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  1. Hello! I'm the Writing Owl! You all can just call me Owl if you so wish. I've got a couple of adventures, but I have been craving a few different fantasy adventure roleplays. So, if you all would be so kind, here's a few ideas that I'd like to try out!

    Quick key:
    Bold= Roles I would like to play
    * = Craving this roleplay
    Italics = Roles I'd prefer my partner to play

    Anyway, let's get on with the roleplays!

    Prisoners of War
    Possible Relationship: GuardxPrisoner

    Prisoners of war were not uncommon with the latest war. Elementals were dominating, capturing their enemies rather than killing them outright. Their foes, the fragile humans, were stubborn and kept sending their troops to try and win the battle. Normally, the elementals found no mercy for these humans. They brought it on themselves after all. One day, a guard was going through his routines when a human soldier, a spy as she had been found to be, talked to him. Most of the humans refused to talk, either too insane to try or defiant enough to refuse. This piques the guard's interest as he learns more about these weak humans and why they continue to fight, even after it is clear they are to be beaten.

    Eternal Thief
    Possible pairing: Thief x Guard

    It's horrible! Horrendous! Absolutely heart wrenching! The king's prized gem has been stolen! A master thief, one that the royal guard could never catch is the culprit. The king, obviously distressed, has sent his best guard, the captain himself after this thief. However, not is as it seems. The kingdom has been restless as monster attacks and natural disasters grew more frequent. The people of the kingdom are growing discontent with the king and how he seems not to help those who need it. Dissenters and rumors of rebellions are shaking any form of security that had previously been there. Now the guard has to try and get the gem back from the thief while dealing with the kingdom falling apart at its seams.

    Dragon Riders
    Characters: Dragon & Rider

    Long ago Dragons used to live among the humans, partnering with them and helping them. However, after some time humans became hostile toward the dragons as dragons started to attack villages. The two species quickly hid as far away from each other as they could. Humans hired special hunters to track the dragons down, while the dragons would attack villages from time to time. People forgot the special bond humans and dragons once shared. One day, that all changed. A young dragon hunter is about to try and find her latest kill when the dragon spoke to her, a feat only those destined to ride dragons could experience. Now unable to kill one without the other, the two must figure out what caused the two former partners to become so hostile toward each other.

    If you like any of those ideas feel free to pm me or leave a message in the thread! Thank you! :)
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  2. I'll do Dragon Riders with you! ^-^
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  3. Sweet! I'll pm you for details.
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  4. The master and apprentice sounds interesting. PM me and we can discuss it. :)
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  5. I am unaware if you are still looking, as well as if the RP is still open, but The Missing Apprentices sounds interesting.
  6. The 'Prisoners of War' scenario sounds intriguing.
  7. Ah the dragon x rider one is so cool! Could you pm me if it's still free?
  8. I would also enjoy dragon x rider, as I am currently only in one other RP.
  9. If your still looking for a roleplay partners, I'm liking the guard and thief idea!
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