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  1. Adrenaline. Coursing through you at your darkest hour. That is to say, near your death. It brings strength, sharpens senses, and acts when in danger. For most people adrenaline is merely the body's way of helping to save your butt. But for some people, it awakens the other half of themselves. The other, supernatural half.

    Drenas. This is the nickname for these people. The Drena potential lies in few people, and fewer of those potentials ever awaken, and even fewer of those survive past their first week. Most awoken Drenas are either killed by the danger that brought on their adrenaline rush, labeled as insane, or hunted down by the shadows. A potential Drena's power will lay dormant their whole lives, unless they experience an extreme surge of adrenaline and live to tell the tale. The swelling of adrenaline that unlocks the sleeping power is called Crossing.

    The night after one is born to their adrenaline, she or he goes through their first shift. This varies for each person. It can be anywhere from relaxing to exciting to explosively painful. But there is one thing that every shift has in common. Change. Change of the form, the mind, or of abilities. This aspect can range from becoming an animal to controlling lightning to reading minds. Any power, any aspect. But only one, and only at night.

    When the last golden rays of light are sucked behind the horizon, the shift hits. And every Drena experiences it at the same time. When the first fingers of dawn begin to push away the cloak of night, everyone shifts out. And between sunset and sunrise, the shadows walk.

    You're looking straight ahead, and something flashes to your right. You look, but its nothing. Just a trick of the light. This is what a shadow is a normal person. But to Drenas, they are much more. They are ALIVE. And hungry. While all the normal people can see of the shadows are ghostly glimpses, Drenas see much more. They see the gnarly black bodies, taking every shape imaginable. Everything black- except for the eyes. Two white slits that are identical on each shadow.

    The Warden. Creator of all shadows. Originally a Drena, she realized the power that could be gained when a Drena killed one of her own kind. She became a monster, declaring herself the Warden, prison guard of the night. She deals letters to her victims, G, A, M, until the letters spell GAME OVER on the person's flesh, and the Drena dies. She sucks the power from the dead Drena, then casts aside the carcass after mutating its form, ripping its soul, life, and body away, condemning it to be a prisoner of death and night forever.

    This is set in a small town on the west coast called Rocky Shores. It is set by a white, sandy beach. The town is small, with a few restuarants here and there, one hospital, one police station, and a fire department. The houses are more concentrated near the various restaurants and the hospitals and then break off into sparce, set apart homes. There is a racetrack on the edge of town that is right next to the beach, but it is currently not racing season. The town is surrounded by thick forest, with a fairly large mountain rising above it all, signaling the start of the Sierra Nevada.

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  2. Jezebel leaned against the thick trunk of the tree, her legs dangling precariously over the branch she was sitting on. A bear was below her, thrashing around at the tree in a desperate attempt to kill his newfound prey. His determined growls were becoming annoying. She sighed, climbing up another branch. The bear was beginning to jump at her, if such a large creature could even manage to do that. It was an amusing sight really.

    Rolling her eyes, she sent a small streak of fire at the bear. It exploded just inches away from it on the ground, embers flying. The bear retreated quickly, obviously now realizing the danger it had put itself in. Jezebel flicked her hand to the side and the fire was gone, the grass charred but just on the edges. It would grow back.

    She climbed down, landing ungracefully on her feet. The moon was high and the air was blisteringly cold. A perfect night to head to town.
  3. It was Zains second day as a drena and he still didn't really understand his powers. He was afraid of being seen with dark glowing eyes, already being seen by a couple of people was enough for him. He was chased by the police, tackled to the ground and chased by a large dog already. He ducked into the forest before anyone else could scream 'MONSTER!' or be abused by another cane... this was horrible. Already three citizens were hurt by him, when he unexpectedly shot them away while they were punching him... just like the first time he found out about his powers...

    As he ran he heard a gun shot and a couple of people talking at the forest edge. "What do you think your doing!"
    "Chasing the demon."
    "Do you have no brain! He probably had hundreds of whatever he is in their waiting for us."

