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  1. Adrenaline. Coursing through you at your darkest hour. That is to say, near your death. It brings strength, sharpens senses, and acts when in danger. For most people adrenaline is merely the body's way of helping to save your butt. But for some people, it awakens the other half of themselves. The other, supernatural half.

    Drenas. This is the nickname for these people. The Drena potential lies in few people, and fewer of those potentials ever awaken, and even fewer of those survive past their first week. Most awoken Drenas are either killed by the danger that brought on their adrenaline rush, labeled as insane, or hunted down by the shadows. A potential Drena's power will lay dormant their whole lives, unless they experience an extreme surge of adrenaline and live to tell the tale. The swelling of adrenaline that unlocks the sleeping power is called Crossing.

    The night after one is born to their adrenaline, she or he goes through their first shift. This varies for each person. It can be anywhere from relaxing to exciting to explosively painful. But there is one thing that every shift has in common. Change. Change of the form, the mind, or of abilities. This aspect can range from becoming an animal to controlling lightning to reading minds. Any power, any aspect. But only one, and only at night.

    When the last golden rays of light are sucked behind the horizon, the shift hits. And every Drena experiences it at the same time. When the first fingers of dawn begin to push away the cloak of night, everyone shifts out. And between sunset and sunrise, the shadows walk.

    You're looking straight ahead, and something flashes to your right. You look, but its nothing. Just a trick of the light. This is what a shadow is a normal person. But to Drenas, they are much more. They are ALIVE. And hungry. While all the normal people can see of the shadows are ghostly glimpses, Drenas see much more. They see the gnarly black bodies, taking every shape imaginable. Everything black- except for the eyes. Two white slits that are identical on each shadow.

    The Warden. Creator of all shadows. Originally a Drena, she realized the power that could be gained when a Drena killed one of her own kind. She became a monster, declaring herself the Warden, prison guard of the night. She deals letters to her victims, G, A, M, until the letters spell GAME OVER on the person's flesh, and the Drena dies. She sucks the power from the dead Drena, then casts aside the carcass after mutating its form, ripping its soul, life, and body away, condemning it to be a prisoner of death and night forever.

    This is set in a small town on the west coast called Rocky Shores. It is set by a white, sandy beach. The town is small, with a few restuarants here and there, one hospital, one police station, and a fire department. The houses are more concentrated near the various restaurants and the hospitals and then break off into sparce, set apart homes. There is a racetrack on the edge of town that is right next to the beach, but it is currently not racing season. The town is surrounded by thick forest, with a fairly large mountain rising above it all, signaling the start of the Sierra Nevada.


    No god-modding/power-playing or killing another person's character without their sole permission.
    No bunnying.
    Have fun!
    Please be descriptive with your posts. ;)

    Character Sheet:
    Please remove the ( )

    Age (10-26):
    Drena or Normal?:
    When did s/he Cross? (if Drena):
    How did s/he Cross? (if Drena--what triggered the adrenaline rush?):
    Night Aspect:

    Accepted Characters

    NorwayFOO - Zain
    Neohmi - Alice McKenzie
    Jennifer_Vanice (me) - Jezebel Williams
    QuakeTheFox - Lucas Kane
    VerbalAbuse - Franca "The Cardinal" Alisade
    Lusterless Nova - Nova
    Teal Turken - Dillon "Teal"
  2. Name: Zain

    Age (10-26): 17

    Gender: Male

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    Personality: Shy, likes to follow and only want to make decisions that concerns himself.

    Drena or Normal?: Drena

    When did s/he Cross (if Drena): A couple of days before,

    How did s/he Cross (what triggered that rush of adrenaline?): A fight with a mugger. He was just walking around the town searching for something... he didn't really know what he was searching for when he was pulled into an alleyway. The next thing he knew he was on the ground and was struggling against a man that was much larger than he was. As he was punched multiple times in the gut and face he finally got an adrenaline rush, this cause the man to be blasted away. He was confused but didn't question it, instead he focused on getting away.

    Night Aspect: (As in powers and new look?) He will have a dark, glowing, waving ring around his eyes. This allows him to knock away anything within a 5 foot radius. Unfortunately he still has trouble controlling it.

