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  1. Or rather, a compendium of life lessons (silly or otherwise) learned from the television series Adventure Time, with accompanying discussions of the both these lessons and the series itself.
    Anyway, here's one. I don't really take this one seriously, though, as I've already ascribed myself to another belief-system.

    "There is no learning, only knowing and not knowing. What we call as learning is actually just us tapping into our subconscious memories of past and future lives. Nothing is rooted to the present, as time and space ever flows from different positions; all is rooted, and hence made complete, solely at creation."
  2. One thing I learned from adventure time is that being a hero is not easy.

    The most good is done away from the eyes of others, a rather thankless job but most important is you don't have to be a professional at anything to know right from wrong. Doing what is right has it's blurred lines but in the end only you can tell yourself what is the right thing to do by other and yourself.

    On the lighter note, I've learned that friendship is just about the strongest foundation of the living experience. Bonding with animals and other human beings is one of the ultimate blessings of being alive. Connecting on a productive level to create happiness for yourself and others can be effortless and fulfilling.
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  3. Although I don't think it's possible to actually learn how to bond well with other human beings from that show, seeing as how very few of its characters actually are humans ;)
  4. Marceline and the ice king used to be human but like, forever ago. And you can learn to bond with animals I've been doing it my whole life. Food too I think that talking to edible plants makes them taste better. It's more or less just treating everything like it is human. Everything in the show is personified candy or animals, jake walks on two legs most of the time. Definitely a felt I learned, learning is just the gain of knowing. Some of us don't retain what we learn so what they know can be vastly different from what we know.

    And think about the parallel world Finn opened up where he was actually evil and killing everything and caused the end of the world but thought he knew he was doing. The right thing. He gained that knowledge of two parallel lives and has a compressed understanding of reality. So there is a lot more then just funny adult humor going on in this show.
    Certainly puts emphasis on the "everything is relative" and the right thing is always the hardest thing to do.
  5. This. This is the wisest thing I've heard come from that show:

    “Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” –Jake the Dog

    I suck at a lot of things and am gradually becoming sorta good at them. Setting lower standards for myself keeps my obsession for perfection under control. There are some cartoons that really speak to me. Thanks, Jake/John DiMaggio.
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  6. I've got a lot of respect for this show, if only because it's the only kid's cartoon I've seen that actively pokes fun at PUA bullshit. It's always hilarious seeing that kind of behavior called out.
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