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  1. For Some History: Iwaku used to be on Proboards and they had a VERY strict Terms of Service. You were not allowed to do, talk about, say or roleplay ANYTHING that could be considered sexual or offensive. They would suspend and delete your forums if there was even one report of it.

    NOW: Iwaku is on the server. There is no TOS or limits on what sort of content can be on Iwaku. So when we opened 4.0 there were no strict rules about content. We wanted members to have the freedom to talk about anything or roleplay anything without worrying about it. We trust members to use their judgment.

    LATELY: We've had a lot of discussion going around about some comments, posting, behavior, etc going over the line of what is "appropriate". Many feel that Iwaku's lack of strict TOS is being taken advantage of, and members are getting uncomfortable. Even some newbies have been turned off from staying at Iwaku because they saw posts/convos where they didn't understand "the joke".

    So the question of discussion today is; "How much is too much?", What does Iwaku consider inappropriate and crossing the line?", "Should we have stricter TOS rules", and "Should only certain areas have a stricter TOS and others lighter TOS?"

    Our Current "Content" Rule straight from the Guide
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    The Naughty and the Scandalous!
    Iwaku is aimed towards teenagers and young adults. Know that the content and feel is at a general PG-13 rating. (That means content is only viewable for those 13 and older. NOT FOR KIDS!) Cursing is allowed. Sex and related subjects are bound to be discussed in forums and cbox. However, please use decorum and common sense! Not all members are comfortable with this sort of conduct, so respect the wishes of others if they ask for you to tone it down. Note that Iwaku is not a dating service. If you're looking for a "good time", a significant other, etc.; this is not the place.

    Do you think this is enough? Should there be more detailed rules for specifics? Or should we be more strictly enforcing this rule and count on people using their own sense?

    Current Iwaku Adult Content "Facts":
    - We allow R rated roleplaying, but we always suggest that people post a rating on their OOCs and their ICs. When asked, we always suggest that people use the "spoiler" tag for sex scenes if they are worried about content but feel that the Rating Warning should be enough.

    - We allow adult R rated or naughty Groups/Clubs as long as they are private and only viewable by club members.

    - We do NOT have strict content rules in the Cbox at the moment.

    - We not NOT have strict content rules about forum topics or posts made on the rest of the forum.

    Now community; What are your thoughts and feelings about the subject? Do you have some suggestions or feedback?
  2. I've been pondering this as well... In all honesty, I like how it's currently set up, but I do see the cause for concern when it comes to new, and younger members.

    The C-Box should have stricter TOS for it considering the instant availability of it once a new member has access. I doubt they'd want to read some of the stuff that's typed in there, and it can immediately turn some members away, and annoy others.

    The general topics? Yes. They should also be stricter due to the fact that they're generally a logical, or community based question... or have some actual purpose. These topics are available to everyone, and not everyone wants to see or read a random Genitalia joke, or reference to, etc.

    To them both, I believe that the staff should be a little stricter in enforcing what's already mentioned, but perhaps a few examples, or refinements of the rules may help.

    Ultimately it comes to the forum members to use common sense, and good judgement. I know some of us can, and will say some things in a group that others wouldn't, and we need to be putting ourselves in someone elses shoes.

    On a side note, I do have an idea about the RP sections, but I'll go in detail if a staff member PM's me about it.
  3. I have to agree with Jumi, the chat should have a stricter set of rules since it's open to the public and can be the first impression to many newbies. I do not think we should have to have the staff babysit the cbox, but in the end it's good there is a large staff population because conversations can get out of hand. I would hope that the staff would agree on how to approach line crossing before the cbox comes back however. This might lead to less bucking of the harness.

    As for the forums. I think it's good that people are reminded there are plenty of more adult clubs that some content can be posted in. I really don't want to read a forum topic about balls, but at least that I can avoid. I am less likely to avoid an Insanity thread about fudge that turns into a bunch of lued jokes.
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  9. In the General Board, the right to control the topic rests with the Topic Starter. It can be expanded upon by mods and other helpful members, but it should never be derailed.

    That is what makes General different from Insanity.

    So if irrelevant Adult content slips into the General threads, it should be deleted straight away. If it's meant to be there, then the topic-starter should make it clear by his/her title that things are gonna get freaky.

    Roleplays should never be censored in any way except by the dictates of dramatic continuity.

    Cbox should be regulated.

    So in a nutshell:

    1. Cbox content belongs to everyone but is regulated by Mods for public consumption.

    2. General content belongs to the thread-starter.

    3. Roleplay content belongs to the GM.

    4. Insanity content belongs to no one.
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