    To make casting spells easier mages can use moonstones. Magic naturally pools into moonstones, giving mages the ability to cast magic longer. If a mage only uses the magic in the area around them it takes a while for that magic to replenish, which is why many mages use moonstones. Most mages wear moonstone amulets so they have an easy source of magic. They can also put some of their own energy into the stone to save for later, and most moonstones (typically made the size of a large grape) can store about the same amount of magic that a mage can in their body.

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    Humans are the most widespread of the races besides the Moogly. Most humans are unable to use magic, but occasionally a mage is born. They are the most common race in Minron, with moogly being the second (but most moogly live hidden away from the other races).

    Appearance: The appearance of draconians varies greatly. It largely depends on the ratio of human to dragon blood. Some appear to look like upright dragons (full scaled and with a dragon head), while others look human with just a dusting of scales here and there and maybe some unusual coloured eyes or hair. The most common things though are large leathery wings, a tail, horns, unnatural coloured eyes (with potentially slit pupils), slightly pointed teeth, scales on the back and arms, and black sharp nails. Wings are the one thing that is almost always present, though sometimes they are only big enough for gliding with. Most are at least a foot taller than the average human.

    Their skin generally comes in the same variety as humans, but sometimes it can be more on the red side or it can be greyish, white (like snow), or have a soft violet or blue tint to it. Their hair, eyes, and scales can be of any colour though. The most common colour combinations are:
    · black hair, yellow eyes, and red scales (common red dragon)
    · black hair, yellow eyes, and green scales (common green dragon)
    · navy blue hair, yellow eyes, and navy blue scales (common blue dragon)
    · white hair, icy blue eyes, and white scales (northern dragon)
    · black hair, red eyes, and black scales (night dragon)
    · gold hair, yellow eyes, and golden scales (golden dragon)

    Behaviour/Temperament: Draconians typically act nearly the same as humans, though they tend to be a bit more stubborn.

    · flight (if wings are present)
    · scale shield: where scales are present, pretty much no blade can penetrate. Scales never cover the front torso though or under the arms. It’s their most vulnerable areas, but even the flesh in that area is tougher than a normal humans
    · =fire breath: all draconians have this ability
    · =fire resistance: all draconians have natural heat resistance, though the efficiency of it varies if their dragon blood is very thin. Their insides are always completely fireproof due to being able to breath fire
    · =magic aura sense: all draconians can sense sources of magic such as moonstones, or mages
    · =fast regeneration: all draconians heal at nearly double the rate of a normal human. This speed only fluctuates very slightly from draconian to draconian, even in those with little dragon blood have virtually the same healing rate as one that is half dragon
    · =heightened sense of smell: draconians can smell much better than the average human, though they are not quite as good as the moogly
    · =resistance to poison/venom: most draconians are very resistant to poisons
    · *venomous bite: some draconians have venom in their fangs. This is quite rare though.
    · *shapechange: this is a very rare and difficult ability that only a few draconians have. It allows them to subdue their appearance and appear as a normal human. Transforming is a very painful process as they typically have to make their form more compact. Shifting back to their natural for is much more comfortable, and generally quite effortless.
    *Note: abilities with ‘=’ are abilities common to all draconians

    Adulthood: Same as a normal human’s

    Life Expectancy: 120-580 (the more dragon blood, the longer they live)
    Appearance: Lunarians are quite elfish in appearance, often having a tall slender build, and long pointed ears. Their eyes are black with irises that are silver, light blue, pale yellow, or red (red is extremely rare), and their hair is always silver. When using magic their eyes glow slightly. Their skin varies from a pale bluish colour to a dark grey-blue. Most of the darker skin tones are found in the southern lunarians (such as those living in the Ruby Kingdom).

    Behaviour/Temperament: lunarians are not known to act really any different from the humans. In their homeland (Moonever) they only appear to act different due to their culture. Those born in the Ruby and Sapphire Kingdoms act the same as the humans and sometimes even dislike the nature of their cousins living in Moonever.

    · Magic/Mage abilities: All lunarians can harness magic and cast spells
    · flexible temperature: lunarians have very flexible temperatures and can survive well in almost any climate, being able to withstand temperatures about 10 degrees higher or lower than a human.