    Biography: He was a normal kid... well a shy kid, that wasn't noticed in school and wasn't noticed at home. He went so under the radar that even his teachers began to forget about him. He like it that way however, this meant he wasn't forced into any awkward conversations. He didn't really like to talk and some of the students spread rumors that he couldn't even speak at one point in his life... that was a long time ago. His life was a bit boring, though he didn't want it to be any different. He didn't like surprises.
    He had one friend, who was a wreck. She always had family problems and had to rant about it around him all the time. Maybe that was why they were friends? He liked to listen and she like to talk. His friend had moved away that summer and he still thought about her. He wondered if he would ever get that call he was waiting for. She said the first chance she got she would phone in on him. Unfortunately a couple of weeks before he changed he had gotten a phone call, she had died in a car wreck while rounding the corner to her new house. She didn't even get to see the house in person before she died. This is what lead him to his lost and lonely walk outside, at night, alone, in a dangerous part of town.
    He never found out where he was going, he just knew he needed to be walking. Normally he just zoned out and his body would lead him to wherever he needed to be.
    'His crossing'
    As he ran from that horrible event he looked to the side and saw a man standing at the entrance to his friends old house. He had stopped in confusion, the house wasn't even sold yet... or even up for sale. "Hay." He shouted at the man who turned around. Something had told him to run right then and their. It must have been the frightful feeling someone in a movie might have gotten when seeing the villain for the first time. This mans eyes glowed wight, and his body was deathly black.

    Other: The only time he really likes to be around others, without feeling awkward, is when he is sitting down and eating something just as everyone else.
  3. Will complete my character sheet soon.

    ---Character Sheet---

    Christa Theret 300x300.jpg Name: Alice McKenzie
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Drena or Normal? Drena
    Appearance: (right)
    Personality: Snippy and frank, daring, adventurous
    When did she Cross? At fifteen

    How did she Cross?
    Five years ago, Alice found herself in one of the private rooms of Rocky Shores' Hospital where she had spent two days coughing blood and convulsing her whole body. The town doctors were baffled; all they could identify was that an unidentified poison was injected in her system, and they didn't have any resources to counter it.

    On her third night in that hospital bed, she felt that it was to be her last. Her whole system was shutting down and slowly, part by part from the bottom up became paralyzed. Only her heart and mind screamed in protest for even her throat had shut down.

    I cannot die! Not now, not ever! A rush of adrenaline accompanied that thought. Her body fought its hardest in that one second. Her heart seemed on the process of explosion and her mind shot thoughts that her conscious self could not cope up. After that one second, all the silvery poison in her bloodstream rushed out of her mouth, leaving fifteen-year-old Alice healthy as a pickle and all the metal in the hospital room in bent including the base of her hospital bed.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), the nurse responded too late to witness the miracle of Alice's Crossing.

    Night Aspect:
    Since that night, Alice could morph any form of metal in the vicinity into whatever she wanted, whenever night came. The only evidence of her being a Drena showed through the the metallic grey tips which dyed her daytime blonde hair.

    After her Crossing, Alice's life wasn't easy. Her early transitions at night ended up in disasters. When trying to control or test her powers, sometimes it rendered her unconscious. But after years of hard work and discipline, she managed to get the hang of it. As long as she didn't do something ambitious at night, she was fine.

    But her power and night features weren't the only things that changed her life after her Crossing. The night that she was cured was also the night that her father, one of Rocky Shores' few lawyers, had disappeared without a trace. Being the breadwinner of the family, the McKenzies soon plummeted into one of the below-middle class sector.

    Mrs. McKenzie had gathered quite a sum selling all they excessively owned but it soon dwindled down into nothing. It didn't take long for her to decide working double shifts in one of the restaurants in town to make ends meet.

    Meanwhile, Alice was somewhat scarred by the event although she might not want to admit it. She grew a love for nicotine and alcohol to cope, but she was responsible enough to help her mother through these hard times, especially now that Mrs. McKenzie was getting rather old.

    Alice still wanted to be a lawyer in the hopes of figuring out what happened to her father. She was smart enough to know that student loans would worsen her situation. Instead, she looks for work to save up for college tuition and support herself and her mother.

