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  1. After a weird discussion in the cbox, we all realized the the advertisements on Iwaku seem tailored to certain personalities/browsing history on the site.

    For Example:

    Diana gets ads about ABS and IP Disguises.... suggesting she might be a sexual predator, or a really lonely dude trolling for porn.

    Ocha has been getting ads for raunchy dating sites. A person looking for love, or someone who has a boring history and needs a booty call?

    Ozzie has been getting ads for swords, video games and divorce lawyers. Addicted gaming getting a divorce?

    YOUR CHALLENGE: Look at the variety of ads you get on Iwaku. Think about the kind of person they would be target to and CREATE THAT CHARACTER!
  2. I got ads for:
    Smoke without risk, fake cigarettes.
    A gambling site.

    So an addicted gambler who is trying to quit smoking.

    Name</SPAN>: Sean Beckett</SPAN></SPAN>
    Age</SPAN>: 29</SPAN></SPAN>
    Gender</SPAN>: Male</SPAN></SPAN>
    Nationality</SPAN>: Irish</SPAN></SPAN>
    Height: 6'3" (1.90)</SPAN></SPAN>
    Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)</SPAN></SPAN>
    Short, shaggy blonde hair with a small ponytail, dark brown eyes and often has a slight, short beard. His jaw is square, high cheekbones, an angular nose and a well trained muscled body with power behind his punches. Dressing mostly in jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets and biker boots.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Personality</SPAN>: Sean is gruff and secretive about his private life, originally being a quite honest and good natured guy Sean has turned colder, being able to lie with a blank face, get into fights. He started drinking and smoking early and gambling is his life, he is good but he looses and wins equally, he likes taking risks, betting too much money. He avoids getting beat up for owing money by being big and strong enough to fight off collectors, feeling little for those he hurts. Deep down Sean knows he should quit gambling and get a real job but the addiction has him in its grip and wont let go, as a compromise to himself he is trying to quit smoking. Sean cares little for formalities and does what he feels like and dresses how he wants, not shy of having a gun at the small of his back not is he shy of using it. Still a spoiled kid on the inside Sean hates when things goes against his plan and doesn't take loosing well and neither does he take disrespect well.</SPAN></SPAN>

    History</SPAN>: Starting out as a good but spoiled rich kid Sean was perfect in his parents eyes, sweet, kind and polite always helpful and thoughtful. But as he grew up he got into bad company, started drinking, partying, smoking and failed many classes in school. His parents tried to help him but they noticed too late and Sean refused to listen to them turning away from his old life. Turning 18 he ran away from home together with part of his inheritance and his then girlfriend to Las Vegas. Moving from girlfriend to girlfriend and casino to casino Sean lost his money only to win some, a neverending circle of winning and loosing. He was never afraid of stealing money when he needed for more bets or cigarettes though he now tries to quit smoking in an effort to drain his hidden conscience.</SPAN></SPAN>
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  3. THE ADS (open)

    Ads that Kitti gets:
    Media player after media player. (I blame Iliana!), Mind Dabble, etc.
    An ad for
    So, a lazy law student with an addiction to flash games.

    Name: Chance Fayette
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kind and affable with a great sense of humor, Chance makes friends with a fluidity and ease. He can make people feel comfortable with him in no time and he's a master of persuasion. Everyone who meets Chance has only good things to say about him and he's a social butterfly. Not prone to any excesses or vices, he does have a nasty habit of procrastinating.
    Brief Bio:
    From the time that Chance was a kid, he's gotten along well with everyone that he meets. He was the favorite child of babysitters and bank tellers, who always slipped him an extra sucker when his mother came in to cash her paycheck. From the moment that he could talk, he was making friends with all the people around him and everyone that he met was certain that the boy could charm the skin off of a snake.

    Unfortunately for Chance, his father was the fourth son in a line of lawyers who owned a respectable law firm. With his father and grandfather still alive, they were intent on pushing Chance to be the fifth son in their family-owned law firm, which had earned something of a name for itself. Chance was moderately smart, no idiot but definitely not a genius by any means and so he found school to be decent, most of the time. However, even in elementary school, Chance was pushed by his parents to do better in school.

    By the time Chance made it to high school, he could expect to be grounded if he scored any less than an 87% on anything and such a low score as that was certain to earn him disapproving looks, anyway. Most of his free time was consumed with volunteer projects that his parents forced him to do in order to curry favor with good colleges. Everything was incredibly stressful. That is, until he discovered something that he enjoyed.

    Flash games on the internet let Chance escape, however briefly, into a world without pressure and doing something that he did not want to do. He expanded his love to include hilarious internet videos and other forms of media players later on, but flash games are his true love.
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