Adventure Time Polymory RP.

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  1. Ok so I'll leave this short and sweet - I want a romantic, fluffy, sexy Adventure Time Roleplay where three characters are in a relationship. One of us plays two of them, though I'd rather play one.

    My only ask is that you reply quickly and have fun!

    Characters I'm willing to include:

    Marshall Lee
    Princess Bubblegum
    Marceline The Vampire Queen

    I'm willing to do FxFxF or MxMxM or MxFxF or MxMxF
  2. I may be up for it. Could FP be in it too maybe?
  3. Yup! Pm me?
  4. -I've not yet had any real interest in this, so it's still open :)
  5. No Gumball?
  6. Yeah he's ok, I'd be willing to include him.
  7. Hm well actually PB and Marceline sound good but Im having trouble thinking of a good third
  8. Hm I'm fine with any of them. I'd rather play one character though, so if you think of one you'd like me to play then feel free to pm me.
  9. Who is Ash?
  10. Marceline's ex. I just figured I'd put him on the list.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.