    Other: She likes talking to strangers.
  4. Name: Jezebel Williams
    Age: 18
    Drena or Normal?: Drena
    Appearance: She has long, loosely curled blonde hair that falls to her mid-back. Her eyes are a sparkling blue color with large pupils and long lashes. She is rather pale and has a bit of a lanky look about her, but she is actually underfed. She's very petite and her nose is quite crooked, evidence that it was once broken. She is usually very straight-faced.
    Personality: She has cut off from the world, having disappeared into the thick forest some years ago. She has always been a bit of a tomboy, not giving a care in the world. She never thought there was anything strange about her. Until the Crossing. Before she Crossed, she was a quiet, respectful little girl who followed the rules and managed to make a few mutual friends. After the Crossing, she became completely disconnected, unable to cope with the constant fear of being killed by the Warden. It would take anyone some time to get her to open up. She doesn't trust anyone except her younger brother, and she hasn't seen him in years. If you manage to gain it and then proceed to break it, you will never get it back. She is known for sarcasm and snarky remarks when angry, however.
    When did s/he Cross?: She was just nine years old.
    How did s/he Cross?: She was at home alone, her parents at work and her little brother at the friend's birthday party. Someone rang the doorbell and she got up to see who it was. She knew not to open it to strangers, but what if it wasn't a stranger? She looked through the window and saw three shadowed figures with guns. She held back a scream as one lifted the gun, aiming for the dead bolt of the door. She sprinted into her room, sliding under the bed just as the gun went off. She could hear the door creaking open and her heart pounded inside her chest. Adrenaline rushed through her as fear gripped her heart.
    "Search the house. Find her," she heard one say. Why were they searching for her? Suddenly, pain shot through her entire body, hammering away until she was sure she would explode. She bit down on her arm to try to keep herself from screaming. She felt like she was growing, her muscles defining, her body stretching out to compensate. Even her mind seemed to be getting larger. Finally, the pain subsided. She scrambled out from under the bed, not even realizing the change in her hair color. She felt taller, for some reason.
    They had obviously heard her because the three men rushed in, devilish smiles on their faces. "Did you really think you could hide from us?" the one in front asked. He raised his gun. "You're coming with us." Jezebel backed away, feeling herself press against the wall. She could feel herself becoming warmer. What was happening?
    He walked over, gun still raised, and grabbed her arm, forcing her into his grip. "No!" she screamed, fire exploding out of her hands. The man yelled, but it was short-lived. He was quickly reduced to ash. She stared at the ashes wide-eyed, fire still flowing out of her hand. The whole room was catching flame. The remaining two bolted, but so did she. She was a freak, she knew that much. She disappeared into the forest, never to be seen again.
    Night Aspect:
    Her hair changes to a fiery red-orange color with a fiery blue color at the roots, similar to the base of a fire. Her eyes change to this color as well, with the blue on the inside and the red-orange on the outside. Obviously, she can control fire, but it took her all these years to finally learn how to control it. It is, after all, the most dangerous of the four elements. The most uncontrollable.
    She grew up not knowing she was different. She kept to herself and that was how she preferred to live. Her little brother was always the one who got the attention, and she didn't really care. She didn't care that her brother was loved more by her parents. In fact, she preferred it that way. She was always a bit of a tomboy, wearing mud-splattered t-shirts, baggy jeans, and tennis shoes almost ever day. She only recently started being more feminine, wearing simple blouses she was able to steal along with skinny jeans and black sneakers. She has met the Warden four times and has GAME etched on her cheek in blood red letters.
    She only came to town a few times here and there for supplies such as food, water, and new clothes. All of it she stole during the night, able to melt the handle/lock off of any door. Most everything else she got for herself in the forest, easily learning how to hunt and how to purify water for various streams and rivers.
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  6. Name:Lucas Kane
    Drena or Normal?:Drena
    Appearance:Tall at 6 Feet, 5 Inches. Thin, only 143 lbs. Has light skin and Dark brown hair. His hair is short and spiky at the bangs. He has dark blue eyes. He has stubble that is the same color as his hair, giving him a rough look. He has a pair or square, black-rimmed, glasses, which he doesn't wear often. He wears a dark orange hoodie. On the hood is a pair of fox ears with white inside. He often wears the hood up. Under the hoodie is a short-sleeved, black shirt with a large L in white. His pants are grey. He wears a pair of Vans with a checkered pattern on it.
    Personality:To people he does not know, he is quiet and reserved However to his friends, he is a casual smartass with a protective streak. He is very artistic, mainly in writing.
    When did s/he Cross? (if Drena):Almost three years ago.
    How did s/he Cross? (if Drena--what triggered the adrenaline rush?):A car crash. While riding with his friend to a fast food joint, his friend had let go of the wheel to check his phone. Lucas had been looking out the window. As soon as his friend let go of the wheel, a car behind them taped there right end, causing them to go out off control and hit a street pole. Lucas was thrown into the windshield and had cut his head open. His friend was not so lucky. The pole hit mainly onto his Lucas' side, causing the car to be thrown left. His friend fell out the car and had his legs ran over by the car. Lucas tried to help his friend, but he blacked out from blood loss. Lucas was lucky he survived. His friend however, died. He had awoken in the ambulance. He was next to his friend. But the two EMT's in the back were focused on him. When he saw hes friend not receiving attention, he Changed. He looked at one of the EMTs, right in the eye. He felt his pupals growing thinner, taller, He willed the EMT to help his friend, silently begging him to.
    And he did.
    Night Aspect:He has the ability to control peoples minds and alter their memories. The effects can last from hours to weeks.
    Biography:Lucas had lived in Rocky Shores all his life. While he considered himself anti-socal, he made a few friends in his time. However, his life really picked up when he joined The Writer's Club at school. It was here he showed his skill at writing, and netted most off his life-long friends. At 18 he graduated and begin to sell his stories online. He was so popular, he made almost 230$ in his first week. He started his website,, at 21 and begun earning his main income from here.
    Other:He had taken some Marksmenship courses and can handle small guns with ease.

