Adventure Time with Finn, Jake, Fionna, and Cake

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  1. Marshall Lee floated into his house. He went straight to the phone to call up the Fiona and Cake. He needed them to help him move out. He was moving to a new place a few miles South of the Candy Kingdom. He took the phone and dialed the number. He hoped they weren't off killing some cyclops or slaying some dragon, because he was too lazy to move all of his stuff on his own. He needed help.
  2. Fiona yawned and rolled over in her bed.
    Suddenly she heard the phone ringing and groaned.
    Using her open hand, she grabbed the phone while pulling herself up with the other.
    "Hello?" She said, while yawning in the middle.
    She looked at the clock, she must've fallen asleep.
  3. "Yeah hey Fiona. Get cake. I need help. I'm moving...again hah!" he laughed. He wanted Cake to come, because, Marshall knew that Cake feared him. He loved to scare her. And ofcourse, the whole Prince Gumball vs Marshall Lee, rumor is true. It's between Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball to get Fiona. It's already kind of told that Fiona like both of them, it's just which on can get her. Marshall found this one of his perfect opportunities. "Okay well I'll see you in a sec. See ya," he ended the conversation and hung up. He relaxed in mid air watching T.V. until they got there.
  4. Fiona hopped up. She was already awake, so why not do something productive?
    "C'mon Cake!! Marshall needs our help!" She called. Then added, "Again!"
    She laughed. Marshall was one of her favorite people in the world. But so was Prince Gumball.
    THe two didn't seem to get along, she didn't know why.


    Fiona and Cake made their way to Marshall's house and knocked on the door.
    "Let us in!" Fiona yelled, grinning like an idiot.
  5. The door opened by itself. He was ready to give cake a good scare. He was hanging upside down off of his fan. He was just hoping he didn't scare Fiona at the same time. He doubted it. He awaited them to get close enough so he could scare the life out of cake.
  6. Fiona walked in. Supsicious at teh automatic opening door.
    She put her hand on her sword, ready for anything.

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    Marshall swooped down with his baring fangs and a hiss, his tongue flailing around. He stopped and smiled and waited to see Cake's reaction.
  9. Fiona screamed at the sudden thing infront of her.
    She swung her sword and sliced something.
    She carefully looked up to see Marshall.
    "Oh goodness!" She exclaimed looking at his hair.
    Her sword had chopped off half of his long bangs.
    She felt her cheeks go a flames in embarrassment.
  10. Marshall held his head. " bangs!" he yelled, "you cut them off!" he floated to a corner and felt on it, slowly going insane.
  11. Fiona felt guilty and rushed over.
    "Marshall! I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed standing next to him with her arms out.
    "Don't scare me like that!" She then scolded.
  12. Marshall growled. He then ran to his mirror then smiled. "Hey never mind. It actually looks pretty sexy." he floated in all angled to capture the sexiness. He then turned to Fiona. "Don't you agree?"
  13. Fiona's cheeks felt as if they had been lit by fire.
    She quickly turned away in attempts to hiding her blush.
    "Whatever," She scoffed. "You're so silly."
  14. finn and jake walk in and step back for akwardness