Adventure Time: The Aftermath of the Mushroom War

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  1. The world was deserted after the war. Barley anyone survived at all, but the ones who did turned into some sort of creature. Many said that humans were extinct, however TeeTee the human adventurer was only known human child to survive. Picked up by a walking and sofisticaed litter of kitties she grew up becoming a fighter of evil and incredibly beautiful. Wearing white wolf ears hat with some of her brown hair sticking out to the side she had passion for adventure.
    Her best friend within the kittens was a young calico named Misty who has the power of stretching however long, big or strong.

    TeeTee felt soft paws being slapped on her face over and over again. She woke up slowly, groaning and completely annoyed, it was her cat.
    "Misty, what the hey hey? I was sleeping" the young girl said calmly but still in an irritated tone.
    The cat looked at her worried "there's a fire, in a cave by our house! I heard someone screaming inside!"
    "Oh no!" TeeTee said and leaped out of bed, her hat was already on (she almost never takes it off) and she was in a white tank top with pajama pants that had cute little bunnies on them. "C'mon Misty!" she said and ran with her friend and sister out the door.
    "There it is!" Misty pointed to a cave with smoke coming out of it.
    "Then we have no time to loose!" TeeTee said running towards the cave with Misty behind.
  2. Saito the human, was alone after his parents died in the war. Saito wears a black hoodie and blue jeans. he has short black hair and red eyes. a scar is running down his lower left eye.

    Saito was sleeping in a cave, until some green monster thing came walking in. Saito was trapped, he could do only one thing, and that was to do a magic spell, called bomb shot. Saito almost didn't make it but he did with several burn marks. Saito slowly walked out of the cave.
  3. "Ahahaha, foolish mortals. They're so weak." Chuckled a teen boys voice, his name was Zaki and he was the Vampire King!

    Zaki's bi-colored eyes flicked over to TeeTee and Misty who were approaching before his eyes flicked back to Saito.

    "Looks like our little heroines were a tad to late, Ahahaha!" He laughed still in the shade of the tree where he was perched.
  4. "Is that a vampire?" Misty asked. TeeTee looked at Misty who was hiding behind the young girls leg.
    The fire in the cave was spreading and TeeTee looked at Misty "your not still scared of vampires are you?" she asked. "No" Misty whimpered shaking violently "I'm not."
    "Good" TeeTee said glaring at the vampire king "what is wrong with you Vampire?" she shouted
  5. Zaki laughed as he flew to a lower branch avoiding the sun "Me? You say that like I caused trouble." He grinned "The names, Zaki....and who might you two be!?" He said cooly.
  6. Saito looked at the girl and cat yelling vampire. "What the hell, vampire?" Saito looked up at the tree. A person was on the tree.
  7. Zaki turned upon hearing a new voice "That's right, the one and are?" He asked curiously staring down at the human boy with his gold and black eyes.
  8. "The name is Saito." Saito answer, stareing at the vampire with his red eyes. Saito got ready to cast a spell, if the time comes.
  9. Tee looked at Saito and said "c'mon we have to go! The fires spreading!"
  10. Saito turns his attention to the girl, Saito was surprise to see a human. "Whatever." Saito said while walking away from the cave, still keeping an eye on the vampire.
  11. "Is he a human?" Misty said as she walked out with her best friend.
    "Uhh, I'm not sure...should we...ask?" Tee asked looking at her friend who only shrugged. They both then ran up to Saito "hey man, are you a human?" Tee asked.
  12. "What about the vampire?" Misty asked. Tee then turned to her "don't worry I heard they could handle themselves, besides it's still dark out"
  13. "yeah, i'm human." Saito looked at the cat, " have a cat as a friend...that just sad."
  14. Zaki floated to toward them and lowered himself, he bent his knees some so he wasn't touching the ground, he looked from the boy and and girl then to the cat "Nah what's sad is the Ice King...the old fart has a bunch a Penguins doing his dirty work!"

    He cackled with laughter as he summoned his battle axe guitar and began tuning it "There's no point, that fire was started by none other than....." he paused teasing them.
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