Adoption by a Same-Sex Couple

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  1. Hello! I'm rather new here and looking to get back into roleplaying. What better to be my first roleplay on this site than an old favorite? The primary focus will be the family dynamics, but there can also be romance between the parents depending on the details we decide on.

    Things to Know:

    • Due to me having an awful lot of spare time currently, I'll be able to reply often.
    • The roleplay can take place over thread or PMing. I have no preference.
    • I'm wanting to play a child or teen that gets adopted by a gay or lesbian couple.
    • One option is each of us doubling to play a child or teen and a parent. For this option the children would be biological siblings and be getting adopted together.
    • Another doubling option involving the children or teens being biological siblings would have your child or teen character already having been adopted and the parents finally adopting their sibling after multiple attempts.
    • We could also have you playing a child or teen who isn't the other's biological sibling and doesn't like the new addition to their family. We'd be doubling for this one too.
    • If you're up for playing both parents, I'm good with that.
    • If you dislike playing multiple characters, you could play one parent. I would play the other parent and the child they're adopting.
    • There's several other options as well that I'm open to discussing, but the above should be enough to get us started in the planning process.
  2. I could do both parents. How much do you write?
  3. Awesome. My post length varies. I typically match my partner.
  4. Okay. Would it be okay if the parents lived with other people? I'd play them too. Also, what age were you thinking? I have another character who would live with them who would be around 11-12
  5. Them living with other people is fine with me. Do you have a preference of the age of my character? I don't have a preference.
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  6. Probably around 11 or 12 would be fine.
  7. That works. Would you like to do character sheets?
  8. Sure. I'll PM you mine in an hour or so. I'm at work and don't have them with me at the moment.
  9. I'll send along mine soon.
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