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  1. I'm on the hunt for one on one's again. I've made so many partner request threads that I really don't feel like giving you all of the qualifications. In short, I'm a decently advanced roleplayer, I'm in love with words and grammar, I'll post at least three lengthy detailed paragraphs but most of the time more, and try to post every other day, but the posting frequency depends on how interested in the game I am. I enjoy fleshed out characters, lots of drama and romance, and partners who throw out their own ideas to move the story along. There pretty much has to be doubling. I prefer playing one female and one male in every story to even things out. If this sounds like you, let's get to it!

    List of things I'm interested in doing at the moment:

    Harry Potter: Next Generation (I have a possible Plot)
    Group of Runaway teens or adults running from law
    High School/College (Preferably overly dramatic Degrassi styled)
    Homeless BoyxCollege Student
    Unhealthy relationships + Love triangles
    Depressed but eccentic, sought after girlxNerdy boy (very John Green, I know.)
    Bad Boy x Sheriff/President's Daughter
    Farmer's Daughter x City Boy in trouble with law forced to be a farm hand
    Cancer Patient x Cancer Patient
    Drug Dealer x Girl in Rehab
    Escaped Polygamy Girl x City Boy
    Girl in Intense Therapy x Boy in intense therapy
    Single, pregnant teen x Troubled Boy
    Runaway Girl x Homeless Boy
    Wedding Planner x Engaged Man
    Cheating Married Woman x Cheating Married Man
    Married Man x Prostitute
    Ghost x Human (Dark, American Horror Story-esque)
    Criminal x Good Girl/Guy
    Jew in Concentration Camp x Nazi's Daughter
    Bad Girl x Good Boy
    Foster Sibling x Foster Sibling
    Kidnapped Boy x Kidnapped Girl
    Romeo x Juliet (quite literally, our own spin on it)
    Closeted Girl from strict family x Eccentric sought after bisexual (only fxf pairing)
    Bonnie x Clyde
    Demi-God x Human
    Demi-God x Demi-God
    Super Hero x Super Hero
    Super Hero x Civilian
    Soldier x Girl Back Home

    And below you'll find the two plots I've fleshed out a little more

    1. The Power of Friendship (Names are changeable)
    Hayden and Candace were born best friends. Their mothers were best friends and determined to have their children in each other's lives. And though Hayden was always a rough, energetic and outgoing boy while Candace was kind and gentle, they got along perfectly. On camping trips, when they were separated and Hayden fell off a rock and broke his leg, Candace had no idea, but still screamed out in pain, sure that her own leg was broken. Their bond is almost superhuman. The story would start when they are fourteen, a couple months after Hayden sits at the kitchen table and watches his mother down enough pills to later overdose on, unsure of what to do and shocked. His father becomes an alcoholic and blames Hayden for his lovely wife's death, and so the physical abuse starts. Hayden's an outspoken boy, so when he stands up to his father, Candace's life is the one threatened instead if he ever tells anyone of his home life. So he tells Candace she's not cool enough to be his friend anymore, and cuts off communication with her entirely, making sure to change his classes and never see her, breaking both of their hearts.
    We would probably skip a couple years at that point, maybe to seventeen years old. Candace has transformed into a bit of a wild child without her best friend. Dating popular boys, smoking pot, maybe pregnant by someone who's not her boyfriend if you're okay with that. When Hayden's secret is let out and he's put into foster care, they allow him to return to the school and he has every intention of getting back into Candace's life, though they're both severely different people. The story will decide whether they can find each other and maybe even fall in love, or inevitably go their separate ways.

    2. Losing Karah (Strongly based on an unpopular MTV show)
    As an infant, Karah's babysitter kidnapped her and disappeared. She's grown up with the woman she believes to be her mother in a comfortable home where she's a wild card and permitted to do whatever she wants. Karah has no idea that her name is not her actual name, or her life is a fake. When the police catch them, Karah is seventeen, and she's ripped away from the only family she has ever known and returned to her strict biological parents and twin sister. After no time at all living with rules and people she doesn't know, Karah's ready to do anything in her power to escape back to her kidnapper, the mother she loves regardless. The doubled characters would be her twin sister, maybe her twin sisters boyfriend, and a bad boy Karah meets in her new town that gets her into more trouble than she's ever been in before, and possibly Karah's ex (to take an interest in her twin)

    3. SoL
    (Names Subject to Change)
    Sarah and Evan dated at very young ages in high school, but when Sarah came up pregnant, her strict family sent her away to her aunts for the year, where she gave the child up for adoption and returned to town, forced to dump Evan and pretend it never happened. They graduated and went their separate ways. Several years later, Sarah is contacted by her son's adoptive family and told that he has acute promyelocytic leukemia, and that they're having trouble finding a donor match. As an adult, Sarah makes the decision to test as a donor but fails. The only option aside from putting her son on the waiting list and hoping he doesn't die in the meantime is to find Evan, tell him about his son, and hope he's a match.

    4. Band Plot
    The members of Top of Rock Bottom (TRB) have been friends for years. It started in a basement, spread on youtube, and now they're moving to L.A. to be signed, start recording, and finally get their big break. This roleplay would mostly be based around the characters and their drama. Love triangles, sleeping their way to the top, drugs, tabloids, dealing with the beginning parts of fame, the rise and fall of their dreams, etc

    Message me if any of this interests you, or if you have an idea that you think I would like based on my interests!
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  2. I have a character I'd like to use for something. Maybe an idea where two friends meet up after being separated for years?
  3. Hello there. Are there any that you are craving in particular that you have listed above?
  4. @lostnfound
    I'd definitely really like to see where losing Karah goes
    But at the moment I'm equally craving the Runaway/Running from the law and drug dealer plots.
    The only ones currently closed from the list are the Upper East Side of New York and the Small Town Summer, so anything you're interested in I'd be willing to adapt to!
  5. I would be up for doing something with the runaway/running from the law idea. :)
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