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  1. Welcome to Adrirath!
    This is a realm filled with angels, demons, fairies, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and any other mythological creature you can think of. This world isn't ruled by any cruel dictator. It is only ruled by The Society which creates the rules we must follow. And they are quite simple. We must never allow a human to know of our existance. We are allowed to go to the human realm but if they were to find out about this realm, The Society will "get rid of them". There are your average elementary schools, middle schools, and high school but then there is Rosemont Academy, the school for only the best. They are wealthy, powerful individuals who have been trained to the bone to be the best. They do not accept anyone who cannot meet the standards. Even better, the school is filled with only good looking people as well. Rosemont also works closely with The Society. The student council help solve mysteries and get rid of any nuisances.
    Anyways, thats not all. There are also some great activities that can be done in the main city. During the summer, teenagers can be found at the rec hall which has an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool. There is table tennis, regular tennis, football field, indoor rock climbing and a bunch of other different activities.
    This realm consists of one main city with a bunch of smaller cities and it is surrounded by a dark forest that is said to be haunted but the fairies live in the forest and mess with them, and you will surely regret it. Most don't live which is why people stay away from the forest. There is also a river running through the land which is where the people get their water. It seems like a small city but the main city is so large that it takes up most of the world. It isn't as big as the human world but its still fairly big.

    1. Be nice to each other; get along out of character
    2. Limit of 6 characters per person
    3. No God Modding; don't control other peoples characters
    4. No perfect characters
    5. You can make your post as long as you want; no limit
    6. No one liners
    7. Relationships can happen between characters but sex should happen through messages
    8. Keep level of supernatural creatures even.
    9. Be creative as you want with your characters!

    Grade: If in school

    Class: Social Class; If your in Rosemont Academy, post that here





    Relationships: Anyone they hate, like, have a crush on, have dated, friends with, family, etc.
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  2. I'll join making a mermaid princess for this one hope that is alright Rogue and what kind of pictures are acceptable
  3. centaur_archer_by_holocube-d62aezt.jpg
    Emily Charon





    Dropped out due to lack of participation. currently resides within a small cleared out area within a forest nearby Rosemont Academy.

    Can use a bow and arrow with incredible accuracy that of which many others cannot achieve
    at such a young age as centaurs do, can also communicate with a variety of other woodland creatures I.E. Deer, foxes, wolves, birds, etc.

    Bow and arrow, sword, throwing knives.

    Crafting weaponry

    Emily is a social butterfly for sure, but she knows the rules of strangers and such, but as often as she talks to them you would think otherwise. She enjoys spending her time near the rivers and exploring, often finding herself causing some sort of problem on accident.

    Emily was raised in an older village with her own family, eventually being removed for her education. She disliked school so she learned things her own way and exceeded in passing the expectations of several schooling programs, though she never went to Rosemont like her parents had hoped she would, taking her life towards a more creative sort of style.

    Her strengths are mainly in her slowly gained wisdom, obtained form nature and time,
    and her patience with most people.

    Worry that she will fail someone or mess up and ruin everything.

    She can't fly and she doesn't have any magic or stuff like that.

    Fire and Failure.

    Pacing and muttering when she is under pressure.

    Expertly crafting wooden weapons and occasionally she will smith a sword or two.
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  4. Gabriela Velvet Scarlantia

    Name: Gabriela Velvet Scarlantia
    Age: 17 (Fairy Age-27)
    Sex: Female
    Grade: Junior
    Race/Species: Fairy
    Sexuality: Straight
    Class: High Class|Rosemont Academy

    Abilities: Magic: Flying, Levitation, Basic Elemental Magic(Fire,Earth,Water,Air), Nature Magic, Healing(Wounds and Minor Infections).
    Weapons: Darling Diamond-Gabriela's custom scepter, it channels her magic; DD enhances her skills centering them and making them more effective.
    Occupation: High School Student|Heiress to the Scarlantia Fairy Dust Factory.
    Personality: Gabriela or Gabbi for short, she is a big brat. She thinks she deserves everything in the world. Since her family sells the highest priced and most demanded supply of fairy dust, Gabbi is super popular and known. Gabbi takes her title as the Heiress to heart, she wants everyone to treat her like royalty. She isn't really royal but she dears anyone to tell her otherwise.
    History: Gabbi was born into the Scarlantia Fairy Dust Inc. company. They sell fairy dust residue, for parties, events and other entertainment purposes. The fairy dust doesn't really have any magical properties, it is known to amplify certain people's magic once in a while. Gabbi has only known the finest things in life, since her family are all fairies, they are delicate beautiful creatures. Gabbi is the meanest and most out spoken of her family.

