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    You may have previously seen my one x one search thread, which has basically all of the same information in it. The difference is that I am now specifically interested in finding one or two explicitly libertine roleplays. That doesn't mean I'm doing away with my desire for good plots, just that I want a couple of roleplays that we go into expecting adult content to manifest.


    I don't like furries. I don't like toilet play or vore. I REALLY FUCKING HATE characters whose only personality trait is being submissive. I like BDSM roleplaying, but I don't believe for a single second that most submissives are so submissive that their entire lives revolve around being submissive to anyone and everyone (did I say submissive a lot? That's because these characters say it ALL THE FUCKING TIME). I'm happy to play a dominant character to your submissive, IF your character is a well-rounded individual with character traits and some degree of autonomy.

    MY FAVORITE KIND OF LIBERTINE ROLEPLAY is dominant x dominant. I like the type of relationship in which both parties are fighting for control. If you'd be willing to do something that has that dynamic with me, I'd be so stoked. This is especially fun as MxM and MxF but I'm cool with whatever.

    I don't tend to use play-bys. I don't get them when I read books, so I don't understand why a roleplay would be any different. I find that play-bys tend to be models and actors, who are beautiful perfect people with no physical flaws, which to me is not reflective of most characters. That said, if you ask me for one, I will spend hours trying to decide on exactly the right person, and I will give you an image and their name in case you want more pictures. I will not use illustrations. I will not use anime. I prefer that you don't either, especially if an "accurate image" of your character is what you're going for when you use them.

    Into some kinky shit? Let me know. I recently learned that cannibalism squicks me out, a fact of which I was not previously aware. I don't have limits in terms of sex and gore, but apparently cannibalism is where my laissez-faire attitude ends.

    Finally, I play both male and female (and all combinations of both), but for the love of all that is holy, please be a big kid and learn to be flexible. Men and women aren't so different that you can write an incredible female character, but only shitty men. I have a big problem with self-insertion and people who think that in a world with fairies and elves, only white people are plausible as characters.


    First off, I will ask for a sample. No offense; I've been really impressed by the quality of writing around here, but it's important we both know we're compatible so that we can get the most out of our experience. I'm happy to provide one as well, or you can check out the one in my profile.

    I consider myself an advanced writer. You should feel equally confident about your writing. My responses typically aren't shorter than 4 or 5 solid paragraphs unless there's nothing to work with, in which case we won't last very long anyway. Please use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and try to do more than just make your posts functional and technically correct. I like posts that are substantial, posts that contain actual effort with regards to prose and art. I don't want to write about how character A gets to point B. I want to write a real story with someone else. I will reciprocate all of the above, I promise.

    I love fandoms but don't typically do original characters (with the exception of post-canon worlds; I could be persuaded to do children of canons, etc.). I find that more often than not they are mere inserts of their writer - and I'm not exempting myself from that tendency. I'm willing to do almost any genre provided my partner is as committed to quality of writing as I am. Below are a few of my favorites. Please bear in mind that I lost most of my roleplay stuff in the years that I wasn't RPing. What's listed is what I remember, NOT all I'll do. I don't have any prewritten intros and only a couple of plots - I'd LOVE to hear yours and create new ones!

    Without further ado....

    Harry Potter (Marauders Era/Hogwarts Trio Era/Post BoH)
    Hunger Games
    Tamora Pierce (literally anything - I've read every book except the Bloodhound series)

    Game of Thrones
    Men in Black

    Disney (maybe...I hate the princesses but a good plot could fix it.)
    Anita Blake

    True Blood
    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
    Shadowhunters (books, not show or movie)

    Chaos Walking trilogy
    Please suggest more! My memory is terrible.

    Modern Western (I have a sort-of plot)
    Old Western
    FBI Agents
    Circus (modern or historical - can be combined with fantasy)

    Pirates (If you've read LA Meyer's Bloody Jack series, we'll have a good time)
    Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Rebels (I've got a tiny baby plot for this)
    Deep South Voodoo (supernatural beings - I have a sort-of plot)
    Mythology (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, Native American)
    Fairy Tales (the classics)
    Ancient Gods (Greek, Roman, Celtic, Indian, Egyptian)
    Medieval Fantasy (I have another plot I'd like to expand on)
    One Thousand and One Nights (Scheherazade x Sultan)

    Supernatural Beings (werewolves, witches, vampires, etc.)


    I swear I'm not an asshole, though it may seem that way sometimes. Unfortunately, I've been doing this a really long time, and have long found that unless I am crystal-clear about my intentions and desires, I (and potential partners) end up very frustrated. I want to enjoy my roleplays; the more I like them, the better I am at writing you a detailed, interesting post that furthers the plot. I hope you can understand that. Please know that I'm not judging anyone; I understand the differences in styles and skill level that are inherent to roleplaying. I just want to make sure we're compatible before we end up in a situation where we've bored ourselves to death, or gotten angry at one another.
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  2. If you like MxM, I'm totally interested! ;D Plus, dominant X dominant sounds like it would be a blast!

    I'm craving supernatural creatures lately, but would also be interested in your dystopian rebel plot?

    I have a writing sample in my resume, but PM me and if you need more, I can send more! My posting length varies between 3-9 paragraphs, so hopefully that's cool with you. ^^
  3. Hello! I'm interested in possibly Disney (though I know plot will depend a lot on this) also a vampire Supernatural Being plot or an FBI Agent plot.

    PM and we can discuss? :)
  4. Hello, I would also be very interested in RPing with you if you have not yet found your fill.

    I have a few ideas for a lot of the genres that fall under the 'Other' category and have some plots. I would also love to hear what you were craving.

    Briefly, I had an idea for a One Thousand and One Nights gender bent for two guys. It was a fun idea, but it is not the only thing I can think of. I also mix genders and can play both.

    I am also not against doubling up.

    Please let me know if you are still looking as I would appreciate another literate partner again.
  5. Hiya!

    Would love to hear from both of you if you want to shoot me a sample and get crackin'. I've got one in my Info tab.

    And friends, I gotta tell you, I really want something smutty. Like something explicitly developed to become smutty. Like maybe even a 60/40 smut to plot ratio. ;)
  7. Well I am interested. So I am sure I can fill in whatever you need. You can shoot me a PM. Doesn't matter what ratio it is. 60% smut and 40% plot can work quite well as well.
  8. Updated genres!
  9. Final update, unless I think of something awesome.
  10. I have been interested in doing something with Harry Potter. Care to join me on that? Perhaps something under the lines of Draco and Hermione? I have been wanting to explore that pairing.
  11. I would love to do Shadowhunters with you! I'm perfectly fine with everything you stated above, but I'm afraid I can't send PMs yet I think, so if you send me one, I can give you a sample of my writing.
  12. Hey guys, shoot me a PM with interests/samples/etc. :)
  13. Updated genres/plots