    He sighed as they walked away and stood back up to walk further in. Maybe they chased more people like him into here... maybe someone could explain to him what happened, maybe help him control his curse. He sighed and looked back in the direction of the city and before he knew it he was on the ground and a bear was on top. It didn't stop to see what it had caught it kept going and he was left mostly unharmed. His arm still hurt and he could taste blood on his lip but really nothing serious. After standing and looking in the direction of that the bear had ran off to he sat down at a tree. The bear was acting strange but he didn't really know why, he was just going to wait for morning so he could return to his normal life.
  4. Jezebel froze when she heard gunfire. It wasn't a rare thing in Rocky Shores, which was notorious for its warring gangs, but why did it sound so...close? She didn't move for several seconds, staring in the direction of the gunfire. After nothing else happened, she decided it was safe. She relaxed and continued walking before finally sensing a presence nearby. She straightened and turned, peering into the darkness. There was a boy sitting against a tree, facing away from her. What was he doing in the woods, away from town and off of the man-made trails?

    She stepped closer and winced as her foot snapped on a twig. <em>Way to be stealthy, Jez,</em> she thought to herself irritably. "What are you doing way out here?" she asked, her voice piercing the silence like a carefully-aimed arrow. She hoped he wouldn't recognize her from the news. Someone had, a few weeks back, managed to get a shot of her stealing from the local bakery. The flash of red-orange hair would be unmistakable. Hopefully he hadn't watched any news lately.
  5. Zain jumped when he heard someone speak, he had completely missed the stick cracking because he was lost in thought. "I-I-I-I." He quickly stuttered as he backed away from the person "I-I-I-I." He couldn't think of anything to say and could only make out the outline of the figure. Instead of trying to talk with the woman he turned to run. Just because she was female didn't mean she wasn't dangerous. Females were big parts of gangs and she could be looking to rob him. As he turned he managed to trip over a root and fall straight into the ground. Just as he did a bunch of leaves and sticks shot into the air from him accidentally using his powers. They would land miles away from where he was and, though he didn't realize it was a good thing now, completely miss the girl that he tried to run from.

    Now that he was on the ground and clearly had no time to get up he covered his head and got into a fetal position. "I-I-I-I ran." He managed to get out before fear over took him and he couldn't talk. He felt choked up and was waiting for her to demand his wallet, which was empty, or maybe even some sort of pain as a result of him trying to run... or the empty wallet.
  6. The Cardinal, by now, had realized that Drenas tended to exist on the outskirts of town, in the forest, and sometimes the industrial district, avoiding the residential and commercial areas due to their blessing. Or curse, whatever you want to call it. She was helpful to them, and not afraid of most of them. Some she knew were a bit shifty, like any human, but they were still just that. Humans. Gunshots. Gangs, civilians, and police sometimes hunted Drenas, believing them a hazard to their own safety. Likely, she had a query to save.

    A while passed and she came across a wildlife park near town. A dangerous place to hide, but at least bears didn't wield shotguns. She saw a young woman with unnatural hair and a scared guy with a dark ring about his eyes. Obviously Drenas, plausibly friendly. She could sit and watch, it was plausible she'd need a moment to observe them, but the way she saw it, she knew all she needed to know.

    "Simmer down, young ones. You're Drenas, right? I knew I'd find you here." Likely, they'd be scared and/or aggressive towards her, being that she knew what they were. "Now, now, settle, I'm here to help. I've helped others like you get away from people and the Shadows." Of course, there was a catch - though it was more of a necessity. They'd have to help her see the shadows, and they'd have to do as she said, as well. "But I need you to help me help you."
  7. Jezebel was about to run after him when he started running, but then leaves and twigs shot through the air. They didn't fall lazily down like you would expect them to. They shot straight above her head, becoming smaller and smaller as they traveled farther away. Her eyes widened. Another Drena? She hadn't thought there were others like her, but she was obviously wrong.