    OOC:Do you mind if I start on this RP?
  7. We seem to have a monopoly of Drenas. Allow me to break suit.

    Name: Franca "The Cardinal" Alisade
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Drena or Normal?: Normal
    Personality: Distinct and outspoken, uptight, but kind. Franca is a night owl, which is how she came to be familiar with Drenas. She tries to help Drenas as much as possible, and, being a dormant genius, is able to help fend off shadows, albeit to a limited extent, as she is still unable to see them. Acknowledging this, she states that all she can do for Drenas is provide shelter. She keeps a generator in her basement, so in case the electricity gets cut, she can keep the lights on so she can better observe the abnormalities which signify the presence of shadows. She is dedicated and disciplined, and has learned various arts, martial and practical, over her life. Also, she possesses minor schizophrenia, which, while this may cause her to occasionally see things, she knows that some things - people, objects - are sometimes a product of her mind. She has learned to ask others if people and objects exist, and will often ask Drenas if shimmers of light are shadows.

    Biography: A justly self-described genius, Franca grew up unappreciated. Her father saw her as a grade, her mother saw her as a trophy. This led her to a secluded and studious life. She would often lock herself in her room to study, listening to Classical and Instrumental music while she figured out puzzles, algorithms, equations, and sometimes, just reading textbooks. By doing this, she managed to always be ahead in her classes, which she abhorred, after she reached Middle School, she stopped attending class, but her parents kept sending in assignments so she'd get credits towards promotion and graduation. She took college level classes all throughout high school, wherein, she discovered her schizophrenia, but didn't discover it for what it was until senior year. When she learned and accepted her own schizophrenia, she learned to ignore her visions and the like, asking instead of people she newly met existed, or if things she saw were there. She'd sometimes be seen navigating empty rooms which she thought were full of things she couldn't make out because of the darkness. People began to understand her schizophrenia and she became a more social person. She was starting her second year of University when she turned eighteen. Her genius had brought her family such prosperity, she moved out immediately, taking with her a nice lump sum for herself, while still leaving her family with enough to last them until rapture. In college, she had fallen in love twice, only to be used by one and abused by the other. She had technically fallen in love thrice, only to eventually discover it was a product of her imagination. She graduated university with honors, and despite being offered a professorship for her expertise, she decided against it to pursue her own life, trying to discover the yet unknown to humanity. Of course, she didn't expect to find the Drenas and shadows...
    Other: Based off two male characters, one, the all-too-familiar Sherlock Holmes, observational master, finder of all things, cracker of all cases, and also, the main character of the movie "A Beautiful Mind" which we are currently finishing up on in Sociology. The character's name is John Forbes Nash Jr., a real person afflicted with schizophrenia, but a mathematical and economical genius. Seriously, look him up. Interesting person, still alive today.
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  17. Name: Aria Banter
    Age: 16
    Personality: I'm going to let you guys figure this one out. EDIT: this is a cop-out, Ill fix it eventually.
    Appearance: Aria is short and slender, with a curvy body. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is curly and light brown, falling to her mid back. Her skin is dark caramel, with few freckles and thin, bright red lips. Long, slender fingers and a smile twisting up the right corner of her mouth.
    Drena or Normal: Drena.
    How did s/he cross:
    I had followed. And I was pissed.
    They had again slipped into the daunting stretch of forest, hidden and safe from prying eyes as they walked behind the veil of the branches. Or so they thought. The forest was always a place meant for people other than me. While Caine, John, and even Rick were allowed into its depths, I was not. I knew why on the physical level- because I was not like them. But my mother was allowed. Even though she was not like the rest.
