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  1. So I'm curretnly working on an adventure combat rp.

    The basics of the story is simply, three worlds linked together through portals. The three worlds are the same but different in how they progressed. One world is technology driven, one is magically driven, and the last is naturally driven.
    A cataclysmic event (still working out what) causes the three worlds to suddenly come together, entire areas ripped out of one world and thrust into another.

    Our characters would be traveling to figure out what has been causing this, going to each world in an attempt to learn and ultimately fix the issue that arose from this. Along the way they fight beasts, including elemental super beings gone crazy from their homes suddenly being ripped up, frightened groups banded together and fighting any who get close because its the 'end of the world', and even gods.

    The rp itself will run using the dice system (dont know the dice system? dont worry I'm in the process of researching which of the systems are the most simplistic and easy to use) There will only be one kind of dice also, so no need to bust out any dnd collections of dice (I'm thinking a d20 (20 sided dice))

    Each of our characters will level up and gain new skills talents and strengths

    So yea, giant elemental beings, fighting gods, and extremely tense moments of being at one hp thus seeing every enemy including the small (but evil) newt as if they were a giant over powered boss. Whats not to love? (well that last one may not happen as chances are someone will have a 'heal' ability)

    Anyway thoughts? (I'm still in planning so some of this is liable to change)
  2. I LOVE IT. Whenever this starts I'm ready to jump in face first :D
  3. Count me in!
  4. This sounds epic!! I am totally in!!
  5. Sounds fun. I'm in!
  6. Ok so I've got the dice picked, now I'm pretty much just working on the actual rp information. I should have the rp posted sometime tomorrow
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  7. Definitely interested!
  8. Okay ooc thread is up and pretty much the only thing left is thinking of physical attack skills
    Will pm people (since I'm aware that some people dont 'watch' the interest check thread)

    Location of rp
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