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Which couple is cuter?

  1. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum

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  2. Marshal Lee and Marceline

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  1. Looking for someone to do a Marceline x Princess Bubblegum or Marceline x Marshall Lee.

    ~Marceline x PB~
    Yeah, I know, some may think its weird but i thinks its the cutest couple ever. I'm looking for someone to play Princess Bubblegum. I prefer playing Marceline because i play those characters personalities best and play a pretty good Marcy; But I might be persuaded to play peebles if needed.

    Now, for plot. It can be just about anything. Like:

    [continuing on an episode]

    •after the door lord PB confronts Marc.

    [made up]

    •Marc is bored one day and decides to tease and mess around with Bonni(who's working in her lab). pb gets frustrated at her and everything bc her work is interrupted, and somehow marceline eventually admits it, flying out the lab upset. PB tries to find her.

    •marceline admits to PB and PB takes too long to reply (shocked) or denies she likes marceline back then tries to make it up to her Can be vise versa

    [i admit i like a little sadness and angst in my rp's :3]

    •PB and marceline are just hanging out and one of 'em admits it.

    ~Marceline x Marshal Lee~
    Same as above pretty much.

    •Marc admits to the Marsh, he takes too long to reply (shocked) or denies Marc and his feelings. Marc runs away sad then marsh tries to find her and then admits he lied and likes her. Vise versa

    •Marshal and Marc are hanging out and one admits their feelings for the other.

    Those are just ideas. You can choose one or bring up your own idea, change the ones i have a little.

    ~other pairings i may do~
    Marshal Lee x Prince Gumball
    •Prince Gumball x Marceline
    •Prince Gumball x Princess Bubblegum
    •Finn x Marceline
    •Finn x Princess Bubblegum
    •Finn x Fire Princess
    •Finn x Fiona
    •Fiona x Marshal Lee
    •Fiona x Marceline
    •Fiona x Prince Gumball

    Just about every combination :)

    Btw here is a link to my other to pairings and ideas i'll do:
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  2. I'll do Marshall Lee x Marceline.
  3. Ok. Sounds good :) I'm PM you
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