    It was easy to follow them. Caine's light offered both the certainty of my steps and a way to follow them. And my light body made it easy to slip through the green unnoticed. It was a cinch, especially with the din of their voices filling the forest and masking my few, but existent, errors in step.
    They led me much deeper into the forest than I had ever thought possible. It seemed to never end. The farther they went, the denser and darker the trees became, and the louder the rush of the river sounded. Where they were going, I didn't know. But i knew that i wanted to know.
    -Gah, random tense change here that im too lazy to fix-
    Walking. It seems we will never reach our destination, until the temperature suddenly plummets. I yank my fleece jacket tighter around me, but it does no good at all. The cold seems to take root inside of me. I shiver violently, and suddenly notice the eerie silence that has replaced the chatter of my family. Their voices are nervous, hushed whispers. I scale one of the many trees, and settle down to watch.
    Caine is tense, poised. Teeth are bared, eyes fixed on something behind the shadows on the other side of the clearing. The rest have also assumed battle positions. John is balanced on the balls of his feet, holding a knife in his tightly clenched fist. Mom is standing, eyes closed, murmuring. I see a small army of animals flanking her. Rick, well, I don't see him, but I can imagine him. Quaking, holding a knife in shaking hands, trying to ignore the parasitic fear that has no doubt taken hold of him.
    Then.. all hell breaks loose. I see Caine, a golden blur twisting and lashing out at... something. I can't see it, but there's a cold, sinister presence fighting against my brother. Blood appears. Crimson and red, staining Caine's golden flesh and splattering the leaves underfoot. I see the rest of my family dart in as well, but they are tossed aside. I see John go in, come out, knife bloody. Then i see the slit in his shirt, and realize its his own blood. Theres a faint red string of markings marring his forearm, and i watch in horror as he staggers backwards, and hits the ground- dead.
    I can't help myself- i scream. Loudly and full of venom. Adrenaline pumps through my flesh, even more so as I hit the ground. I've fallen from my tree, and am now bruised and bloody myself. I drag myself over to his body, shake him violently. No response. GAME OVER is written on his arm. The others have noticed me, and mom sends me a poisonous, hateful glare that speaks: you shouldn't be here. I recoil, but stay by his side, watching the battle in terror, feeling the mounting adrenaline.
    Caine falls. He's on the ground, writhing. Wings torn open, blood everywhere. More screams, and not just from me. He fights to stand, but an invisible force pushes him down. A snarl escapes his crushed mouth, i see the crooked alignment of his jaw. I'm about to scream again, but a cold whisper halts me.
    Ah, so sad. The death of another. But who's this? A family member? A potential, yes, close to waking. She would be powerful. Tell me Caine, why didn't you make her? Caine spits in response, his dragon form fading as strength leaves him. His scales soften, becoming the mangled flesh of a human. Horns shrink back into his skull. His tail as well. But his hands remain mangled and dragon-like, as well as his eyes.
    You do know, Caine, that this battle could have been won with her. But alas, your life is over. You came close, boy. But almost doesn't cut it. I feel my anger rise, building with the adrenaline. But somehow, its not aimed at the monster who slaughtered my family. Its at my brother, who was too arrogant to bring his sister into his life, to accept help from her. I narrow my eyes at him, and something within me snaps. And i see the monster, hovering over my brother, a claw resting on his stomach.
    Caine's eyes widen and he gives a terribly violent shudder, but i don't acknowledge him. Perhaps my anger is misaimed. But i don't care. At this moment, i feel that my jealousy has finally come to some purpose. And i stand and spit on the golden body of my dead brother.
    The monster smiles. Extends a hand. I take it. Smile back. My mom gasps, her rage turning first to confusion, then to fear. I spot Rick's now visible body, broken and scrawled with the tell-tale red letters of death.
    You wish for power, girl. I can give that to you.
    In truth, its not power I crave. But regardless, I step forward, gazing up at the beast. Because even in this short time I've known her, she's given me more credit than my family ever has.

