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Hola! I'm Alekto, currently looking for partners to take me up on any of the below plots. But before you go any further, please go through the rules - thoroughly. Anyone who doesn't read the rules will be ignored. I'm not a mean person, I promise (quite the opposite) but I'd like to avoid wasting either of our time.

> I play characters of both genders.
> I write in third person, past tense.


> I'm looking for a writer of adept/advanced standard, capable of writing fluidly and descriptively. I don't need a novel; in fact, my own posts average between two to five solid paragraphs (but I can write far longer if inspired). Quality over quantity, always. Don't expect me to match your post length, and I will never expect you to match mine.

> In accordance with the above, I'm requesting a writing sample from any interested parties. This can be anything from an old RP post, a link to a sample on your resume, a personal work, etc. You may find samples of mine on my resume and also through searching my posts. I am also happy to offer more samples should you require it.

> Roleplays will be conducted through PMs. But I am now open to doing a thread if you absolutely cannot stomach PMs.

> If you have any limits with regard to violence, profanity, or sexual situations, please let me know before we begin the roleplay (in your initial interest message). I don't want to step on any toes. If you say nothing, I'll assume you have few to no limits.

> Because of my condition (I deal with recurring anxiety and depression), I cannot promise frequent posting. Posts can range from once every two days to once a week or longer. Do not harass me for posts; I will drop you like a hot coal on Christmas morning. I ask only for your kind patience and understanding.

> I favor plot over smut. While I enjoy romance and almost always include it in my roleplays, it will always take a backseat to the main story. Also, unless our characters have a pre-established relationship of some sort, there will be no "instamance" of any kind.

> Good communication is key. Even when I can't post, I will endeavor to keep you informed either through OOC or on my status. Please show me the same courtesy. If you ever get busy or bored, I'd appreciate a heads-up. I won't be mad, I promise.

> I want someone who will plot with me. I cannot be dragging the entire story along by myself.

> PM me if you're interested; don't post here.

> I prefer that we use textual descriptions of our characters, or a photograph/realistic illustration. No anime.



> Romantic subplot
> Gritty realism
> Military/war/conflict
> Angst/hurt/comfort
> Drama/heartbreak/grief
> Characters against overwhelming odds
> Epic action/adventure
> Conspiracy/twists
> Strong characters
> Tests of will/questioning morals
> Occasional witty banter/humor


> Medieval Fantasy
> Science Fiction/Futuristic/Sci-Fi Fantasy
> Military
> Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
> Dystopian
> Cyberpunk
> Steampunk
> Urban Fantasy
> Paranormal/Supernatural
> Horror
> Historical/Historical Fantasy
> Crime
> Mystery/Thriller
> Slice-of-Life
> Combination of any of the above



When she was in high school, she coldly and cruelly rejected the affections of a geeky, awkward, and painfully shy young man out of social pressure, wanting desperately to be accepted by the “popular” folk. It worked; she was popular for the rest of high school, bullying him who was small and skinny and who never once fought back. He eventually transferred out at the end of sophomore year. Nobody cared where he went, least of all her. She eventually went to college, but a lack of finances caused her to drop out and start looking for work wherever she could get it. Her less-than-stellar grades didn’t help, and she eventually found herself working as an exotic dancer at a popular, albeit seedy club.

One night, in comes a client celebrating his birthday with his friends. There’s something vaguely familiar about him, but she can’t quite place it at first. The man is handsome, attractive in a quiet way; and, as she soon discovers, also a brilliant tattoo artist whose clients have included, on occasion, the rich and famous. They strike up a conversation after he offers to drive her home from the club; and to her horror and embarrassment, she realizes the tall, fit and intriguing new “bad boy” is really the same person she humiliated in front of her peers so many years ago. No longer the “weird” outcast of his youth, he struggles with alcoholism, mental illness and the scars of an abusive upbringing she never knew about. Turns out, he remembers her too, and offers her a job at his tattoo parlor as the front desk receptionist. Wanting nothing more than to escape her current job, she agrees.

But her attempts to reignite a relationship with him comes with its pitfalls. Not only is he now suspicious of and somewhat hostile towards her, but his dark past isn’t quite done with him just yet, and he might need her to pull him from the road to self-destruction. High school might be over, but the bite of reality is all the harsher.

Behind The Scenes

He's the next big name in Hollywood, a heartthrob once acknowledged more for his looks than his acting talent. After defying the critics to earn himself two Oscar nominations, he takes a role in a dark, gritty movie set to film in a rural town for several months. She's a self-sufficient worker and skilled hunter who's lived in the town her entire life, eking out a humble existence when the actors and cameramen roll in. Unsure how she feels about the intrusion, she finds herself at the bar one night where she meets Mr. Hollywood, whom she doesn't immediately recognize. He's surprised at being treated like a regular person for once in his life, and the two hit it off with her showing him how she lives so he can better get into character. But what happens once filming wraps up and he has to leave?