    Adulthood: Same as a human’s

    Life Expectancy: 140 years

    Appearance: The Moogly are an extremely small race, being only about 2’ to 2 ½’ in height. They closely resemble humans, but they are not really related and cannot breed with humans or any of the other races. They have long thin tails covered in short fur, the lengths of them being about the same as their body height, and their ears are a bit large and tend to droop a little, but perk up when listening. Their eyes are often fairly large with big irises. Their hair and fur colours vary depending on the region they are born into, all being natural colours such as brown, beige, white, black, and sometimes green (very rare). They also have padded feet, so many often walk barefoot.

    Behaviour/Temperament: Moogly tend to be pretty easy-going. They are not quick to anger or easily depressed. They also tend to be very loyal to those they feel are above them or are indebted to. This can sometimes be a problem for them because they sometimes feel a sense of loyalty to those that do not treat them extremely well simply because they tend to bond to those who give them any sort of gift. Giving a gift (especially food), to a Moogly is a certain way to gain some of its trust and loyalty, simply because it is just a part of their behaviour.
    Because of their sometimes blind loyalty many other races often think the moogly to be stupid. However, moogly are actually very good problem solvers and quick thinkers. They are typically very creative and good at crafting and art.
    *Most moogly live away from the other races in small village communities. They like living in forests or in mountains. Many have migrated to live with the other races, though they find it hard to fit in due to their small size. Most end up becoming servants. However, in Moonever the lunarians often put the creativity of the moogly to use by allowing them to build them machines. They are treated fairly well there because of this, though still none are allowed into the capitol city, unless of course granted permission by one of the priestesses.

    · strong sense of smell: they can smell almost as well as a dog
    · great hearing: they can hear as well as a dog due to their large sensitive ears
    · silent sneaking: their padded feet and small size allow them to sneak past most unnoticed
    · strong stomach: moogly can eat virtually anything without getting sick. They sometimes even eat things that most wouldn’t even consider food.
    · immunity to poison: moogly are immune to most poisons and venoms.
    · perfect agility: all moogly are very flexible and agile and can jump nearly twice their height.
    · enhanced regeneration: moogly heal at a slightly higher rate than a human and their bodies never receive permanent injures as many body parts will grow back (it is a slow process though). This is good for them since they are so small they typically get injured frequently, especially if they live in communities composed primarily of the other races

    Adulthood: 30ish years

    Life Expectancy: 160 years (most don’t reach this age and die from accidents)

    Other: Moogly are typically born in pairs


    Lunarian/Human (Lumian, Lumin)

    Lunarian and Human pairs are not that uncommon. The highest population of them is found in the Ruby Kingdom, as the country also has the second highest number of lunarians of the four countries. They are discriminated against in the Sapphire Kingdom though as lunarians tend to be discriminated against there as well.

    Appearance: Their appearance varies greatly, some appearing like a perfect mix, others seeming to be pure lunarian, and others looking almost pure human.

    Behaviour/Temperament: Nothing different from humans or lunarians.

    Abilities: *Magic abilities: there is a 50% chance that a Lumian will be able to use magic. They are also able to cope slightly better than a human in cool and hot temperatures.

    Adulthood: same as a human’s

    Life Expectancy: 120-130 years
    Lunarian/Draconian (Drunarian, Drunarin)

    Draconian and Lunarian mixes are extremely uncommon. This is due to them being largely quite incompatible. Many of these hybrids are born stillborn or sterile. Since Draconians and Lunarians tend to not get along in many areas of Minron they are also highly discriminated against.

    Since Lunarians and Draconians are both magic type races, but also have bodies that use magic in different ways, a mix of them ends up creating a very unstable Drunarin.

    Appearance: their appearance varies quite a bit. The most common traits are black Lunarian eyes with irises the colour of the Draconian parent, grey-blue skin (exact shade depends on the Lunarian parent), silver hair, a dusting of scales in various areas on the body, and horns. They are tall as well, as both Lunarians and Draconians tend to be taller than the average human. Their own height is usually somewhere in-between the two parents.

    The appearance of Drunarians often frightens those of other races as they seem to be very monster-like in appearance.

    Behaviour/Temperament: It is not specifically encoded into their DNA but Drunarians do tend to be paranoid and very untrusting of strangers. It can be very difficult to become friends with a Drunarian as it is so hard to gain their trust.
    Drunarians tend to be a lot more affected by emotions than many of the other races as well. This is dangerous as their magic is closely linked to their emotional state.

