Advanced derp for all your derp needs

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  1. Hullo, I'm Aion. ^^

    I'm 32, intersex, and I'm an artist and writer. I'm a shameless perv, a lovable villain, and a pretty big nerd, too.

    I've been RPing for going on 17 years now and am always interested in meeting new partners. I have a few here and there but haven't met with a long-term 'RP soulmate' in a while... Any willing sacrifices? :3 I like to truly become friends with my partners, so OOC chat is a must with me.

    I'm happy to play in group RPs but I admit to loving the one x one dynamic. I write in a highly literate novel-esque style, with intense detail and full-immersion prose that can run very long per post, and am looking for others who enjoy both reading and writing, and who RP with similar verve. I specialize in high fantasy and historical RPs, but am fairly flexible with settings. However, I only play m x m or m x h, and I play from the bottom role. I like my RP to have equal levels of plot and porn, and prefer some taboo themes, so please be over 18 years old if you wish to contact me. Check out my RP resume for deeper detail.

    Thanks for having me; I hope to make some friendships in the near future!
  2. Hi there Aion! 8D Welcome to the community~!
  3. That is some advanced levels of derp. Though we'll see if it is truly as high a level of derpiness as one derp can hope to herp derp.
  4. Hello Aion!~ You seem very interesting ^ ^

    Welcome to Iwaku, and enjoy your stay :)
  5. Hemingway: Never underestimate my derp. For it is a raiment of celestial herpitude.

    Thanks for the welcome peeps :3
  6. Then you are in good company, my celestial comrade in derp. Or maybe not. Who knows? I blame Diana.