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  1. Hello~!

    Hello, Sansa here! I find myself in need of a few more partners, as some of mine just aren't communicating. I'm a friendly partner who loves writing more than anything else, and I promise I can give you quality. I'm only looking for one, maybe two partners.

    Here are my requirements, please actually read them.~
    • Advanced or above only.
    • 18+ only.
    • 4+ paragraphs per reply.
    • Friendliness! :)
    • Activity--one reply every 3 days at minimum, please!
    • Confident writing style.
    • Be willing to plot with me. It's my favorite part!
    • Please send me a sample of your writing!
    Here are my pairings.
    I don't have any preference of playing male or female. MxF and FxF pairings are accepted. Bolded roles are the roles I prefer.

    Slice of Life
    • Athlete x Fan
    • Celebrity x Normal
    • Teacher x Student
    • Artist x Model
    • Interracial
    • Cisgendered x Transgendered
    • Christian x Muslim
    • Heiress x Maid
    • Brother x Sister (CRAVING)
    • Princess x Lady in Waiting
    • Pirate x Princess
    • Conquering King x Rebellious Queen
    • God x Goddess
    • Goddess x Mortal
    Thanks for reading, if you're interested PM me or reply below. Have a great day!~
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  2. Is role playing with an intermediate that's also not 18+ alright? If not, I understand.
  3. I am interested. Is there one you were really looking forward to doing?
  4. Nothing in particular. Which one strikes your fancy most of all?
  5. I was thinking the Celeb/Normal. It has been a hot minute since I have done one and it brought up good memories. haha :) I am willing to brain storm if you don't have an idea yet.
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  6. Sure, sure! Send me a PM with what you're thinking of!
  7. Hi there,

    I'm open to nabbing the Teacher x Student idea, and I can/already do meet your requirements. You'll probably have to whack me away with a stick because I talk too much! If you're still looking for partners and haven't had any PM's, let me know and we can get to work on plotting. :)
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  8. I'm no longer looking for Teacher/Student, guys. I've gotten enough responses for that. I'm really craving Princess/Lady in Waiting though!
  9. I'd love to be your lady in waiting, if you've got room for me.
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  10. Of course, darling! PM me and we can talk more in-depth about plot. <3 Thanks so much!
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  11. Goddess x Mortal Maybe?
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