    Abilities: All Drunarians have the ability to cast spells like a mage and typically have most draconian abilities as well. They tend to be very powerful mages, except they have a few problems. Their magic tends to be very reactive due to draconian abilities working automatically. This makes it so that spells can sometimes fire off randomly, especially when they are in a very emotional state.

    Adulthood: For some strange reason Drunarians take slightly longer to mature than Draconians and Lunarians. It takes them about 5 more years than what is normal to reach adult age.

    Life Expectancy: 140-380 years

    Humans: Most cannot use magic and only about 1 in a 100 can. Some believe this is only due to mixing with lunarians
    Draconians: None can cast spells, but they can sense magic
    Lunarians: All of them can use magic, but it varies how good some are with it
    Moogly: Magic isn't extremely common, but some can use it. About 1 in 50 Moogly can use magic. It seems that those that are born with magic are most commonly born near areas rich with moonstones, or when their mother is exposed to a lot of magic.

    Herbalism, Plants, and Poison
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    Herbalism is widely practiced by mages and those of the Druidic religion. Druids are known to be the best at documenting and passing down knowledge of herbalism.

    Herbalism is used for curing sickness and just overall improving the health of an individual. There are many different types of plants in Minron that are used in herbalism, some even with magical properties. For non-mages, herbalism is the only way for quickening the recovery of those who are injured.

    Plants used in Herbalism

    · Moonflower: a special white flower resembling a lily that only blooms at night. Magic tends to collect in these flowers. Mages that eat them end up increasing their magical energy and awareness. For non-mages they have no effect, though some like them because they smell quite nice. They grow in many fields throughout Minron, but are most common in the country of Moonever.
    · Fireroot: the root of the fireleaf bush, which is a small orange leaved bush. The root is a dark red and shaped like three carrots that are connected at the top, and about that size as well. It is used in most medicines, but also in some food dishes. This is because Fireroot is extremely spicy so it is used to spice some dishes. Unfortunately, nearly the whole root must be eaten for it to be effective in medicine, which makes eating the medicine very uncomfortable. Once the medicine is ingested though and absorbed it can almost double the rate that a person heals and can cure most common flus and colds within a day. It grows in dry, rocky areas, and is most common in Dragonfell, but also quite common in the Ruby Kingdom.
    · Snowleaf: the snowleaf tree is a small, weed-like tree with oval leaves with white undersides. They can be placed upon a wound to numb the pain. Ingesting them can also relieve cramps. They are grow all throughout Minron, but prefer
    · Gurgun Weed: A brown sickly looking weed that tends to grow in wet soil or in swamps in shady areas. It is extremely bitter tasting. Ingesting it causes intense vomiting and sweating in less than a minute. However, the effects also wear off in just a few minutes. Small amounts of it are used for dispelling poison from a person’s body.
    Other Plants

    · Starshroom: dark blue muchrooms with a large white, star-like shaped spot on the top of the cap. Consuming one allows the person to see magic. Magic auras are normally felt, but the mushroom mixes the senses so that the auras appear as visuals. The magic appears as faint glowing light of different colours. For non-mages it can be helpful, but for an actual mage it is just confusing because the visuals appear very intense and end up clouding their normal vision. The effects of one mushroom can last up to six hours. The mushroom grows in cold, damp caves, typically deep underground.
    · Vileweed: a black, ugly looking weed with shriveled looking leaves, which grow upwards like a clawed hand. They are often seen growing from corpses, or just anywhere with a lot of death, such as a cemetery. They taste absolutely horrible, but they have no real effect except making the person gag because of the taste. However, they are a good way to tell if there has been something dead recently, for the plants have a very short lifespan.
    · Gloombush: the gloombush has jagged, dark green leaves and grows tiny greyish violet berries. The berries are extremely poisonous to humans and lunarians, but harmless to moogly. Humans or lunarians that consume just one berry can die within 1-2 minutes. First they will feel lightheaded, then extremely sleepy. Lastly, their breathing decreases dramatically till eventually they fall asleep and die. Draconians will not die from the berry but it will cause them to vomit. It grows in many forests in Minron.
    · Goldleaf: The goldleaf plant is a small plant with gold tipped wide, jagged leaves. It has been known to create a sort of “high” in the races of Minron, though it has a subdued effect on draconians. It is illegal to grow the plant in the Sapphire Kingdom, Ruby Kingdom, and Moonever. In Dragonfell it is not illegal to grow it but conditions are ideal for the plant to grow anyways, and it also brings no benefit to the draconians.. However, it is wildly grown illegally in the Ruby Kingdom since it has the ideal growing conditions for the plant which is a lot of sun and warm weather. Criminals often smuggle the plant into the Sapphire Kingdom.

