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  1. Hello! My name is Yield. c:

    Here is what you need to know about me.

    Romance is ~very~ welcomed and encouraged. I would even venture to say that I require romance between our main characters. Except on the rare occasion when we have an amazing plot and we have 2 dudes who are awesome best buds and have each other's backs through all sorts of danger, like a bromance. I do, however, have limitations.
    - I only do malexfemale romance. [Though I do, however, fancy the idea of a "bromance" if we want to incorporate side characters or in the rare aforementioned occasion]
    - I do not engage in libertine role play. Sex can be implied if our characters move in that direction, but I always fade to black.
    - I don't enjoy forced romance. What I ~~~love~~~ is when two characters, each having unique personalities with ample strengths and weaknesses, fall for each other throughout the course of the role play. Also, we both need to be moving things forward. If I play the male, that doesn't mean mine has to be the only one conveying feelings or promoting romance.
    - I am not opposed to doubling, but I would prefer for us each to have one main character and introduce side characters as needed. I usually don't have a preference as to which gender I play - I play male and female equally.
    - I will never do incest, rape, or age gaps larger than like 6 years (for example, a parent and their kid's friend).
    - Though, again, I don't like "forced" romance, I do enjoy plots in which our characters begin as exes. I love when that initial tension and awkwardness eventually melts away and their true feelings come to light. Aah. I also enjoy playing out forbidden/secret relationships, though I am not in favor of our character(s) breaking marriage vows. One or both of our characters may be engaged or divorced to an NPC, but not married. That is a definitive limitation of mine.

    My replies vary from 2-8 meaty paragraphs, and I try my best to sculpt well-written, flowing responses. Please put forth the same effort. Abide by normal role play rules. Construct real sentences. Put thought and creativity into your posts.

    You can expect at least 2-3 responses from me each week. I try my best to respond quickly, but I do have a full-time job as well as several other life things going on.

    I have a few ideas, but I'd mostly prefer to create something with you! Let's chat a lot and both contribute to the plot! c:

    Now onto a list of genres I DO NOT DO:

    MOST fantasy/sci-fi

    Now onto a few genres! I have 3 broad categories as well as some specific scenarios/pairings. These have all been update recently, so everything listed here is something I'm in the mood for! A lot of my plots are half-baked ideas/premises, so I'd love some help coming up with stuff. c:

    Knight/Guard/Soldier x Princess/Queen
    Masquerade [could incorporate pairings]
    Lady in Waiting x Knight/Guard/Prince/etc.
    Gypsy x Royal/Noble/Peasant/etc. [plot]
    Thief x Royal/Noble/etc. [plot]

    Plot idea: Two people get abducted/lost, are taken in by band of thieves and/or gypsies (lots if different ways this could go, could include any pairing)

    It would be a bit tedious to list out all the pairings I'd like to do. Haha. I love this time period, and there are SO many different plots we could do.

    Modern - I normally like to do RPs between twenty-somethings, but I will *occasionally* role play teenagers or older adults.

    Voice/Piano/Guitar Instructor x Pupil [The pupil would be an adult or college student. The only exception I would make is, perhaps, if it were a high school student and a student teacher in music or theatre. That's sort of a plot idea, I suppose.]
    Teacher x Teacher

    Again, there are so.many.pairings. I just can't think of all of them right now.

    One plot I love to do is something like The Notebook, where high school sweethearts break up after graduation and then get together 5-10 years later. We can change it up in so many ways and even mash it up with different pairings. There are SO many different pairings we could do.

    Historical Settings - I generally prefer major war eras in America and occasionally Europe. [Disclaimer: I am not an expert! If you are a history nerd and intend to make everything super historically accurate, I am not the right role player for you! I love history nerds dearly, but too often I have been overwhelmed by intense partners who drown me with history and make me feel pressured to spend hours researching the era I'm rp'ing. I'm always willing to do research, but I don't want to feel overwhelmed. This is just a hobby, after all. c: On the other hand, please make somewhat of an effort to be historically accurate. Like don't have your character whip out her cell phone or hop onto her bike in a medieval role play.] Here are some pairing ideas:

    Wounded Soldier x Civilian in Enemy Country
    Soldier x Nurse
    Civilian x Soldier Living in Civilian's Home
    Nurse/Civilian x Enemy Soldier
    American Soldier/Civilian/Whatever x Native American
    Mermaid x Human [This is one of the only fantasy rps I will do. I'm pretty picky with this one, too, because I've had a lot of bad experiences with it. Also, I usually like to do this in the same general setting/time period as The Little Mermaid, lolz.]

    Remember that time I said I don't do most scifi/fantasy? Weellllll there is one exception to that. I've had this gifted plot for years, and every time I've whipped it out, I've had a TON of fun with it. I've only ever done it as a group role play, but I don't do group rps anymore. So I would like for you to play one or more NPCs for me. I will also be playing multiple characters. PM me if you're interested! c:

    Feel free to suggest anything!

    IMPORTANT! Please PM me rather than post on the board. Also, when you PM me, please answer these questions and save us some time!

    1. What genre(s)/pairing(s) are you interested in?
    2. Do you have a preference as to what gender you play?
    3. Do you prefer PM or thread? (I, personally, have no preference.)
    4. What are your thoughts on character sheets? (I do not require them, but I don't mind making them.)

    I look forward to hearing from you! c:
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  2. I have a few ideas, and would like to hear your own. PM me with some your ideas, please.
  3. Just edited ~
  4. I would love to rp with you, I could go for your modern or Medieval ^-^

    Pm me if your still looking for someone ^^
  5. I'm still looking! Really in the mood for some romance/adventure role play.
  6. I'm very interested :) specifically in your spy x prince/princess idea. Will PM you!
  7. Pm me about the Knight x Princess plot, maybe? c:
  8. I just edited my genres because I have a very specific craving right now. Haha. I'm not taking many other role plays at the moment... I already have several going. Maybe just one for this craving, and I'll be all set!
  9. Updated! It doesn't look super pretty. Editing on my phone is a pain. :/
  10. Forbidden romance? Hmm. I have a few ideas. PM me if you're interested. :)
  11. Hey! I'd be interested in the medieval or modern. I have an idea or two for both.
  12. Just edited and added a genre ~
  13. I just majorly updated everything! Woohoo! Looking to broaden my horizons a bit.
  14. TBH: I'm sort of craving my gifted plot right now... Does no one do that anymore? I haven't seen a lot of interest in gifted in general.
  15. If you are that excited for it, it might be worthwhile to give people a bit more information about the story. "Gifted" roleplays can cover quite a scope. Are these gifted individuals working for a country? Trying to escape a lab/facility? Trying to save the world from a monumental evil? Trying to destroy the world? How are they gifted? Do they have psychic powers? Magic powers? Superpowers? Super brains with no true supernatural powers?

    Since you already have an established plot that (presumably) isn't going to change, people likely aren't going to want to commit without knowing whether or not it would be something they'd enjoy. A bit more information may be just what you need to spur a tentative observer into action. :D
  16. Just gonna throw out a quick bump ~ I'm pretty much caught up on all my RPs and could still handle one or two more, haha.
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