Adventure Time: The New Age

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    The Ooo we knew is over. The New Age includes great technologies such as cell phones, computers, and so much more. Houses are air conditioned though most don't use them. Much still remains the same as the old Ooo. Princesses and Princes may choose to work together with each other to rule one single kingdoms or rule their respective kingdoms. Residents of Aaa are able to cross to Ooo through a portal that resides in a building a little ways away from the Candy Kingdom. Other species have found it safe to revel themselves. Join in as a character from Ooo, Aaa, or even an OC as we face many enemies, just have a pretty chill day, or even help Bubblegum with her experiments​







    Home Location:

    Powers (optional):





    Name: Juniper

    Nickname: Juni, Junitree

    Age: 17

    Personality: Juniper is curious which is great according to her dead mother. However most residents in the forest find this to be annoying. She takes great pride in her garden which she uses to grow her own food. She is kind and usually takes in lost and hungry travelers. She is also a bit wary of people due to her past.

    Species: She is a deer

    Apperence: She has turquoise hair mixed with sky blue and purple. She wears a black blazet, a white collared shirt with a red plaid tie. She also wears a red plaid skirt. She wears knee high white socks and nlack loafers.

    Home Location: She is located in the woods just behind the Candy Kingdom

    Powers (optional): She has earth like powers. I.e. manipulating plants and can make crevices or holes in the earth.

    Weapon(s): When she is not using her powers she will carry a box cutter on the inside of her jacket where she made a small hidden pocket.

    Bio: Juniper lived with her mother who was also very kind. Her mother had built their house using things she had found throughout the forest. They lived a mostly quiet life except for a few travelers here and there. Then one day a traveler appeared. He looked a bit strange but her mother tried her best not to judge the man. He had taken a bit of their food storage and stood up to leave. But, not before he pulled out her pocket knife and began threatening Juniper and her mother. He eventually grew tired of her mother and killed her. Juniper, uncharacteristically angry, somehow made dark green vines appear and had them wrap around the man and threw him out of the house. She then buried her mother's body near the house and her body made the land around her house rich with nutrients.

    Other she only eats veggies. She does however like to try new things..

    The sun had just started rising as Juniper sat on the highest hill in Ooo. She had a picnic lunch which she had packed earlier. She had made a lettuce and tomatoe sandwhich. The lettuce and tomatoe were picked from her garden which was usually depleated due to travelers and her kindness. She sat and took in all the scenery down below.
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  2. Age:Looks 18, actually 1003

    Personality: Appears to like to annoy/mess with those she cares the most, only to then care for them and help them through their turmoil later on.

    Species: Half-human/Half-Deamon

    Home Location:

    Powers (optional): Flight, strength, shape shifting, pyrotechnics, telekinesis, rapid healing, necromancy, soul sucking (rare)

    Weapon(s): AxeGuitar

    Bio: Marcy lived with her mother when she was young, only to loose her mother in the great war. Later found by Simon, who cared for her. Simon cared for her until eventually the crown took over him. Simon abonded Marcy, thinking with his last strain of sanity... that he was now dangerous to her. Marceline, in sadness that the crown took over him, went to sleep. She hibernated for years, until she awoke. Now the land of Ooo had taken a very strange shape. Ice king was still.... Ice king, she was now a teenager, Fin and Jake made a treehouse in the tree she carved her name into, and the candy kingdom had emerged. She found a boyfriend (ash) who ended up selling her precious teddybear, leading to their breakup. Alot happened. Marcy got Hambo back, only to give him up so Simon could open a portal to talk to his beloved Betty.

    Other: I would like Marcy to have a relationship with PB, if any PB that joins this is okay with that.

  3. Your good to go but if this could be moved to the cast list tab i would like that..this will be used for the roleplay...unless you cant post kind of a noob on how this site works.
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  4. I'm new aswell... only the owner of the RP can edit the cast list. You might have to create a new thread/tab ...thingy.... for actual roleplay. The threads are the only place people can submit characters :3
  5. Ah. Ok. So i guess the characters can go here. Ill het to the rp thread.
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