    Character Sheet
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    Class/Role: (ex. ranger, warrior, tracker, healer, rogue, bard, battlemage, etc.)

    Weapon of Choice: (can be a spell/spell type)

    Skills: (can be fighting or practical skills)




    Reason for Becoming an Adventurer & Joining the Academy: (ex. fame, riches, glory, etc.)

    ((Sorry for any typos :S)))

    If you need to know more information about something in order to create your character or just want to have something clarified feel free to ask. ^_^ For example, if you're curious about a location on the map and would like to know more about it just ask. :)

    [edit] All slots are taken for this rp.
    Characters So Far
    Llyr Baetain - Male - Human - Knight/Paladin
    Purity "Puck" Cherris - Female - Human - Battlemage
    Aleksandyr Lidel - Male - Human - Rogue
    Braith Halloran - Female - Human - Ranger
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    Name: Llyr Baetain
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    Race: Human
    Class/Role: Paladin-Knight of The Tridistian
    Weapon(s) of Choice:
    "An Claidheamh Soluis", the Sword of Light, a common knightly longsword.
    A "bogha", a yew longbow, with a collection of arrows.
    And a tower shield, emblazoned with the crest of his family, the "triquetra."
    Skills: (Martial/Practical):
    Sword and Shield fighting; reliant on the shield.
    Heavy armor training.
    Storytelling - historical and fantastical interludes from his house.
    He has few practical skills; he was trained to be a knight, and nothing more.
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 170 (Largely Muscle)
    Bright-eyed and smiling, Llyr is genuinely good tempered. He smiles easily, and most of his gestures and intentions are coloured by the courtly knights he had heard tales of. He aspires to be like his namesake, Llyr the Eirian, and emmulate the ideal of the "Perfect Knight" to the best of his ability. However, like all of his family, he occasionally succumbs to his temper, the Ríastrad, making him stubborn and uncompromising -- as well as very ambitious. Intensely pious, his fascination with the Tridistan goes above and beyond that of common worshippers. He is particularly devoted to Hevenor; whom he sees as the perfect paragon of compassion, and a spirit that had possessed his namesake, when he lived.
    This is complimented by his total naievete about the world around him; though he was born from violence, he is not able to see it. Overly compassionate, he finds it difficult to accept the harsh realities of the world as real. His name causes him to be treated differently than other people, which is one of the few realities that he is able to see; and he strongly believes that there needs to be a change in such behaviour. His efforts to reach out to the populace are often met with suspicion, because the nobles of the Sapphire Kingdom so rarely care for the poor. Llyr is regarded to be a day-dreamer, an idealist, a fool, and in the eyes of many people; an unwelcome troublemaker. Whether or not any of this is true, is up for debate.
    House Baetain is one of the oldest human houses in the Sapphire Kingdom. It was there since the kingdom was founded, and shall likely continue to be there long after the kingdom is gone. Their house was founded by the Ulster the Ríastrad; a great conqueror and general. It is said that in the early days of the Baetain family, they conquered the lands that now are called the Sapphire Kingdom from the backs of the dragons that the Draconian are descended from; but such things are likely just a legend. However, the family has always claimed to have a drop of dragon blood, and that in Ulster it ran the thickest. Ulster the Ríastrad, however, was a real figure that coloured the house for many centuries and centuries to come. In the present era, the Baetain family lives comfortably with their name speaking for them; one of the most ancient houses in the Kingdom, who were once led by the finest fighting man in all the wide world.
    The family patriarch, Mascen Baetain, is a sign that the house is dwindling. Though the man's nature is mostly concealed; he is a lustful and deeply entitled man, which he hides under the facade of his distant ancestors' strength. He was wed to a lovely woman; the dark haired and dark eyed Branwen Tintagel, from another powerful family in the Sapphire Kingdom. But Lord Baetain was not satiated. His eyes fell upon the youngest daughter of the house Tintagel; his wife's niece, Gwyinn. Gwyinn was only a maid of sixteen, and promised to another wealthy Lord's son, a handsome young man named Olwen. But Lord Baetain was overcome with lust - he had to have her. He sought the services of a powerful Lunarin mage, quite able to pay him the steep fee that the man demanded. The Lunarin agreed to the geis of secrecy that Lord Baetain made him swear; and for one night, transformed Mascen's form into that of the handsome young Olwen. Mascen, in this guise, rode to the Tintagel Keep; and sang praises to Gwyinn, who asked the young man inside. It was then that Mascen raped her; all while she thought that he was her betrothed young gallant that she had come to love. He stole away in the morning, certain there would be no consequence for this grievous crime. However, the real young gallant, Olwen was murdered that same evening, by some petty conspiracy of nobles hoping to advance their house. When Gwyinn heard that her betrothed was murdered that night, and she had pressed kisses to a man who had claimed to be him, that same morning, she knew she had been deceived. When it became apparent that she was pregnant, she ran to her aunt Branwen, wife of Mascen, and begged her to take the child in, and that if it became common knowledge that she had been deflowered, she would be ruined.