    She opened her mouth to say something to the boy when suddenly, a woman approached them. She was human, that much was obvious. She assured them, saying that she would help them. One, Jezebel could never trust anyone's words. Especially a human's. She narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms. "I don't need your help. The Shadows are the least of my problems," she growled. The GAME on her cheek burned slightly, the blood red scars apparent under the bright moonlight.
  8. "I assure you, they're the worst of your afflictions. That much is obvious," she said, gesturing towards the scars. "My name is Franca Alisade. Many - many like yourselves - know me as "The Cardinal", a sort of pseudonym used to represent my helpful assertions. You may have heard of me, or not. You don't seem inclined to believe me, anyhow. I assure you, I have no cause to lie to you nor do I have cause to betray you. As for my reasons for helping you, simply because it's the right thing to do, and, not to mention, I respect you Drenas. You could mold this world into a wonderland if you worked toward it." She dipped her head for a moment to gather a thought. She calculated it would be best not to mention the Warden directly, as it may stir up more distrust. "If you come with me, all I'll require of you is that you don't wander off, that you tell me where the shadows are, and, if I ask you if something is there, I'll need confirmation." Might as well tell them about her own problems. "I'm mildly schizophrenic, you understand. A googly-eyed cuckoo clock. Or whatever metaphor you choose."‚Äč
  9. "Ha! That's what you think! I don't need help, I said. You can't help me. All you would do is get yourself hurt. No one can take down the Warden, especially a powerless human. No offense. These scars? They don't come from shadows," Jezebel said, the scars burning more and more with every word. "They come from the Warden herself. The shadows only damage. They can't do any real harm. That is delivered by the Warden. If you really think you can survive against her, then you are dead wrong."

    She stopped, forcing herself to remain calm. "I won't even begin to try to explain Aria to you."

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  10. Zain didn't get up, he just watched what was happening from the ground without speaking. He took in all the information they were talking about, he was a drena though he had no idea what they were, shadows were bad, and don't go anywhere near the warden. He thought for a moment before realizing the shaded figure he saw yesterday must have been a shadow. They looked scary to him but apparently they were the least of his problems. "Um, whats a drena." He finally got the courage to speak when she stopped talking. "and who's the warden." His voice was quite and he wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't heard, really he hoped it wasn't, he would rather slip away... that is until he noticed something burning on her cheek. "and whats that?" He pointed at the letters spelling out game. It didn't look like a tattoo.
  11. Jezebel looked at him, surprised that he didn't know what she was talking about. She took a deep breath, helping him onto his feet. "Drenas are what we are. Gifted or cursed, whatever you want to call it. Shadows are the Warden's demons. They have white slits for eyes and attack Drenas. The Warden is the creator of shadows. She used to be a Drena, but then she killed one of us and harnessed its energy. From there, she killed more and more Drenas, absorbing their potential and becoming more and more powerful."

    She shuddered when he asked what her scars were. "These are what the Warden delivers. Its a Drena's equivalent of, say, breaking a bone. When the scars spell GAME OVER it's over. We die and the Warden harnesses our potential, our energy. 'The Cardinal' here is not a Drena. She is a human thinking she can take on the shadows and the Warden and actually survive."