    When did s/he cross: 10
    Night Aspect: Aria has no defined power in the night. She acquires it from other Drenas. She simply needs to place her palm on one's skin, focus for a moment, and their aspect is hers until it is returned. Returning powers is much easier than taken. If she is severely injured, the power will flee from her and fly back into the rightful owner. If she loses consciousness, it will leave her. She can also return it the same way she stole it, contact between flesh. If the night ends, and she has not returned it, she will assume it again until the next night, unless she falls asleep during the day. She must be awake, alive and alert to keep it. And even when she has it, the skill is rebellious. Night aspects are a part of a certain person- bound to them, and to steal and attach it to someone new is an insult to the laws of the night. Still, she has learned to push down the power's wants, squashing them before her greater will power.
    The stealing of another's power is a quick, painful process for both people. On contact, both the palm of Aria's hand and her victim's flesh grow with a black light. Both are helplessly frozen, both are in immense pain. And both can do nothing. Anyone who tries to interfere and touch either person is shocked and thrown backwards. Once the aspect has been stolen, both people are free to go, with no lingering side effects other than the transfered power.
    Aria has two settings. She can be occupied, or vacant. In her occupied form she takes on the Drena's power, taking on either the mental aspect or physical, or both. In addition to these changes, her eyes glow with black light. While occupied she is at her best. She'll do anything, and feels she has the power of the world, no matter what power. While vacant, she is depressed and sullen. Her eyes are sunken, hair matted, features desperate. Stealing is like a drug to her. Withdrawal from it causes her to lapse into a state of depression, and if it extends for too long, insanity.

    Bio: Aria was born to a family of six. Two moms, three brothers. And her. None were biologically related, except for two of her brothers, Rick and John, ages 11 and 13 respectively. She was the youngest at age 10, second behind Rick, John next, and Caine the first and oldest at age fifteen. Four out of the six were Drenas. Her older mom, and her three brothers. Mom could hear the animals talking. Rick was invisible, and used this often to torment her. John had strength. And Caine, he had what she had always wanted. Power and flight. She would try to spend more time with him, getting to know him. But he was always out of reach. Brushing her off, deaming her unworthy of his attention.
    At night, Caine was a dragon. A shining gold one, with emerald eyes and a wingspan of seventeen feet. He was gorgeous, and had both the gift of power and flight. She would watch him, standing in the surf, a ripple passing through his perfect body as the sun set. He would glow gold. His eyes, his normally brown hair, his perfectly tanned skin. Every part of him would emanate the light, even as a human. And then he would become something else. It was amazing to watch, even from the far away distance that Aria was permitted to watch at. His skin would harden, then shatter into a million scales, reflecting the sea and sky in his golden light. Limbs reversed, his fingers lengthened, then melted into three pronged claws. His jaw elongated, then split as tiny white daggers filled his immense maw. Copper horns rose from behind his non existent ears, and his eyes narrowed. Brown became green, piercing green that Aria knew could spot a flea from fifty yards away. And his wings. . They would arise from his shoulder blades, shimmering and vast, branching out majestically behind him and filling the night sky with light. This always sent a spear through her soul. Caine could fly while she was bound. Then his tail would push its way out from behind him, ending in a set of spines.
    And through the whole process, he showed no sign of fear or pain. Only pride. She would sit, watching his transformation with a hardened expression. Watching the others shifting as well beside him, leaving her in the dust. Bitter jealously, strong as the waves that harassed the rocky shores. Angst. It wasn't fair. Her body itched to feel his form, to feel the rush of the transformation and the bliss of flight. Fire scorched her soul, ate away at her senses. She would look down, find her hands shredded and bloody from grasping the jagged rock before her.
    Why was her family like this, but not her? She never knew. And her lack of knowledge formed a hole in her body, which was quickly filled with hate and remorse, all derived from the jealously inside her. All her life, she's lived in the shadow of her siblings and parents. Neglected. Left at home with the TV and homework for company. She was adopted at age 6, and cannot remember her life before this family. Caine would snicker at her, calling her worthless, useless, not good enough for this family. And she believed it. She was undeniably different than the rest of her family, and their snide remarks only confirmed her already existent feelings. That she was a nothing.
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