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Historical fiction/Period (primarily ancient or Victorian era), supernatural, paranormal/lite-horror, mythological, Western/early settlement, lite fantasy.
Hey guys!

So, it's October, and like clockwork, I'm craving some good storytelling and gothic fiction. :3 I'm looking for an advanced partner who likes creating and developing stories. I want to keep it mostly casual length (max. 500 words/post) but, at the same time, I know me and I might get lengthy sometimes. If you're interested and can flex your style/length/posts, please hit me up!

things to keep in mind
please don't control my character without asking​
my characters are diverse​
I work full time--post frequency may vary, and at the least: 1 post/week​
I ask that you be 20 or older--thank you!​
iff romance = mxm only​
no excessive gore--I'm all about the atmosphere, creep-factor and the unknown​

what I'm looking for
vampire x werewolf (I'd like to be the werewolf)​
haunted house (I got this craving to do a rp where we're both controlling the environment & take turns writing/controlling the characters--you think this is doable?)​
Victorian-era settings (dat atmosphere tho)​
Mythological creatures & stranded victims (there's so much folklore around the world--let's rp some lesser known creatures!)​

Sorry--I don't have a particular plot in mind but I would love to brainstorm one with you! Let's start with a simple premise and then we fluff it out with our storytelling. Thanks for considering and pm me if you're interested!