    Gabbi grew up spoiled, whatever she wanted she got. If she didn't get something she would have a tantrum until she got it. Once Gabbi learned she could use and harness magic, everything got worse. She would pick on the other non magic using creatures. Gabbi would wrap vines around people and she would conjure sand dunes to block people. Gabbi may never learn to be a good girl but hey not everyone was cut out for it.

    Strengths: Magic: Gabbi is a super effective user of the magical arts, fairies have an affinity with magic. Her social status, she can get away with a lot of thing because of that. Money, smarts, charisma, bravery.
    Weaknesses: Bossy, temperamental, emotional, annoying, rude.
    Inabilities: Gabbi doesn't know how to show her emotions, she's a brick wall even with family. Gabbi wants to confide in people but she doesn't want to get hurt, so she acts like a brat to get people to dislike her. Gabbi would rather have people hate her, then have people see her vulnerable.
    Fears: Her family losing their money, Gabbi losing control of her magic, people finding out she's an emotional wreck inside.
    Habits: Gabbi has a habit of rolling her eyes when she's annoyed, Gabbi wings make a loud fluttering sound when she gets angry, which can sometimes sound like a jackhammer hitting the pavement.
    Talents: Gabbi loves to sing and dance, she's like a ballerina on the dance floor. Gabbi is an amazing florist, even without her nature magic; Gabbi has a true green thumb.

    Relationships:No one yet...but open to ideas
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  5. Going to make a witch that owns a bar if that's okay.
  6. [​IMG]

    Vincent "Vinny" Cromwell

    105 (Appears 23)




    Upper-Middle class

    Witch abilities (open)

    Channeling – The act of invoking extra forms of energy by focusing on external forces.
    Spell Casting – The act of changing and controlling events through the use of incantations and more via witchcraft. This user in particular practices Sacrificial Magic.
    Witches Brew – The act of brewing and concocting magical potions that have supernatural properties.
    Divination – The act of divining future, past, and present events based off extrasensory perception.
    Mediumship – The practice of communicating with the spirits of the dead.
    Telekinesis – The act of witches to move both objects and persons by their mind and will.
    Elemental Control – The act of changing, controlling, or manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, or water. While these spells are commonly performed non-verbally, like all spells, they can be performed verbally if decided so by the witch.
    Pain Infliction – The act of witches to inflict great pain onto a person by causing their blood vessels to burst, thus giving them multiple aneurysms. This power is most commonly used to disable supernatural beings; however it has been shown to work on humans as well (with possible dangerous side-effects). The users seem to be able to use this ability non-verbally and channel it either through their eyes or hands.
    Enhanced Condition – Due to the user’s sacrificial magic and age, he is stronger, faster, and can heal faster than average humans almost on par to vampires.


    Bar Owner of the Magic Cauldron

    Vincent is often blunt when explaining things or dealing with most people, regardless of their species. He has a very morbid sense of humor, with a sweet yet highly lethal charm. He can also be very cold and uncaring when dealing with people and seems apathetic to the concerns of others. He has very little patience and tolerance for bullshit and is quick to “dispose” of someone he doesn’t like. Vinny is known to be lazy and disobedient, though he is efficient enough to finish all of his required work. He strongly dislikes children and appears to be much more sexually interested in men than women, although he doesn't easily make friends with either sex. He believes that supernaturals are superior to their human counterparts. Vinny is also known for being very much a "smart-ass", and is often sarcastic and witty. He is cunning, a trait he was shown to have even when not trying. Vinny cares a good deal for fashion, and makes sure his clothing is always the latest style.

    Vinny was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 1900’s to an African American mother and a rich white father. The mother was the maid to his father’s house. This relationship was very taboo during this time period. His mother was a powerful witch, both him and his mother being direct descendants of Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen. When Vincent was 14 years old, word got around that his parents were an interracial couple and lynched both his mother and his father. His mom tried to fight them off as best as she could, but the humans got the best of her. This incident made Vinny an orphan where he was taken away and put in an orphanage. Knowing that he was mixed race, it was very hard for him to get adopted by any family. Sooner or later he was on his own and began to practice a taboo form of witchcraft known as Sacrificial Magic, a dark form of Voodoo at the age of 18. His intentions were never to cause evil with his magic, but felt he should be the most powerful he could be and this type of magic was the only way. He would sacrifice murderous supernatural creatures in Adrirath, never killing innocent people.

