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New season is up; only four episodes yet (though I have, due leaking pipes, watched the fifth as well). Swell so far, though definitely not as big as the last -- everything feels so calm, so relaxed, as if this is the show's first of the final laps. Good thing, too: I don't think they'd be able to top the fifth season in creativity, or the sixth in literary splendor. Favorite of the episodes so far is the latest; the first felt like it muddled its message (I'll get to that if anyone asks), the second was visually a bit wonky, and the last spoiled what could have been an especially poignant tale on a widow's loss; at least this one hadn't lofty ambitions, and practically every joke landed (Sporestmanship! plus that wee bit of insight from Canyon was swell). Although now, with Finn having been noted to be not entirely human, Martin having only memories of water with Finn's conception, FP once fooling around with the idea of Finn as a water elemental, and now Finn really bonding with Canyon (who seems to show a good deal of affinity with Finn), I'm starting to suspect that Finn's a demigod -- but that insight's for the following season. And because of those leaked pipes, I can assure you that if you like a bit of cute video game madness, you'd love the next episode -- now the miniseries cometh!


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Last one I watched was lesbian adventures of bubblegum and vampire. I liked it. Should totes catch up soon though so I can add something of worth here 8D

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Just watched Stakes and i say it was very awesome, like most miniseries Cartoon network showed so far. (I cant wait for the Long Live The Royals Miniseries.) I'm glad were getting some backstory info on Marceline and Bubblegum so far this season, we never heard much of them in Season 6 (I thought they would be a bit more major in Season 6) However the only thing i remember something big happening to bubblegum in that season was
Her getting kicked out of the Candy Kingdom because of what she was doing to everyone to make her kingdom safe after she lost an election.
And of course we did get a lot of backstory of Marceline earlier in the show however the episodes were 11 minutes and felt rushed at times..My sister feels that Cartoon Network shows should go up to 30 minutes instead of a regular 11 as there's not much things they can do in that time.


So far i think Season 7 is the best one yet, with my favourite episode being "Mama Said" for the plot that feels like post-Incendium episodes, Canyon's appearance and the Banana Guards version of Mama Said.

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