    So, Branwen, with a good heart, took the girl in, and hid her from the family for months - claiming the the girl was going through a grieving process for her betrothed. Her husband, however, knew the truth, and watched the pregnant girl with interest. Branwen begged her husband, unknowing of his guilt, to accept the child as their's, in order to preserve the young Gwyinn's repuation, so that she could be married and bring honour to her house. Mascen agreed, thinking that this had all worked out very well for him. When the baby was born, however, he had the distinctive features of House Baethian, who's supposedly dragon touched features had lent them specific characteristics: a shock of white hair, and blue eyes - too blue for any human. The same features that Mascen so exemplified.
    Branwen realized the truth of the matter and flew into a fury, beating her hands against her husband, but Mascen subdued her with a slap. Violence continued, and Mascen fell into what all in his house suffered from, the Ríastrad, for which his famous ancestor was named. The terrible fury that they all could fall into, that only blood could satiate. When Branwen and Gwyinn lay dead in his foyer ; Mascen was finally at peace. He had a young son to inherit his legacy. Somebody would have to be implicated for the murder, of course, to keep his hands clean. He set about elaborately framing their Draconian maid, Seelah, for the murder of Gwyinn, and his wife was said to have died in childbirth, with his new young son. Generally, the populace believed it. There were theories, of course, but none of them seemed to implicate that the honourable Lord Mascen Baethian could have done such a thing. The boy was named Llyr, after Llyr the Eirian, one of the great heroes of the house, who had rose to the defense of house Baethian in one of the wars that had torn through the country. Llyr the Eirian was considered to be the perfect example of knightly virtue and self sacrifice - he had died from poison in a dishonourable play by the enemy.
    The boy grew quickly, never knowing that his father's niece-in-law was his mother. Llyr proved to excel at sword fighting and the knightly arts and was easily wooed with stories of knights and lords of his house; and he dreamed of the heroes of House Baethian rising once again. He rode well and frequently, and was in many ways, the ideal knight. His lack of practical skills and belief that life was like a song or story was intensely grating, but Mascen felt strangely threatened by his son. Mascen was still young, and had remarried already to Maria Davos, from a lesser house, his allegiance already cemented with house Tintagel through his overly knightly son. When Llyr was fifteen, Maria, who was only two years older than he, gave birth to another son, Moray. Moray was born without the features of a Baethian, his features more resembling his mother; black hair, brown eyes. Handsome, perhaps, but he would never have the strange grace that Mascen and Llyr both had. This was good. Mascen saw his opportunity.
    Reason for Becoming an Adventurer & Joining the Academy: (ex. fame, riches, glory, etc.)
    Mascen sent his son, Llyr, to join the Academy - but planned for there to be a mishap along the way, something deeply treacherous that his son would not be able to fight against. Heavily armed Draconian mercenaries - hired freelance, not from the guild, were intended to attack and slaughter Llyr, and cover it up as thieves who'd murdered Llyr for his gold. However, the Mercenary Guild got word of freelance operatives in the city, and dealt with them, themselves. They found some word of commission (To murder a boy named Llyr, who matched a provided description, that would be riding through the square at a certain time.) and payment from a Lord Faolan; nobody that they had ever heard of. The sum of gold, however, was large indeed. This encouraged an operative from the mercenary guild to wait around, and see what this Llyr was all about. When they saw it was only a boy of fifteen, they were surprised. Such a large sum for what was just a boy?
    The test of strength was administered that same day. Llyr passed, but only barely, having deeply underestimated his opponent. He then received schooling at the academy, and dreamt of reviving his house to its former glory, instead of the political play that it was currently - a house governed by the chivalry from the songs and fables, instead of the oligarchical leverage of wealth.
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  3. Okay, I did a slight modification to the magic section (added two spells) and added a new section. I'll likely be adding and changing things a lot.

