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  1. Greetings. I'm currently craving adoption roleplays. Yes, I'd like to play the child who gets adopted. I'm good with playing multiple characters though, so we can work something out to make things fair. The parents can be gay, lesbian, or straight. I have absolutely no preference. I'm also open to it being a single adoptive parent. Real life pictures must be used, if you choose to make character sheets or just provide a picture. I'm flexible regarding reply length. I'm online and able to reply daily. If interested, PM me or reply here since I don't mind which.

    Here are a few characters I'm looking to play:

    Age 4
    Adventurous || Clever || Affectionate || Outspoken
    As a newborn, Max was taken in by his grandmother. Max's mother did not wish to keep him and Max's father remains unknown. The child's grandmother passed away several months back, and he has no relatives willing to care for him.

    Age 5
    Creative || Stubborn || Caring || Active
    Jenny's been in the system for two years. She's almost been adopted twice, but something went wrong each time. Jenny's parents are drug addicts, and she had been taken away due to neglect.

    Age 7
    Billy's father died of cancer when Billy was three years old. He lived with his mother and paternal grandmother up until a few months previous. Both his mother and grandmother abused him. His teacher noticed the signs and called it in.

    Age 11
    Sarcastic || Wild || Smart || Protective
    Nathan has been in foster care for four years. His mother died in a car accident, and his father was deemed an unsuitable parent one year after the death of Nathan's mother.

    Age 5
    Imaginative || Loving || Reserved || Kind
    Sarah's mother gave her up at birth, and Sarah's father took care of her for four years. Shortly after Sarah's father got married, Sarah's father died because a work-related accident. The girl's step-mother didn't want to keep her, so she went into the system.​
  2. I could do this! How much do you write? I tend to have long posts. And would it be okay if my characters already had a couple kids?
  3. I'll do it with you, it's been a while since I've done something like this, but it seems like a nice change from all the fantasy rps, I've been doing lately.
  4. I tend to match my partners usually. Your characters already having a couple kids is fine with me. Which of my characters would you like me to use?

    Awesome. Would you like to double up? Any of my characters you'd like me to use?
  5. the doubling part works fine with me and Sarah and Jenny interest me the most.
  6. I like Jenny, Sarah, and Billy most. I could send you character sheets for my characters if you wish. The kids my characters have would be teenagers though.
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  7. If you're still accepting people for this, I would love to play it with you. I like Billy and Nathan.
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