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    Hello, stranger.
    Sansa here. I know I've made a few partner requests already, some of which you may have seen, but just recently I lost one of my favorite partners. One day, they decided to leave the site and quit. I lost three roleplays and a very dedicated partner. So, naturally, I'm looking to replace what I've lost with new stories of similar or better quality with people who are just as dedicated as I am. I'm a 21-year-old college student with a bit of time on her hands, studying creative writing in the hopes of becoming a scriptwriter for television. In the mean time, of course, I need a place to exercise my creative outlet and shoot the writing breeze until graduation in 2018. I'm here in the hopes of finding someone willing to create a long-lasting, outstanding story with, who will not drop randomly. Come on, guys. We can do it.
    It is very important that you read these. I will not reply to you if you have not read my requirements. I'm not trying to be a prude, I promise, but I know what I'm looking for in a roleplay and don't want to waste either of our time. If you read these and feel like I'm not someone you would enjoy writing this, feel free to close this tab, but thanks for clicking anyway!
    • YOU MUST be 16 years or older.
    • YOU MUST put forth considerable effort into plot-building. Don't make me do most of the work. It should be 50/50.
    • PLEASE be a confident, quality writer. Bonus points if you send me a writing sample.
    • DO NOT be a females-only roleplayer. If you aren't willing to play both genders, you do not have the versatility I am looking for.
    • PLEASE reply once every ten days at least, unless you notify me stating otherwise.
    • UNDERSTAND that I am a college student and may not reply for days at a time. Be patient. If I've lost interest, I will tell you.
    • FORUM THREADS ONLY. I do not RP over private messages, email or Skype.
    • YOU SHOULD give 3-5 paragraphs per response, or more, depending on the scene.
    • DO NOT reply here if you are only half-interested. I'm looking for people who aim for finishing roleplays instead of dropping them.
    • BE OPEN to formatting your posts. I'm an aesthetic junkie, what can I say. (I don't mind teaching you how!)
    • YOU MUST be friendly! I don't enjoy writing with strangers. I don't bite, promise! Skype is optional.
    • YOU MUST have good grammar and spelling. Give this post a rating if you read these requirements.
    • BE WILLING to send a writing sample. I will do the same for you, should you ask it of me.
    What I Offer.
    Of course, it's not fair to ask so many things of you without telling you what I can offer in return. That would be ridiculous. Below I've compiled a list of things I can bring to the table, should you choose to roleplay with me.
    • Friendliness. I'm very easy to get along with.
    • Plot cooperation. Plotting is my FAVORITE.
    • Advanced/Prestige writing level.
    • Solid, strong replies. I write 4-8 paragraphs per response, usually.
    • Hard work. I'll dedicate myself to our story.
    • Devotion. I won't want to just drop, unless I lose interest. But that rarely happens.
    • Excellent grammar and spelling, and good flow in my writing.
    • Photoshop skills. Ohhh yes, I love making things for my stories.
    Still with me? Great. Let's move on to the good stuff, shall we?

    Original Plots.

    ~Saving Spyre~
    Steampunk, Adventure, Romance
    Sky Pirate x Partner's Choice
    This is a steampunk setting. In the country that holds the world's superpower, the king and queen have borrowed funds from the nobility to keep their crumbling economic system afloat. After many years of failing to repay the nobles for their more-than-generous offer, the king and queen are horrifically murdered by an unknown assassin, hired by one of the said nobility. Six unlikely people, our characters (three each, but this is negotiable) are found at the scene of the crime, though all of them are innocent. Together with their unique abilities and backgrounds, they must avoid the government searching for them and prove their innocence to a kingdom that believes them to be killers. However, there is perhaps a darker scheme at work. For this story, I would like the male role.

    ~The Machina Project~
    Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Tragedy
    AI x AI, or AI x Human
    Based loosely on the video game SOMA. Mankind is nearly annihilated after a massive comet collides with Earth, killing all life above the surface. All that remains is what humans placed beneath the sea in the form of research facilities. Years pass. Without food or sunlight, most of the human race dies off beneath the sea. Your character, an AI (also known as a robot), retains their mission to replenish life on earth by locating all remaining humans and encouraging them to repopulate the world. Enter my character, who would be the last human or another AI. Together they attempt to save what is lost, but the more they travel and learn about the human tragedy, the more they realize that perhaps they're the only two beings left alive. I prefer the female role for this story.

    ~Cherrybomb~ TAKEN
    Political Drama, Romance, Libertine
    Senator or President x Prostitute
    Takes place during the 1950's or 60's. Your character is a politician running for senator or president. He is in a very unhappy marriage and, against the wishes of his campaign manager and a sober mind, he seeks the company of a popular prostitute in the area. He did not ask for love, but love was what he received. The two grow very close in their many encounters, but he refuses to stop seeing her despite how it could stain his career. The goal of this story is to have him divorce his current wife and marry the prostitute, and how that would effect his political career. Attempted assassinations, parties, political scandals, oh my! I would like the female role for this plot. 18+ only.

    ~Tattered Pages~ TAKEN
    Romance, Modern, Slice of Life
    Homeless x Bookshop Owner
    My character is a college student struggling to survive. She runs her mother's old bookshop in attempt to pay for school as well as her sister and brothers, but the stress is infinitely piling upon her until she feels she might collapse. Enter your character, a homeless person who finds my character's bookshop and decides to stay overnight. Upon discovery of the intruder, my character takes pity upon yours and allows him to work in the shop for pay. However, the two become very close. Drama and romance ensue. I would like the female role here.

    Game of Thrones (craving!)
    The Last of Us (craving!)
    The Walking Dead (craving!)
    BBC's Sherlock
    Harry Potter

    Various Pairings/Other.
    Historical Fiction (craving!!!!!)
    Treasure Hunters (craving!)
    Arranged Marriage (craving!)
    Age Gap Relationship
    Interracial Love
    Cisgendered x Transgender
    Knight x Queen
    Princess x Lady in Waiting
    Medieval Fantasy

    Thanks for reading. Reply here or PM if you're interested.
    Have a wonderful day!
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    i'd be down for cisgendered x transgender
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    I'm actually loaded on RP's at the moment, but if you've got an idea PM me <3
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    I'll try to think of something up then :P
  5. Talk about love at first sight! I would love to do a TWD or TLOU role-play! (▰˘◡˘▰) I'll PM you. (Decided to give your post a little bump while I'm at it, lol ♡ )
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  6. I've been wanting to do a steampunk story. I see you have one above. If you are open I would like to brainstorm with you about it.
  7. I'm looking for a few more!
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