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  1. Greetings ladies, gentlemen and everything in between, my name is Moloch, but you can also call me Moly.
    I am a twenty-two years old male, who is looking for a partner that would bring him back to the world of roleplaying. I used to roleplay quite a lot, but due to lack of free time and other real life issues, I had to stop. Now, when the issues are no longer an issue (what a terrible sentence) and free time is actually something I have too much of, I decided to start with roleplaying once again. These things said, I think I can consider myself a casual roleplayer able to write numerous paragraphs (300-1000 words per post) of decent quality. Writing less than a few sentences would really hurt my ego. Usually, I just try to mirror whatever my partner gives me (again, it’s the ego thing).
    In terms of activity, I am able to respond at least every other day and numerous posts per day aren´t uncommon.

    Now that we spoke a little about my favorite topic (me!), let´s move to another topic, you.
    Like I said, I am looking for a partner that can give me at least as much as I will give to him. I also want my partner to be active, not just a passive actor who can only react to my character´s actions. Partner should be also willing to help carry the plot a little. I have been in too many RPs when I was the one making things up and my partner just enjoyed the ride. It’s quite exhausting. Come with your own twists and side characters!
    Also please tell me when you are going disappear for a while. I know that real life can be a bitch, but hey, it’s polite to say when you are out for a week.

    We have talked a little bit about me and little bit about you, I think it’s a time to talk a little bit about the RP!
    As the name implies, I am looking for an adventure kind of plot. By an adventure, I mean the classical journey around the world, where we would meet some interesting people and do some interesting stuff. It doesn´t have to be an epical journey of young heroes saving the world from evil powers, rather a story about pair of scoundrels trying to survive and maybe even profit in an unforgiving world.
    The unforgiving world part is also very important. The tittle says adventure and world-building and both things are equally important to me. I have always enjoyed creating my own races and nations with their own history and culture and I tend to project it into my RPs quite a bit. I enjoy making backstories for places and characters in my RPs and I would be very glad if I could find a partner who does the same.
    These things said, I prefer the fantasy and post-apo settings the most, but I don´t mind sci-fi settings or various punks.

    I should also talk about a romance, as it’s quite popular in here. I personally don´t mind romances, but they have to be developed naturally (I hate love on the first sight) and shouldn´t be the main focus of the roleplay. Even if the romance really occurs, I am more into love/hate relationships and never really go all sweet with it.

    So... did I peak any interest?
  2. I don't think we'd blend well as RP partners, but if you ever want to collaborate on some worldbuilding shenanigans, stop by the Guild!
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