(Advanced) Hail Gunslinger! (Dark Tower Verse search, looking for Male Main Character)


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  • Hello! I will not deny that Dark Tower is my obsession. I absolutely love the world and I feel that there are a million things that could be done with it. However, finding a partner for it is damn near impossible. -Insert sad face here- So here I am, again, on a mission to find someone who would be interested in doing a roleplay!

    Currently, I have a birthday, graduation, a promotion, and a kiddo getting ready to fly the coop. Needless to say, I'm older than 18, which is why I would prefer my partners to be over the age of 18 as well. No offense, but I don't feel comfortable with vulgarity and violence around young, impressionable minds. This also means that for the next few weeks my time online is a bit limited. I can guarantee one post a week at minimum. I can probably do more, but one is all I will promise.

    I am an advanced writer who is always looking to improve. I am searching for someone who is advanced or beyond and will help me push myself. Creativity isn't the issue. I always have hundreds of ideas. My biggest issue is laziness with my writing.

    I am a sucker for romance! I would love it if the plot could include romance, but it's not necessary.

    That being said, I would love to find someone who has no problem contributing and throwing in their own little twists and turns in the story.

    Knowledge of the books, the universe, and the lore is a must. Granted, I have a nifty little cheat sheet (Actually, it's a book.) but I would still like it if my partner had some info. I'm more than willing to share though!

    There are factors that I would like to include, and a handful I would love to exclude. Blaine the Pain is an iffy. I might be convinced to include him, but I'd would definitely like to leave him out. Todash, doors, various whens (Including our own), The Crimson King, and billybumblers are in. The Grays and Pubes, and the wolves are out.

    I have a few plots that I've already thought up, but I'm more than willing to come up with something new.

    I'm iffy about the movie-verse. Honestly, I didn't mind it but I know most people absolutely hated it. If the movie is more your thing, we can discuss something.

    To sum up what I'm looking for:
    • An advanced writer comfortable with 4 or more paragraphs.
    • Someone who can reply at least once a week. (More is welcomed and I will try to get responses out as frequently as I can.)
    • Familiar with the books/lore
    • Doesn't mind violence, gore, and all the fun stuff!
    • Contributes to the story
    • Bonus if you don't mind an Idris Elba FC (I'm kidding! Or am I? >_>)
    If you're interested, feel free to drop me a line here or send me a PM.

  • Character: Victoria Dean

    Starting Location: New York City, New York, 2017
    Counterpart: Grandson of Roland Deschain (Age Range 25-35)
    Foe: Randall Flagg (Man in Black)
    Setting: Post-Cannon

    Cannon ending scenario- This roleplay will be based loosely on the events of the books as they played out. Susannah, Eddie, and Jake return to the Keystone world as they did in The Dark Tower, while Roland enters the tower and begins his journey anew. However, during his new journey with his Ka-tet Eddie, Susannah, and Jake make it to the tower along with Roland. Believing that their task has been completed, and their mission to save the tower and the remaining beams is a success, the trio return to our world to live out the remainder of their lives. Similar to the story, Eddie and Susannah marry and have a family with Jake becoming their ‘brother’ to the rest of the world. Their story is buried away, and as they continue their lives on Earth, their memories of their travels in Mid-World begin to fade away until all that remains are vivid dreams of a man with jaded blue eyes and the echoes of gunfire.

    The family grows with Eddie and Susannah adopting children, and Jake Dean marrying and having children of his own, and his children growing, marrying, and having children of their own. Mid-World has become a figment of the elder Deans imaginations, tales that they tell their grandchildren at bedtime to help them drift off to sleep with visions of gunslingers and fair maidens as fodder for dreams. The Dean children grow to scoff at the yarns spun by the elders of their family, all but Victoria Dean, Jake’s granddaughter. From the day the girl could remember her dreams, the tales of Mid-World and the forlorn figure of Roldan Deschain became solid, untouchable forms of a reality she was certain existed. For her, the stories weren’t part of her family’s imagination, but a part of her family’s legacy. The rest of the family, the elder Deans included, laughed off the idea that Mid-World existed, and that Roland Deschain was anything more than a larger-than-life idol they’d concocted to guide them through their lives, but Victoria could not be swayed. She claimed to hear the todash chimes, a sound so beautiful they burrowed into her brain until she felt as if her head would implode. She swore she could find doors standing at random places; in allies, in the middle of the hallways of her school, standing without a frame to hold them in place and beckoning her to open them. She even proclaimed that a man with jaded blue eyes and sandalwood handled guns strapped to his hips haunted her dreams.

    Fearing that the girl had become too infatuated with their stories, and worried that it would lead to a mental breakdown if they continued to contradict her beliefs, they sought out the help of doctors who diagnosed her with schizophrenia. After a while, and under the effects of heavy medication, Victoria began to believe she was insane, that she’d allowed herself to be caught up in the stories of her family and twisted her own reality around to turn them into reality. The doors and chimes all stopped, no longer taunting her. Even the blue-eyed man had gone from her dreams, confirming for her that her family was right and she was suffering from a serious mental illness rather than being part of a grand story of adventure.

    And then one day it happened again, only this time there was no mistaking her visions for the insane wanderings of a sick mind. On her way to class one morning, the world rippled around her, putting the young woman in a state of panic. Closing her eyes tightly she tried to convince herself that it was all in her head, but as her eyes opened before her stood a door. Standing on the other side of the door when it finally opened was a man with pale blue eyes and a pair of sandalwood revolvers strapped to his hips.


    On the other side of reality in Roland’s world, Roland returned to the world that was no longer dying. Like the rest of his Kat-tet, he believed that the battle for the Dark Tower was over and that the Crimson King had been banished away to never be heard of again. He never truly found peace, but he settled down the best that he could. He took up with whatever woman would have him, siring countless bastards that would never claim the Deschain name; with the exception of one. The son that Roland claimed was nothing at all like his father, but there was no denying that the blood of Eld ran through his veins. Together the two began to seek out more gunslingers and slowly work on restoring Gilead. Unfortunately, Roland did not live to see his dream of Gilead returned to its former glory come to life, leaving the task to his son and grandson to fulfill.

    Roland’s son took up his father’s mantle, becoming Dinh to the gunslingers and undertaking the momentous task of rebuilding Gilead and the rest of Mid-World. However, much like Victoria in the Keystone world, Roland’s grandson began to suffer the same malady. He dreamed of a girl with blond hair and blue eyes calling out to him, saw doors that summoned him at every turn. Unlike the Deans, his father understood that there was a reason for his son’s visions and rather than confine him to Gilead to help with the work of rebuilding, he sent him out to discover who the mysterious girl was and what importance she had.


    The major focus of the plot will be on Victoria, Roland’s grandson, her training to become a gunslinger, and retracing the original ka-tet's steps. I have plenty of ideas for the plot, but I’d like to work out a fleshed out plot with a partner.