The Court

Taking place in a fictional, historical-based setting inspired by Tudor-era England, this involves a woman of humble birth catching the interest of a power-hungry and self-serving king, who of course is initially kind and affectionate towards the object of his interest. Bewitched, the woman marries into the royal family only to face opposition at every turn. In addition, she learns about the fate of her predecessors, some of whom have been publicly executed or who rot still in the dank prison tower. A story of brutality, backstabbing and one woman's quest to survive the cutthroat politics of the court and keep a hold on her throne, even as war between kingdoms looms on the horizon.

Primal Instinct

The crew of a notoriously dramatic "monster hunting" show travel to an enormous rainforest far removed from civilization in an attempt to figure out what exactly has been causing the deaths of innocent villagers living in the vicinity. They don't expect to find anything (as usual), but still require the clips for the episode. Accompanied by an accomplished tracker and survivalist, it doesn't take long before they realize the forest somehow changes, becoming a dangerous labyrinth which the unknown creature uses as its hunting ground. As members of the crew get picked off one by one, the survivalist and one of the show's long-suffering interns soon realize they're the only ones left. Armed with only their wits, knowledge, limited supplies and a battered handheld camcorder, the imperilled duo must find their way out, or find the show's next season unfortunately cancelled.


A disillusioned soldier returns from his time overseas, carrying a heavy burden which he cannot bring himself to unload. His first step is to visit the home of his best friend and tell the man's wife that her husband has been killed in action. He tells her he'll do whatever it takes to help her rebuild her life, and, her being the kind woman she is and knowing his financial situation, she offers to let him stay with her and her young child. But the truth behind her husband's death will ignite a firestorm of scandal once revealed, and he struggles with telling the truth or letting his friend be remembered as a hero who valiantly lost his life in the face of the enemy.

For The Crown

Space fantasy inspired by various media sources such as Star Wars and Dune. On a lush planet rich with minerals and other valuable materials, our lead female is a member of the ruling house, trained from birth as a warrior-seer - one born with telekinetic ability - and as the planet's next queen. On the night before her coronation, a rival house launches a coup, killing the majority of the palace's inhabitants. The queen-to-be escapes aboard a small ship with her loyal guard-captain, who also happens to be her childhood companion and second. They must now gather allies, including former houses her family once exiled, to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

All That Glitters

When her mother, a maid to one of the city's wealthiest families, goes mysteriously missing and turns up brutally murdered a week later, a young woman decides she must get to the bottom of the mystery. Finding work as a waitress in a charity event attended by the rich and miserable, she confidently approaches her target: a young man tagged by the tabloids as one of high society's most eligible bachelors - much to his chagrin. She intends to use him as her way into the "inner circle", and he, having not encountered a woman like her before, is immediately intrigued. Too bad she intends to destroy his family from the inside out...but will a growing, genuine affection between them change her mind and lead to her telling the truth about her intent?


A new orderly begins work at a secluded asylum where she meets a disturbed patient who is convinced secret experimentation is going on under everyone's noses. Not only that, but it soon becomes evident that the patient himself might possess the ability of astral projection, which may or may not be causing or adding to the series of terrible events going on within the asylum's ancient walls. Can she truly trust the patient she's slowly becoming friends with? What will she discover about the asylum's dark history? And why are the rest of the staff members being so secretive and dismissive about everything? Just do your job, and everything will be fine.


An astronaut is detached from his shuttle during a spacewalk and is sent spiraling into open space. He eventually loses consciousness and wakes up aboard an unfamiliar craft, where a member of a humanoid, war-like alien race informs him that he is one of many who have been captured with the intent of having all of them fight for the aliens' entertainment on their desolate homeworld. The last one standing earns his freedom. In accordance with the aliens' tradition, the astronaut is paired with one of its foremost warriors who is tasked with training him for the tournament. They soon grow close, defying the laws of her people as the day of the tournament's beginning slowly approaches.


Characters I'd like to play but who don't come with any plot ideas attached.

> An ex-special forces (SAS, GROM, JTF2, GSG-9, etc.) operator, possibly for some kind of modern bodyguard-for-hire situation.
> A blind or mute assassin in a medieval fantasy setting.
> A lone, gunslinger-type character of questionable sanity traveling a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
> A smart-mouthed, smartass Han Solo/Mal Reynolds-type spaceship captain/smuggler.
> A humanoid machine/robot/android leaning how to love.
> A boxer, possibly in a sports drama-type story.


> Something set during World War II/World War II historical fantasy (yes pls)
> Military science fiction
> Creature hunters a la Supernatural or The X-Files, or human x supernatural creature
> Haunted/cursed hotel with a clueless new guest arriving
> Terra Nova-ish thing where humans live with dinosaurs
> Human agents dispatched to an abandoned Earth after humanity has relocated elsewhere
> Language barriers
> Stuff that happens in Vegas (unintentional marriage, major heist, etc.)
> A TON of other pairings and plot ideas listed on my old thread


More plots/ideas will be added as and when I think of them. Don't see something you like? Feel free to make a suggestion (hint: read my resume). Anyway! If you're interested, feel free to send a PM my way. Please be patient; this ain't a first come, first served sort of thang. Good hunting.
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