    And Basil, your character is ~ Approved! :D

    [edit] Also changed the storage capacity of moonstones, otherwise mages could be waaay to powerful. :d
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  4. Yay! The CS is up!
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  5. Name: Purity "Puck" Cherris
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human with traces of Draconian blood
    Class/Role: Battlemage

    Weapon of Choice:
    Her fists | The back of her palms are the only parts of her body that are dusted with luminescent green scales.
    Knife | A memento of her fishing days.
    Bending, spell | Controls nearby elements.
    Area Pulse, spell | Can amplify or diffuse magical effects in an area. Requires intense concentration.

    Hand to hand combat | Fishing | Sailing | Cooking | Navigation | Rope-tying | Fire Resistance* | Magic Aura Sense* | Fast Regeneration*
    *Weaker than if performed by an average Draconian

    Energetic and good-humored, Puck is always the first one to sign up for an adventure and sees it through with such optimism. Her friends like having her around especially when things get rough or gloomy. Still a child by Draconian standards, she faces everything head on without a thought which often gets her into trouble. She has a strong sense of honor, much like her Draconian grandfather, which makes her a valuable ally. If anything, she hates being unreasonably looked down upon and stubbornly fights to prove that she is of equal footing with everyone.

    Puck's parents were both high ranking Druid practitioners in one of the remote villages in the Sapphire Kingdom. Her father was the High Knight, while her mother, the High Priestess. Their Druid faction was the most condensed in the kingdom. Sadly, a raid of unknown dark forces massacred the cult, including Puck's parents who fought to defend their people.

    Five-year-old Puck was able to flee with the help of Chemp, a family friend and one of the few Druids who survived. Chemp sent her to live with her Draconian great-great-grandfather Fahrenheit, her only living relative. He was a green dragon with numerous scales and golden eyes. His wings, however, were clipped. All Puck knew was that he chose to live a quiet life near the sea as a fisherman.

    At first, she was terrified of her strange-looking grandfather until she realized how gentle and wise he was. In fact, he was regarded with respect by all of his fellow fishermen. Fahrenheit taught her the trade until she was old enough to help with the fishing with the crew.

    The first sign of magic appeared when she was smoking, a vice she learned from her friends. Her grandfather had caught her playing with the images the smoke formed. But no matter how amazing it seemed to be, her grandfather scolded her for smoking. He knew that being part Draconian, the habit would not affect her lungs, but he knew his late wife would disapprove.

    Her potential to become a mage became evident when she fought with a group of teenage nobles who bullied one of her friends with their magic. In a desperate moment, she diffused the brats' spells and knocked the daylights out of them. Amused, Farenheit decided she was strong enough and allowed her to leave for the Academy to "kick some snotty noble butt". Secretly, Farenheit wanted her to take advantage of the exposure and maybe figure out who killed his grandson.

    Reason for Becoming an Adventurer & Joining the Academy: To make her parents proud.
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  6. Well, the majority of it appears to be fine, but I'm just a little confused by this one part. You say that she has a Draconian grandfather, and then say that he is a pure-blooded green dragon. O.o I'm assuming this was a mistake. Did you mean to say that he was "a near pure-blooded green dragon". Of course, if he was practically a pure-blooded dragon this creates other complications. Dragons are pretty much believed to be extinct, though I suppose I should have written that down. -_-' Draconians with high amounts of dragon blood are also quite rare, but they still exist, so her grandfather could still have high amounts of dragon blood. However, this creates another problem of sorts. Dragon blood is extremely powerful and largely dominant in genetics. This is why there are so many draconians, because dragon blood carries for many generations, which brings me to the next problem. Wouldn't Puck simply be considered a draconian if her grandfather had such high amounts of dragon blood? I suppose you made her mostly human so that she would still be able to use magic. Except, if her grandfather has such a high amount of dragon blood she would have to as well.

    ...Actually, I suppose it could just be that due to a strange anomaly her human side ended up dominating the dragon one. If this is the case though, she should actually be missing certain draconian abilities, for they are one of the primary things that determine if someone is a draconian.

