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  1. Sup my homies! Zizi here looking for a role play or two. Check out my role play resume to get a better feel for more. I’ll just throw out the basics here. But I have quite a bit of free time on my hands so I’d like to say I get on every day. I’m looking for someone long term that’s fairly active. Once a day to a few times a week. Longer than a week and I regret to say I tend to loose interest. I will always try to let you know if a reply will be more than three days to a week late, all I ask is the same. I’ve only even been able to keep onexone’s going so that’s what I’d prefer but I would absolutely love to get into a group RP.

    LOVE OOC CHATTER. Through PM’s is what I prefer but I do have MSN and AIM. Lets me know if you don’t like something or you have an awesome plot twist idea. Or if you just wanna talk and become friends! On going plottage is a must. Also looking for someone to contribute to the plot. I don’t like to carry the plot by myself. I usually give big replies. Quite a few paragraphs in fact but no means do you have to match me. All I ask is that you give me something of equal quality. I know this sites frowns upon stating a length for a reply but giving me a one liner after I’ve given a 2-3 paragraph reply is a sure way to make me loose interest.

    I like to double up on characters since I have so many in my head. Or triple? I feel a well played cast can absolutely add to the arch of a story. It’s something I like to do, not a must. Gore, violence, action, drama, adventure and cursing? Bring it! Epic adventure with wars, murders, twists and turns? Love that stuff like a fat kid loves cake. Just don’t kill off or maim my babies unless I give you permission. That being said something needs to be happening in the role play. Characters just talking with no real plot direction will put me to sleep. I like dark, gritty, dangerous, adventures with deep real characters and a splash of humor to lighten the whole thing up. That’s an awesome role play pie right there.

    Genera’s and other stuff I like… (* means favorites)

    -*Fantasy anything.
    -So modern and historical fantasy.
    -Apocalyptic… (Post works also) It has yet to actually work out for me but it is something that interests me so I’m willing to keep trying!
    -Vampires. (God not the sparkling kind. I can’t stress that enough. >8[ )
    -Anthro (where I got my role playing start!)
    -Totalitarianism. I have a huge massive back story for this set in a futuristic setting. Government ruling a suppressed city. The city fights back.
    -Space pirates.
    -Angels and Demons.
    -Treasure hunters

    Um not big on fandoms so I shall not name any. Though I do love playing with-in those realms, I don’t play canon characters.

    I almost always move the story around a character. It’s rare that I make new characters, so I usually like to bring in my well developed characters along. So while I have genres I like, here’s characters I’d like to play. By no means are these the only people I want to play! I have so many more characters so suggest away!

    Lostpaw is a feline druid. She doesn’t remember who she is or where she came from. I’m not sure about the finer points of any real plot but I’d like to at some point have her find out who she really is. Medieval setting only for her. **I’m really wanting to play this plot.**

    Laiu Deeprain an elven ranger. Always in company of her ever faithful husky dog, Baku. She’s also blind. Despite all her hard ships she’s actually warm tender soul, with a cheery out look. Naïve in many ways also timid around people. Medieval setting as well here.

    Bat shit insane werewolf anyone? Kezan is an alpha lycan with severe aggression issues and aspirations for world domination. My hazel eyed wolf is a Scorpio and loves ripping people in to ribbons, quoting Shakespear, and howling at the moon. Is quite intelligent but has a fiery temper. Does not like cats. (I would love to have him in something that challenges him. Aka he cannot kill the person he ends up with. Plot to be determined but be for warned. He’s my villain and quite insane.)

    Theres more I’m sure. Just ask if it’s not here! I might be interested!
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  2. Hmmm.... Helping Lostpaw find where she came from sounds kind of interesting... Not really sure what action you want to get out of it, but I think you can sign me up on that one :3

    Something along the lines of war, racism and bandits making it hard for certain people to go from one place to another?
  3. Awesome! I am totally up for Lostpaw's adventure. I have a sorta plot idea (which we can totally build on), after being saved by a barbarian clan and nursed back to health she becomes a letter currier between the settlements. I say barbarians but I imagine them more like the Nords in Elder Scolls or the Orc's of World of Warcraft. People who value combat and honor.

    Anyways because of Lostpaws combat prowess she carries secret important information. Because of that yes there could be a likely hood of a war happening between clans or other races! And since there are other races racism is a given. :D And bandits? Yes. Need lots of highway men and such trying to rob people.