    She looked at the woman, studying her. "She thinks she can tempt the Warden's anger and get away with it. News flash for her, the Warden can and will kill her." Now, she was speaking to Franca, despite her use of the third-person.
  12. A sneer crossed her face as the haughty girl kept on. "Fine, then, if you won't allow me to help you, I can't force you." She turned her attention to the young man to her side, wearing a stoic expression once more. "Do noit let her scare you. I know they can kill me. But I believe I can kill shadows myself. The Warden, however, is your kind's problem." She sighed and looked about, searching for signs of shadows. She saw a shimmering in the air and focused on it. "Either of you see that, or is it just me?"
  13. He was a drena... Maybe that's why things kept getting blasted away from him? The warden seemed to be a strange, power hungry girl. Maybe she could be reasoned with? She clearly was to strong to beat. His eyes opened wide she she told him what the letters meant. "S-so four more meets and your gone... forever?" His body was now shaking, he was being hunted by some strange creatures, unable to use his powers at will which was his only defense against them, and he was stuck in a forest being hunted by the city. It was dark, and he didn't have his friend to talk too. He might as well be dead. "See wha- AHH!" he fell back at the sight of a shadow inches from him. He fell over just as it was shot back and landed on the ground again. He also managed to throw the two girls away as well. He stood and looked around "Uhrm, sorry!" he shouted "I don't know how to control it."
  14. "Oof, my back..." Franca sat up and stroked her aching back. "You Drenas don't always do." She started getting up slowly, patting herself off and stretching her back. "However, on a single observation, I'd say it's triggered by instantaneous fear - a startle, if you will. If I'm correct, understanding your power will help you tame it."
  15. Jezebel forced herself to her feet. The shadow retreated, but more would come. "Look, I've been living on my own longer than any of you could imagine," she said calmly, looking at the two. "If anything, you both need help. Franca, I don't know what sort of mess you've gotten yourself into, but it won't be taken kindly. I'm surprised you've managed to last this long."

    She took a deep breath, dusting herself off. "Now, I want you to tell me straight. How do you really expect to help us? I guess he could use some help, no offense, but if I've survived this long, I honestly don't think you can help me much."
  16. "I'm perceptive." Perhaps her best defense was underestimated. "You may be able to see them, but was I not the first to notice that one?" She smirked and raised an eyebrow. "Indeed, I am extremely perceptive. As it were, The Warden is just another Drena, yes? So I could easily see the Warden. And with my perception, I can easily plan and enact escape routes on the fly, and if I have some sort of weapon, I can kill a Shadow myself." She had recently started carrying a dagger, in fact. She swept her cloak to the side to reveal it on her hip. "Not to mention, I offer shelter."
  17. "She's not just another Drena," Jezebel responded, blinking slightly as she sensed something was wrong. Very wrong. But she kept it to herself, trying her best not to start freaking out. "She's a monster, bred to kill Drenas. And humans have no chance against her. You can't hurt her. If I can't kill her with fire..."

    She made a ball of hot, flickering flame in her hands to show what she meant. It was hard to look at, the flame being so hot and bright. It disappeared. "Then what makes you think that a knife will kill her? She's practically made out of impregnable armor. She feels pain, but it doesn't damage her. Not in the slightest. Especially when faced with something like a knife. I'm sorry, but I can't put you in that sort of danger. The Warden knows about me. She knows I live in these woods. If I suddenly disappear, who do you think she'll look to first? Maybe that meddling human who keeps jutting her nose into business she ought not to be jutting her nose in?"
  18. "I never said I could face The Warden. Only the Shadows. But I can help you escape her, as I had said." She looked around for other Shadows. "And my estate is rather easy to evacuate, should she come to raze." She planned for things like someone paranoid. It tends to come with schizophrenia. She also seemed like she felt vulnerable in the darkness. She sort of did, but she had a security in her perception, but still made sure she used it to her advantage.
  19. "And what if she gathers all her Shadows and surrounds the place? What then?" Jezebel asked, trying to figure out if this woman was really taking all the necessary precautions. There were so many things that could go wrong. So many things. She could take care of herself and she would never forgive herself if she got this woman killed.
  20. "There's a cellar. I also have a trapdoor in said cellar which connects to the sewer system, with multiple routes of escape. I have a plan for everything. In the sewers, it's a rather Thermopylaean situation, as we could possibly take on a small number at a time, no? So we can easily escape my estate under any situation." This girl was hard to persuade, rightly so, considering the four letters on her cheek.