Adventure Roleplay with Poncho

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    Poncho: Hello~ I'm Poncho a Travelling Cat who is looking for a companion that will accept me and go on an adventure around the world and maybe even find treasure. As you know I am also capable of handling Magic and Sorcery and I only can talk to people through telepathy.

    But we must be careful for there might be dangers lurking around whenever we go. But anyways I shall wait for you at "Kingdom Of Haearith" When you are ready.

    "Kingdom Of Haearith"

    Me: Oh god XDD but anyways it's just an Idea I got but if you are willing to join her you can by sending me a Character sheet through PM and we shall start. During the Beginning of the Thread where they first met you can start by anything you want like fighting men at the gates or walking around the markets maybe even almost getting into jail and help you escape! But yea you can also make an introduction too if you want. ^^ Btw if you want to change or request a plot you can! and I shall go along with it.

    Species: (Human or others)
    Appearance: (Picture if available)
    Past Life (History or bio):

    What do you think of Poncho? (Hehe XDD I just added it cause I want too)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.