Adventure, Science, and Fun characters!

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  1. Let me just make one thing clear. I'm fine with romance, but for this RP, I would not like it to be the focal point of things. And I'd like it to show up later into the story.

    I would rather like to work with someone one on one in some kind of fantastic adventure that takes place in modern day, with elements of science fiction thrown in here and there (If you want some magic in there too, I could see what I can do). I'm going to make it very clear here I want something a little out there. Some incredible stuff happening.

    What exactly will happen, I don't entirely know yet. But I require a partner who can help me craft a storyline of Silver Age proportions!
  2. I can't say with certainty if I'm the write partner for you on this basis, but I do know I at least found your post quite interesting and enlightening. I generally prefer romance not be a focal point most of the time anyway- while it's fine, it can lead to a very bland story if it's the entire plot. And leaving it for later is fine.

    A science fiction adventure is always a fun way to do things to me, too. Thus...I'm interested even if I'm unsure you'll be happy enough with me. But I know if it would, I'd certainly be thrilled.
  3. Hey Wonderman, I've never tried a onexone RP before since I'm pretty new at this, but I think I would normally prefer more of a side position than a leadership role. A committed party member, rather than a leader, if you know what I mean. But if you want a sidekick character, or want to expand the RP into a group thing, I'd totally be up for that.

    BTW, I love the whole "science adventure," comic booky theme. Hard Sci-Fi is a bit too techie, but I like this kind of stuff.

    Also BTW (sorry about that), please pm me if you're interested; I haven't figured out the best way to filter through posts on this site yet.
  4. @ hatter: Holy crap. I never even thought about asking if anyone wanted to be a sidekick before. That would be awesome!

    with the RP I had in mind, I was think of something in the vein of Tom Strong or Doc Savage. A group based Idea would be closer to Fantastic Four / Future Foundation.

    @ June: I absolutely Agree. Too much romance tends to hurt the story.

    Yes, Sci Fi in a modern setting. Gadgets, Aliens, Monsters (either made by a tragedy of science or they just evolved that way), and other stuff.
  5. Good sir, you may have made my day with your explanation. Gadgets, aliens and all of it always make one wonderful story to me. I already believe even further that we shall get along well, now.
  6. Ok, I'm in if you want me.
  7. Then it's settled. Let's make a group instead. It'll be SUPER FUN TIMES :D
  8. Sweet! If you write out the starting scenario, I'll work up a character sheet.
  9. I'll make a signup area in the Modern section incase anyone else is interested
  10. I might have to pass. I get nervous in group RPs. I tend to get left behind quickly from past experience from being slow and getting confused easily. Thanks though~
  11. Bummer. I really wish you'd join up, but if that's the way you feel...

    Anyway, message me if you wanna do a fantasy-style OnexOne sometime.