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  1. Hi there!
    I'm new here so that's why I'll be playing one on one for a while.
    I wish to play some kind of a romantic story with loads of humour and adventures, kickass plot and drinking.
    Yes, drinking.
    It will be something medieval or fantasy, in a final fantasy tactics-like setting.
    Let's go!

    My Main Character Info: Her name's Sierra Arcanum, and she is a loup garou - a human that can transform into a wolf. If you wish to see her complete bio and picture, please check my character album or search for "Sierra Arcanum" in the character sections ^^. You can also check my profile and resume to see my playing style.

    If you wish to play with me:
    Your character must be an opposite of Sierra. Wich means: either a serious/cold badass sexy person OR some goofy/shy/intelligent/easily annoyed/funny and/or cute person. Your choice.
    It can be male or female, I don't care.
    It can be a human or an anthro as long as it isn't completely furry.

    The plot will be decided here once someones agree to play with me. Depending on your character, I will be a passive or agressive player.
    Thank you for your time!
  2. Yes, I'm interested. You had me at 'drinking'. ;)

    I'm thinking of two characters:
    1. A dark-skinned, tantalizing beauty. She stems from a tribe of desert-warriors, she rides that weird bird which is my profile-pic. Her culture has an outspoken hate for everything walking on all fours. From horses, lions to dogs. Only men and creatures evolved enough to walk on two legs are respected.
    2. An elderly nobleman - with white goaty, castle, the lot - has just lost his wife. It feels like part of him died with her. Now he might need something lively, hot-tempered in his life. Of course that new impulse has to be human, female and preferably a bit docile. That's just how his women always have been. Familiarity is so very comforting. Oh wait, he needs some life back into his dreary day.
    These are the first rolls popping up in my head. I'm sure if you give me a couple of moments I will come up with some more.

    Reason for my reaction? I'm new here as well. Have been play by posts years ago, and now I'm looking to get back into it. I won't post every day. Probably thrice a week max. February will mean a big lapse in my play, as my baby-boy will be born around then. Just so you know.

    Let me know whether you're up for some 1on1-ing.

    ciao, Maurice
  3. @Gorgoniy: Greetings, friend!

    Your character ideas are amazing, but I'm stuck of who I should choose.

    The first seems great because Sierra is EXACTLY of what this character hates: She is a wolf.It would be a very interesting plot device.
    However, the second character seems to be that kind of neat and honorable man that would never work with Sierra because
    she is the opposite of the women he is comfortable with. But that's exactly why they would make the perfect match, a contrasting one at that: Sierra is wild and cannot be tamed easily.

    And haha, I know that feeling! I used to RP a lot too, a while ago, and now I'm back to my roots at that. Don't worry with the posting regularity, take your time.
    And congratulations for you child! My best wishes for you an your family!
  4. hahaha... I meant to offer you a tough choice. I believe both routes will create great gameplay. Of course I meant them to both clash with your character. It was one of your requests after all.

    Just think about it and let me know. If you're ready, just tell me where we'll start our story. If you want me to set the stage, that would be fine too. I'm sure we'll rock this joint! *cheekily grins*
  5. Yeah!
    Well, I guess I'll go for the nobleman for now. It will be so much fun to see him trying to tame her somehow!
    I'll let you set the plot! (:
  6. Of course!
    I posted there. Were settled!
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