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A booming horn erupted throughout the docks, announcing to the world of the impending voyage to the mysterious seven seas. The dock-hands and crew of the Enlightenment cheered and hollered, excited for the adventure they all signed up for.

The Enlightenment was newly designed submarine ship that was developed by the main genetic technology company, Gene-Essense. The ship, about 400 feet long, ran completely on recirculated sea water through its massive engines, able to push through whatever obstacles the sea had. It was sleek in design, a blue steel coloring, with the upper ship part made completely out of see through material for all to view the open seas, but unable for the outside world to see within the ship.

It hovered on the water, a constant low hum sound buzzing, as the crew carried boxes of supplies inside up the ramp and into the ship. They wore a grayish jumpsuit, form-fitted, and had emergency flashing lights on the shoulders. Each had a different reason for joining the crew. Some were criminals, others were poor, some were volunteers from Gene-Essense, while others were scientists.

They knew the basic plan of their voyage. To roundup aquatic species and hold them for programming. Nearly all of the Earth was adapted and developed in this new alien technology introduced a thousand years ago. All species changed, from humans, to elves, to orcs and even the faes. The old ways of living were long gone and all in favor for this straight-forward alien technology.

"Hurry! We only have an hour left before we ship off!" the captain announced. "The skies are clear! Wind is low! The waters are gentle for us!"

Another excited cheer erupted from the crew. The late arrivals began to crowd the entrance to the ramp of the ship, signing in with a scientist to see if their name was on the least for the hunt.
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