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  1. I am looking for people to join an adventure RP with a bunch of races slammed into he same world. This RP will have everything in it. I am looking for this to be a long term role play. You will need to make an easy character sheet it is in the link listed below. Also the plot is listed out and the detail of the three worlds is listed. Please read and post with your character.

    Here is the link I am excited to see this Rp take off I am looking for people who will post at least a paragraph in the rp...
  2. need 2 more adventurous Rpers
  3. hi i have a question. is the time period strictly medieval? (bows, swords, etc) or is the a wide range of technology? I am interested in joining I just want to make sure I have all the information correct before I do anything.
  4. Should I still post the character sheet on that page if I want to join? I ask that Since it has already started.
  5. Hi! I've been here a while and I think I might know why you're having trouble getting people. See, the way the system functions smoothest is when you post an OOC thread, containing everything that isn't actually RP, and then an IC thread that only contains the RP proper. I know that a lot of my people like myself never look in the RP section, we only search through the OOC threads. You can make one in a few moments by just copy-pasting your OOC info, and then you'll be on the right page for people to find you. ^^ Good luck!
  6. sorry guys it is anything goes weapons I would prefer being a little dated. Also please post character sheets on the RP sight .. Also thank you will do that.
  7. I guess you didn't know I responded to you. Anything goes but I do prefer the midevil aspect
  8. I guess you didn't know I responded... Fill out your character sheet in the main thread for now I will change things around. Leaned some things today.
  9. hey sorry I have been busy. working on a character now. I will put the character sheet up soon on the main thread
  10. please look at the OCC thread we will be changing all OOC to there
  11. Interested. I may make a character later.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.