    So, in summary, you'll have to alter the bit about her grandfather, and then choose only three of the listed common draconian abilities (that will still be weak) for Puck since she is not considered an actual draconian. Just be aware as well that many people will simply consider her a draconian, even if by "scientific terms" she is not actually one.
  7. Name: Micha Mcoy (Pronounced “Mee-Kah”)

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half Human/Half Lunarin

    Class/Role: Intermediate Healer Mage

    Weapon of Choice: She carries a staff although it is more for defense and keeping attackers at bay. Her best intermediate spells are healing, creating a light orb to see in the dark, and a force shield from which she can place around herself or another she is touching. She can also touch a plant and bring a bit of it back to life, though she’s still working on making them really grow. Recently she’s been able to cast small flames, though these seem to do nothing more than light candles and light the occasional cloth on fire.

    Skills: Her most powerful spells are healing and her force shield. But despite her lack of offensive spells she can still deliver a good enough hit with her staff to defend herself. She has a good knowledge of plants and their uses and has been studying potions. Not related but she is also a very good cook.

    Appearance: (Coming soon~)

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Black and brown

    Height: 5’2”

    Weight: 98 lbs

    Personality: Despite her rough past and heritage, Micha has a warm bubbly personality. She’d almost always rather settle arguments peacefully but wont hesitate to fight if action is needed. She is quick to be friendly and often extends friendship first. She is also very loyal to her friends and can be mothering when it comes to those she’s healing. Micha is also very passionate and can anger quickly if you threaten her friends or family. It is this passion that allows her to fear very little. Learning history and anything new is a small obsession with Micha and she often can’t resist a new book she’d never read.

    History: Micha knows not where she was actually born nor who her true parents are. All she knows was a farmer and his family found her not far from their farm in the Sapphire Kingdom. They took her in and raised her like their own, despite her being part Lunarin. From this family she found love, compassion and the belief in Druidism.

    She first learned of her magic when one of her three adopted brothers got a small cut. From then on she worked hard on her skills, though no one could properly teach her how.

    On her eight-teeth birthday her family pooled their money together to give her a single moonstone necklace. With her new boost to her power she sought out to find who her real parents were. Her journey was a rude wake up call. Micha had a lot against her. First was her heritage. ‘Half breed’ was just one of many names she’d come to be called. Then was her religion, as no Lunarin in their right mind believed in anything else but Celestial. And the human nobles looked down upon her for being a ‘poorer folk’.

    Micha did her best not to allow her spirits to be dampened. She tried to remain positive despite what she faced. She survived on what she could until she heard about the academy…

    Reason for Becoming an Adventurer & Joining the Academy: Micha’s strongest desire is to help those in need. But more than that her adopted human parents could not teach her magic. Knowing neither race of Human nor Lunarin would accept her, she sought out the Guild to help her hone her skills. Her other reason was to find her real parents. To find who they truly were and why they did what they did. She also has a love for knowledge and adventure, both of which the Mercenaries Guild seemed to offer.

    ((Lemme know if I need to change something!))
  8. Everything appears to be in order. :)

    Accepted! \('o')/
  9. Okay. So I edited quite a few details. For one, Farenheit is now her great-great-grandfather (they could live for more than a century, right). This could explain why her Draconian blood has spread thin. I also chose three common abilities as you asked and made them weaker. For example, her regeneration rate is much slower than an average Draconian.

    I hope this would be okay. Let me know if there are things you still wish me to change.
  10. Everything looks good now.

    Accepted! =^__^=
  11. Are we still doing this thing? :)
  12. Sorry. >_< I've been really busy lately. I just moved into residence and am starting my classes soon. It's my first year of university. O.o

    We are definitely still doing this though. T^T

    I'll work on getting some of that info posted by tomorrow at least, and then work some more on my character. The IC thread and the introductory post will probably be up on Sunday. Sorry that it's such a long time, but please be patient. ;___;
  13. Sure thing! Didn't want to nag: was more of a general check to make sure we had everybody and characters were sorted out.
  14. Okay. ^_^ It's alright if you nag a bit though. It helps me get back on track. :d If I haven't said anything for like a week nag me, okay?

