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I'm currently on vacation but I wanted to gauge interest for this particular plot blurb before I get home. I'm currently typing on my phone, so apologies for the crap formatting. To all those wonderful partners I owe replies to, I'll get working on them soon as I'm back!


(Copypasta'd from my old thread. Anyone who doesn't read the rules will be thoroughly ignored, thanks. This is not me being mean, but it's only respectful.)

- I'm only looking for one partner to fill this.

- This will be taking place through PMs. I like my privacy.

- I really don't care if MC is male or female. You pick one gender for YC, I'll take the other. Both characters will be in their late twenties.

- I'm looking for an adept/advanced writer - that means little to no spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, and the ability to write fluidly and descriptively.

- I don't have a post length requirement save for no one-liners; write whatever you're comfortable with, whether that be one paragraph or ten. That being said, don't expect me to match your post length. I won't force myself to write more if I can't. My average ranges between two to five paragraphs, longer if inspired. I will never expect you to match my post length, either.

- I have a life, personal issues, and other roleplays to attend to, so don't expect me to reply five times a day. Sometimes, I'll be able to reply once a day. At other times, once a week (or longer, depending on circumstances). If you harass me for replies, I'll put you on ignore. It's that simple. I won't tolerate OOC rudeness.

- Sometimes, things just don't work out. If so, I'll let you know. If you're going to get pissed if I decide to drop, particularly if it's during the first few posts, don't contact me. Likewise, let me know if you lose interest.

- PM me if interested. DON'T POST HERE.


YC had a seemingly perfect childhood; growing up in a quaint, picturesque little town, they had a set of loving parents and a cherubic sister two years their junior. They also had a best childhood friend, MC, who lived next door and would often come over to play. However, days after YC's twelfth birthday, their parents tell them the awful news that their sister has been killed in a terrible accident. Refusing to elaborate any further, they take YC and move to the city, where they stay for the next ten years until another accident claims the lives of both parents. In the five years after their parents' deaths, YC struggles with depression and paying rent, their job as a writer only earning them a meager income. Finally, coming across an old photograph of the family together just over fifteen years ago - in "happier" times, YC decides to pack up, sell their apartment and return home.

After a long journey, YC heads to the near-empty local diner for a hot meal only to find that MC now runs the place. Strangely, MC behaves in a cold and aloof manner towards their former best friend, as if questioning YC's decision to move home. Not only that, but the town seems more run-down and eerie than YC remembered it, and the townsfolk more secretive...as if something had gone awry in the years YC had been away. YC eventually convinces MC to rent them a room in MC's family house (where MC now lives alone), insisting that they are here to stay. Not three days later, a couple's bodies are discovered, horribly mangled, in the apple orchard bordering the town. YC decides to write a book based on the killings, to which MC harshly disapproves. MC even offers YC a mildly threatening warning: don't dig too deep - you might end up getting buried. When local law enforcement abruptly cuts the investigation short, YC eventually starts to realize that something is, in fact, very wrong with their town and its inhabitants, and that MC knows much, much more than they are letting on.

(You can choose to discuss further details with me, or you can have me surprise you, learning the truth as your character does. Your choice.)

This roleplay will likely contain:

- Dark/disturbing themes
- Adult situations (though romance is strictly a sub-plot; this is, first and foremost, a horror story)
- Gratuitous violence/gore
- Abuse
- Supernatural occurrences/monsters
- Moral tug-of-war
- Angst/hurt/psychological torment

...and other not-so-fluffy things.
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