    I wont tell you her entire back ground but it was a war between the reclusive druids and a far more dangerous threat that was the catalyst that lead to Lostpaw's amnesia.
  4. Noble warriors of honor you say? Like the Orcs of warcraft, you say? Well, I've got a bunch of Orcs of my own :3 They're big, green and honorful, like most Orcs, but they've got some small differences. But yeah, almost Warcraft Orcs! And I can be one of those :3

    So Lostpaw is gonna be a messenger for the Orcs and Goblins then. Because she's bigger than the Gobbies, and faster than the Orcs, I suppose :P

    So, is that all of the plot you've got planned, or is there more?
  5. Haha yes! I love the lore behind the Warcraft Orcs. I used to play Horde side for about 5 years and on my rp server Lostpaw was a Tauren feral druid. I changed this plot idea to be separate from the game since I thought it would be hard to find someone wanting to play within the WoW universe. If we want to role play WoW (which I will love you forever if we do) I have a bit more on Lostpaw. She was found near death near Spliertree Post in Ashenvale. She would be a messenger of the Horde and only trusts what she considers "true Horde races" aka the Tauren, Orcs and Trolls. She could probably tolerate Goblins but those prancy Blood Elves and distrustful Forsaken? Nah, not a chance. Oh and she hates the Alliance races with a passion.

    But yes that's about all I have planned. I love to plot with my partners so I tend to leave room for that. Which ever route we take (Warcraft or different world), she could be paired to travel with your character or they meet along one of her travel routes. I'm thinking she could be carrying plan of an attack which the opposing faction wants badly. Or a weapon or war that would turn the tide in the conflict. From there it could be the group trying to stay ahead of the enemy or fighting to get back what was stolen. Along the way I'm thinking they meet someone briefly that knows Lostpaws past. They tell her to follow clues, going to different regions to find clues to what happened to her. All while protecting the vital information from the enemy.

    what happens and where they go I leave up to plotting. :D

    Also if we play in the Warcraft Universe and we want the option to play out a romance, I can happily change Lostpaw to a troll druid. I'm not saying a romance should be planned because I like to role play that sort of thing out. In role plays I do like leaving that option there. And honestly a tauren and an orc coupling just... is off in my mind. Tauren and tauren is okay. But yea not tauren and orc. I love trolls too anways so it's not a big deal for me.
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  6. I'm okay with essentially playing in the world of Warcraft. :3 Though, due to me not knowing the Orcs all that much, I might fill in the blanks a bit with my own stuff XD

    As for plot idea: The idea about her carrying some weapon plans could work well! Having to take it from one Horde outpost to another, with a larger quantity of Goblins :P And along the way, she can meet a certain greenskinned warrior, just wandering around on some ADVENTURES of his own. And because of many Alliance people/beasts/bandits/whatever, she recruits him along with her or something?

    Also: She was found dead? So... She's a undead Tauren? o.o
  7. Lol no she was near death. She was found before that happened and nursed back to health. Undead tauren would be interesting but no.

    I remember quite a bit on the lore but I love the idea of adding in your own stuff. A story is always better when you add your own twists anyways. I love the idea of how they could meet. Maybe he could come upon the caravan and Lostpaw as their being attacked or he meets them and travels with them helps fend off an attack and Lostpaw recruits him?

    Should I keep her a tauren druid or should I change Lostpaw into a troll druid? It wont change her past or how she currently feels.
  8. Alright, I'll fill in the blanks with my own twisted ideas then :P

    Also, just because I'm in furry rps doesnt mean I like furries! D:<
    It means I love them! :3
    So I don't mind a Tauren at all X3

    And the idea of "My Orc" finding Lostpaw's caravan under attack sounds like a good start for me :D

    Yay!! Okay then. This is Lostpaw (head shots of course and random kitty whom I cannot remember the connection with her :/) Unless we have other ideas or questions I'll start writing the intro a little tonight. But since tomorrow is Mothers Day I might be too tired from work to finish it till Monday. (I work as a server and it's going to be hella busy at my restaurant.)
  10. Thanks everyone for looking but I have a lovely plate full of tasty role plays! I'm going to close up shop for now!!
  11. He-he-hey, I understand :P
    I've been in the food biz myself. Some days are damn busy!
    But I shall await your postings!
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