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  1. does anyone have and/or use them?

    I like to colour but I always find the designs in adult colouring books to be too... Grownup. They're not silly or cute or fun, just fancy and complex. So I stick to freeware pages on the Internet

    How about you guys?
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  3. I really like them. I prefer the intricacies. It makes me pay attention more, so I can focus on something easy and mindless instead of feeling stressed over whatever it is that's dogging me that day. If I wanted silly/cute pictures I would get something else. I think the idea behind adult coloring books is to promote relaxation, which it does for me.
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  4. I really like them and think they're pretty, but my art time is dedicated to my own drawings. If I coloured one of those books, I'd never get my own artwork done D:

    And a personal pet peeve, based on the books I've seen: I'd like it if they played more with line weight, and didn't make absolutely every line so heavy. The really intricate drawings have too much black ink and not too much white space left for colour, and when you're finished, the colours don't really pop up.
  5. I like them, but at the same time every time I see them they're over priced so it's kind of my no-go, but if I bought one I would probably be stressing about what to color what.
  6. I love them. They really help me practice mindfulness and get out of my own head. It's also nice when I want to colour, but don't want to draw.
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  7. I never heard of adult colouring books until today, ie this thread. I have to admit I thought it was silly until I googled and looked at actual pictures. o.o If they weren't so pricey I could totally see myself buying one. ^_^
  8. *Begins to colour furiously*

  9. I love adult colouring books. They help me destress a lot and focus on a single thing. I have trouble paying attention to only one thing at a time, I'm always doing minimum 3 things at once. But with that, only need some good, instrumental music to focus :)

    Here's mine, it's a bunch of flowers and "hidden" animals and insects. I tend to colour all the same-looking-things the same colour, then pass onto another colour, until the drawing is full.
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  10. My kids got a few for Christmas and I ended up coloring in them more than they did. They had a few that were designs, and a couple that were nature scenes. Honestly, the nature scenes were more a pain in the butt than the design ones were. Still had fun, and it's a surprising way to both calm yourself down and frustrate the hell out of yourself at the same time.
  11. I have a few adult coloring books! The time it takes to finish one picture works in my favor since with the kid ones, I'll fill in a few per sitting. >.>; I have an adorable octopus one too though, for those days I'd like something simpler to color in. Aside from just liking to color, the activity helps a lot in easing my anxiety. Particularly when my OCD is at an unmanageable level.
  12. I was expecting something dirty. Just goes to show how my mind works, but in all reality they look fun? I should try finding one sometime.
  13. There actually are dirty ones, and there's one that's all like, embellished calligraphic swears xD
  14. I printed a few a couple years back. Not a coloring "book" so to say, but I found sheets on pinterest and stuff like that. I had to make an account but they had some nifty designs. One had some fish, I think, and another had dragons.

    I have several. Adult ones and Kid ones. c_____c I buy Disney princess coloring books a lot.
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  16. "Adult coloring book." Pssha! It's still just a coloring book. More intricate than those geared towards children, but really. Labeling as "adult?" Ridiculous. Maybe if it was pornographic...
  17. I have several. They are mostly nature scenes. I love them, but it takes me forever to finish one picture.
  18. 30+ years later

    still can't stay in the lines
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