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Hello! I'm looking for someone to do an adventure RP with.

It can be in a fantasy setting, medieval, modern or sci-fi.

The story can take place in a setting we create or in an anime, video game, fictional setting we are both familiar with.

I'm male in real life and will be playing a male character.

I write 2 or more paragraphs most of the time. I consider my writing style casual.
If you write advanced, really really detailed posts, we probably shouldn't rp together because I don't like reading too many details.

If romance happens, it would be MxF. I do like non-romantic stories with people of any gender though.

Last, I like making most of the story as we go along. I don't like planning a lot before the RP starts.

Alright! Thanks for reading this. If you want to roleplay or have any questions please message me. Thanks!

When messaging me, please let me know what setting you would like the story to be in:

Medieval, fantasy, modern or science fiction.

Also let me know if you want to do an original storyline or use a setting from an anime, video game, etc.
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