    The more he sacrificed, the stronger he became which also granted him longevity. Over time he became a respectable witch despite his bad attitude he developed over time. It was more than likely fear more than respect. During the early 2000s, he decided to settle down and use his late father’s money to open a bar that served as a gate between the supernatural realm and the human realm called The Magic Cauldron. The bar is concealed by the strongest wards and magic to where no human even knows it exists. Since then, his business has flourished becoming one of the more popular bars. Witches are typically the only people that go to the bar, but it’s open for everyone. The Magic Cauldron was also a place for other supernaturals to come to make deals with witches and to get their wishes granted in exchange for something. People who know Vinny personally come to see their future, Vinny becoming a well-known soothsayer; however he doesn’t just offer his services to anyone. In the present, Vinny and his bar are still flourishing. He also isn’t exactly an official member of The Society, but is a useful asset to them due to his magic abilities and wealthy status.

    • Magic
    • Charm
    • Wit
    • Intelligent

    Disbelief – The act of denying or disbelieving in one’s potential could cause a witch to inadvertently suppress their magical power.
    Distraction – Any person, substance, or thing that prevents a witch from giving full attention to their spells can hinder a witch from effectively practicing witchcraft.
    Fear – A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the condition or feeling of being afraid could cause a witch to involuntarily block their own powers for a short time.
    Magic – All creatures, including witches, are susceptible to the forces of witchcraft.
    Mortality – Based off the fact that witches are still human, they share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, etc.)
    Overexertion – The excessive use of magic could lead to disorientation, nose bleeds, unconsciousness, and if taken to the extreme, death.

    • Losing a loved one
    • Being vulnerable
    • Losing his magic

    Vinny can clearly show when he is nervous by biting his nails, shaking his leg, or stuttering. He also tends to smoke and drink a lot.

    Vinny can perform spells exceptionally well as well as brew powerful potions that also allow him to create delicious alcoholic drinks for his bar.
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  7. The guy from Glee lol. I love it.
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  8. Accepted
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  9. hmm, sounds interesting. I'll put up a cs by today.
  10. ok and sorry i couldn't find this again i didn't watched the thread and I was trying for days to find it again
  11. Human Form


    Mermaid Form


    Sirena Aquamarine Oceana
    113 years (appears 18)
    Upper class (Royal)
    Water manipulation
    Speed (in and out of water)
    Strength (in and out of water)
    Healing (herself and others but only mild injuries the most severe being broken bones.)
    Siren's song

    Form shifting (can control her forms)
    Trident (family heirloom)
    First in line for the throne but works at the Magic Cauldron as waitress
    Siren is an outgoing girl who loves to interact with people, she always has a smile on her face for anyone and everyone. At times she can be demanding and a bit temperamental due to her connection with the oceans. She knows when she needs to be serious and act like a royal.
    Sirena is the first daughter of Posiden and Arina. She has 3 younger sisters and 4 younger brothers. From a very young age Sirena was trained to take the throne once her father either stepped down or died. Most of her childhood was spent away from her younger siblings, most of them did not like her while the youngest two adored her. As she grew up her mother and father discovered that she had a carefree side and that she needed not to always be in meetings and trainings.

    Her temper

    To hot of temperatures
    Loosing her family
    Being rejected
    Loosing herself to the Song

    Biting her bottom lip
    Twirling her hair in her fingers

    She is an excellent singer and loves to preform in the bar when Vinny lets her.
    She actually can mix drinks really well but usually leaves that to Vinny

    She likes her carefree boss and considers him a really close friend
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  12. Couldn't decided between the characters so I'm using both of them.​

    Wyntir Aromet (open)

    Character Sheet
    Name: Wyntir Aromet

    Age: 17

    Sex: Female

    Grade: 11th, Junior

    Race/Species: Valkyrie

    Sexuality: Straight

    Class: Upper Middle Class

    -Enhanced Speed - On land and in air
    -Enhanced Agility - On land and in air
    -Magic - She hasn't really practiced in it but has some manipulation of Earth
    Wing Manifestation - She can fly
    -Death sense - She can't predict her own death but she can predict the death of others. Well somewhat. She still needs practice but she can only see up 5 years. Though she can still see and feel the death of others who had already passed. Depending on the location she is in she can tell how and when someone had died. She would even know how long they had lived. Though this something her parents had stressed immensely that she can not give out a persons death date. It's best not to get involved in anything of the sort.