    Rufiya still has to post here character anyways. :/

    Eheheh... I was just working on some background info that will be hidden from the rest of you. >:3 I was thinking of having the characters find some old scrolls while adventuring that speak of the ancient legends and some of Minron's darker times. :] I'll be posting the writing of such scrolls on my blog and just link to it in the rp so you can read it when you want and your character can refer back to it.

    I am still writing some basic history as well that I'll be posting later. ^_^ I think a lot of the stuff they'll learn will be while on their adventures though.
    Oh, and if anyone needs a bit deeper knowledge on a particular subject that wouldn't necessarily be common knowledge, but rather something your character would know due to their interests or upbringing just message me and I'll tell you what I can.
  15. Ah. >.<

    I had intended to join this and somehow forgot about it admist my busy haze. -w-

    I'll put up my C.Sheet up rather soon~

    He'll be a very handsome young man who is a wannabe lady-killer while in truth the only things that actually play in his favor during his attempts at charm is his looks, because really he is a coward who makes up stories to make himself come off as a hero.

    Obviously he'll be a developing character. :3
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  16. Eeeh... More info will probably be up tomorrow instead... -__-

    btw, I'm adding a few more villages, towns, and other stuff to the map. The map looked a little too sparse for me.
  17. *SIGH* Despite how much I want to do this role play, my health is restricting me. I wont pour my health issues into this plot thread but the bottom line is I'm not sure when I will be able to reply. I'd like to keep my sheet in and perchance when I am feeling better (I'm shooting for a month) I can find a way to place my character into the already flowing story. Basically I'm saying don't wait for me, go ahead and start the role play. Best of luck to you guys and I hope to join you when I'm better!!

  18. Sorry to hear that. :C Best of wishes!
  19. Name: Aleksandyr Lidel

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Class/Role: Rogue

    Weapon of Choice:

    Lucy and Rosa l A pair of long curved blades that Aleks always keeps with him. To feed those who believe in his idiotic tales of heroism and romance he says they were named after the first two women he ever really loved. In a sense this is actually true but not the way he would have his small group of admirers think.

    Throwing Knives l Why engage an enemy so close when you can incapacitate them from so far, Aleksandyr always likes to say while speaking about his imaginary exploits. He often uses it to injure an enemy before he closes in with his daggers, thus making said enemy easier to decapitate and lessen the chances of hurting his face.

    Mini-Bombs l With his nimble fingers Aleksandyr doesn't actually bluff about his skills in the crafting area, seeing his past has caused him to always resort to the least of resources he also knows how to make do with what he's been dealt and lately he's been learning the practice of bomb-making and so far he's been doing well.

    Dualwielding l Aleksandyr can easily dual wield smaller daggers and knives seeing as he's grown accustomed to them. This skill developed after long years of learning the way of the rogue.

    Swordfighting l Aleks knows his way around the sword, whether it be a simple knife or a longsword. (The latter he prefers not to use because it's doesn't match his "description") He learned this during his teenage years.

    Lockpicking l Aleks knows how pick locks thanks to his background and the situations he was put in. It was a talent that just came to him, his fingers were always very nimble.

    Bomb-making l Aleks most recent project, he still thinks of himself as a complete master at the creation of bombs but really all he is so far is just a talented novice.

    Knitting l A cute little fact about Aleksandyr the heroic rogue and lady killer, is that thanks to his quick fingers he is actually rather good with knitting and such. Though the hobby is something he thoroughly enjoys, it's far to feminine for him to openly admit and do in public.

    Appearance: Aleksandyr is a tall young man, with a trained body that he is secretly confident of. He has light brown hair almost seemingly tinted with a hint of green. He has dark chocolate eyes and in his opinion, a killer smile that both expresses his genuine happiness but also his smug sterotypical rogue smirk all in one.

    Personality: Aleksandyr is a very..colorful young man. Egoistical and delusional on the idea of him being that charming and heroic rogue in all those stories, he can come off as a bit selfish and obviously a total idiot. He thinks he can charm any lady and when he sets his eyes on one he knows how to be determined, no matter how many times he may get kicked in his mid-section. And ironically, despite all those tales of heroism filling both his mind and his heart, Aleksandyr is kind of a coward. He might rush into battle yes, only to run to the back lines after barely escaping getting scratched. A very colorful young man indeed.

    History: W.I.P

    Reason for Becoming an Adventurer & Joining the Academy: For the fame and riches he's always deserved. And the wenches too. Never forget the wenches.
  20. I'm defiantly interested. Working on a Character now and shall have it up soon.
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