Adventure game style RP anyone?

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  1. Yes, hello. Hopefully you've heard of old school text based Adventure Games, but if you haven't, I'll give you an idea of what it's about.

    Text-based adventure games were an old style of gaming that originated on the PDP-10. The general idea is that you have your character, and you interact with the world through various text commands. For example, you may be in a room, and there's a key on the table. You would type "Pickup key" or something similar and you'd be able to pick it up. Now some games would script it even further, and let you use pretty much every command with each object (within reason). For example, you could then take that key and maybe type "eat key", and it would write out something ridiculous about your character eating the key and how not-so-delicious it was.

    This is the kind of game I wanna roleplay. A cooperative test-based adventure with no limitations (within reason).

    I decided to put the prefix "Epic Quest", because the quest and how epic it is depends entirely on the choices you make. The way I'll be going about this in a group is that you guys post your suggestions for the next course of action, and once 2/3 of the people vote, if there isn't an agreement I'll pick the most interesting one. For example, let's say your character is in a room that has two exits besides the one you just entered from. There's a ladder, and a door to your left. If two people say left, and one person says the ladder, then I'll go left. I want you guys to discuss your reasoning for your actions too. Say you decide it would be a really good idea to melt down your broadsword and make it into a potion. Discuss with your teammates as to why you think that could possibly be a good idea.

    So yeah, post here if you're interested. I want to get at least 3 people to join up, and then we can start. After I start, anyone else is welcome to join, and I'll keep the link to the new thread in this one.