    Weapons: Sword

    Occupation: Works part time at a bakery

    Wyntir isn't very outgoing, she keeps things to herself mostly, but if he does talk to others then she is very much guarded. Its something she hates about herself. The fact she really can't let others in. Its something she wants change about herself but it's well ingrained. She is very spirited in a quiet way, and quite patient with others.

    Wyntir grew up in a military family with two older brothers and one older sister. Both of her brothers made their parents proud and joined the military, excelling much like they did. Yet there were a few problems with her older sister. She didn't want to take the only two paths available to her. Become a wife early or join the military and make their parents proud. She wanted to chase her dreams and see what else their realm had for her. Wyntir remembers her sister always talk about things she wants to do, places she'll travel and so forth. It was hard not to be inspired by it. By time Wyntir was 8 all the joy of having a sister vanished. She had packed her things and ran off leaving a note just for her. A not stating to find her when she was older and just wanted to explore the world with her.

    Wyntir didn't want to pass the opportunity but her father had other plans. Because she was a dreamer her father did his best to sorta crush them enough so she wouldn't run off. Instead he taught her to become the spitting imagine of perfection. From mannerisms to speech and even her fighting ability. Wyntir had to become everything her sister wasn't. All of that was taxing on her more than others would think and so he mother was always easy on her. Allowing to play around with a few things, but kept an eye on her to be sure she wasn't dreaming too big. So she learned dance and was rather graceful at it. She learned Violin and loved it to death but she couldn't dance nor play too often. Her father made sure to keep her busy with training and school to be sure she wasn't going anywhere.


    Day Dreamer

    -Failing her father
    -What could happen to her if the pressure got too much for her
    -Lastly a deep fear of drowning. Which is why she doesn't swim

    Always has something to eat with her, most of the time their sweets. Since she loves to dance much like her sister she'll dance while baking. Mostly in secret but she has been caught a few times before. She'll stutter when she's nervous about something or around someone. She will even fidget a little when she's trying to lie. So she avoids lying as much as possible.

    She's a talented dancer. It came about when she learned the violin, she play it much now. With all she has to do but when she has the time she happily play for awhile.

    Relationships: -

    Luca Redwood (open)

    Character Sheet
    Luca Redwood

    Age: 159 (Looks like he's 20)

    Sex: Male

    Grade: Graduated, barely

    Race/Species: Manticore

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Class: middle class

    Shift between two forms. Completely human or his second form which has a tail, feathered wings and more.
    Secretes poison from his tail
    Gift of fight
    Enhanced Speed
    Enhanced Senses
    Night vision

    Carries two daggers

    Works in his mother's library

    Luca is playful and doesn't take life all around serious. He never had for a long time which is where his carefree nature came from. Depending on who he's talking to he can be a real sweetheart, in his own way, or a complete ass. Either way its up to the person. Luca likes to have fun but isn't the person to deceive or even cross. His temper flares, not explosive but more like a seething anger. Quiet but deadly in some cases.

    Luca grew up with most of his family for a few years. It wasn't something his mother wanted for him at all. His whole family were know for being ruthless and people you wanted to avoid. He remembered his mother trying to convince his father to separate from the family. To live a happy life and to teach Luca how to live without bloodshed and thievery. That meant obeying society's rules and leaving behind the wealth he stole. His father chose his own greed over a better life for his son which broke his mother's heart. It didn't stop her from leaving, it gave more reason to leave and with a second one on the way it was now or never.

    They left when Luca was just 11 years old and they lived in poverty since. Any money or food went to the two boys and Luca felt horrible. So he took what his father taught him and stole what his family needed. It was all he knew and it was working for awhile. Until he was caught red handed by the age of 15. Because he was young they couldn't keep him for long and sent him to a reform school for three years. During that time away his mother gained ownership of the Library that she was working at. The owner was old and wanted to retire happily. Luca's mom was struggling to keep food on the table and the owner saw that and handed over the business to her. Luca was happy to see his mother was well taken care of, now he just have to stay out of trouble.


    Holy/Fairy things can hurt him

    Losing his mother and younger brother
    Ruining his mother's life
    Losing himself

    Tends to shutdown when overwhelmed by emotions
    Has the habit to crack his knuckles without noticing
    When he's nervous he plays with the rings on his right hand

    He's great at stealing things
    Can read lips
    Good Sculptor

    Relationships: -
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  15. Well fixed the history and personality. I don't know how it was removed, I remember typing it. Though I can see the picture. I'll change it until you can see it.
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