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Plot bunnies breeding faster than you can take care of them? Have an awesome idea for a plot that you would rather not run or don't have the time for? Want to give someone else a chance to expand on an idea you had? Fill out the form below (or post in your own way) and give someone a chance to adopt a plot bunny! If you see one you wish to adopt, just leave a post on this thread so you get first dibs.

NOTE: Once someone adopts your plot or idea, you no longer have any say in how they utilize it or carry it out, so be sure you really want to hand it over for adoption before you do.

Plot Name:
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Plot Name: The Broken Age


The world as we know it is ending. Civilization is falling, infrastructure's crumbling. In the wake of world weather and environmental distasters and a conflict so big that it is now only called The Devastation, people struggle to carry on. Gangs rule the streets, self titled warlords claim territory, and the remnants of the major military powers are hunted ruthlessly by those who wish to gain power. This is no post apocalypse, this is THE apocalypse, and you are caught right in the middle of it.

But for some, such as Street Lord Cyrano Burke, the apocalypse is a chance. There is territory for the taking, and the strong will survive. Cyrano is no two-bit gang leader and has amassed an army in the Southwest, complete with weapons, strongholds, and a religion all its own. You've arrived at the gates to his compound, seeking refuge, work, food, and a gun. But to impress him, you have to be worth it, something special. And you have to know how to make it in this, The Broken Age.

Genre: Science Fiction/Modern

Any other resources for this plot: None at this time

Adopted by Kala!
Plot Name: God Worlds
In ancient times, our ancestors discovered a way to travel to the stars. At the time, the other planets and satellites in our solar system were habitable and permeated by a magic that kept them alive and, in some cases, lush. On these other worlds, our ancestors discovered the gods of myth, each ruling the planet or moon named after them. Each world suited its god and was inhabited by creatures sacred to and loved by these gods. Our ancestors returned, champions of their deities, but the gods began to war, and it seemed Earth would be caught in the middle. A small group of valiant heroes managed to protect the Earth, erasing all record of the travel to other worlds and convincing Artemis, goddess of the moon, to put a magical shroud around each world that would protect it from the view of anything Earth would send to investigate. But it has been four thousand years and the glamour has worn, fraying around the edges. A trip to the moon Titan is about to reveal the truth of Sol System to all of Earth once more, and Earth is about to end up in the middle of a planetary conflict that it may not survive.
Sci fi/fantasy
Any other resources for this plot:
Plot Name: Sisters Come Together
Concept: Six sisters are usually inseparable, but a catastrophe happens, and they are all separated somehow (this part is flexible) They then each make their way back together, to try and find each other before the same catatastrophe happens again. Each of these sisters has a special magical power however.
Genre: Fantasy
Any other resources for this plot:
Plot Name: Big Game Hunting

Concept: Drafling Park is, in essence, a hunter's safari. Brimming with creatures both large and small, each group of hunters sign up for a week in the reserve, to hunt to their hearts' content. Under certain conditions, they are even able to take what they kill. The hunting ground, however, must be kept closed off from the outside world, however, in order to prevent any form of anything escaping. That basically means the hunters sign up for a week of hunting as they please - even if there is the high possibility of death.

Genre: ModFan

Any other resources for this plot: Based somewhat on the
Monster Hunter franchise.
Plot Name: The Death of Mother Nature Suite
Concept: In an alternate Earth, magic and mythical beasts have always existed and just are. They are accepted and other myths have taken their place as stories to be told to children. Technology has advanced in a similar vein as it has on this Earth, and thus there are computers, smart phones, hybrid cars, solar panels, and caffeinated drinks. However, all of the production methods are intricately tied to magic and the human population is smaller, sharing space with many mythical beasts and spread through extra worlds that overlap with Earth such as the Summer Lands. But a problem has come up: Suddenly, the mythical beasts are dying, the magic is fading, and Earth is faced with a crisis. Without their magic to power the development and maintenance of technology, the threat of a dark age is looming. Will their humanity find a way to save the creatures of our legends, will they manage to find ways to survive without magic, or will the entire world of technology come to a terrible halt?
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Any other resources for this plot: Theme song The Death of Mother Nature Suite by Kansas
Plot Name: Last Stand
Concept: Born into a world that does not love her she must fight for survival. Her companion must overcome his own issues if he is to help her gain the respect she so craves. Before she can get her desires she must first battle with those who oppress her, and wish to tear her down. Battle ravages the land and soon it is she who is begged to help in the fight. Will she help those who’d looked down on her for her entire life, or will she simply let them fall into ruin, reveling in their destruction?
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/One x One
Any other resources for this plot:
I would like to do brainstorms on Revision's God Worlds to make some minor adjustments (I wouldn't want every single user to make like three gods & planets & solar systems for their chars separately and then have a hot mess of completely different planets ranging from definitely technological/sci-fi to rather unrealistic fantasy … well you get the idea); I would like to stabilize the chaotic part of it a bit, giving it a couple boundaries so it's more straightforward/easier to overview. For example, a limited amount of solar systems with a certain amount of planets, and each solar system has a general theme so people can just focus on the one that suits them best, rather than coming up with their completely unique things without paying much heed to cooperating with others' ideas as is necessary in roleplay.

Anyway. Thank you Revision for this great idea, I would like to pull it into my den to think over how to turn this into an amazing RP :D Since I'm more of a passive RPer, if anyone has a vested interest in it, too, feel free to PM me, we could work together, but for this I should say right from the start that our visions of the RP can't be completely incompatible. (Which is not to say different, just … incompatible XD)
Add all the structure you want. These are meant to be vague to allow for customization in the first place.
Plot Name: La Grande Mascarade
La Grande Mascarade, a secret event held all over Europe by the french underworld made to amuse aristocrats and provide the murderous for a chance to dispose of their rivals without having to bother with hiding the corpses. Held annually in the catacombs, abandoned mines or remote grottoes, these singular events are darkly gruesome in nature and are attended only by the elite of the underworld and some of their aristocratic patrons.

For one week, the guests are sealed inside a great underground area with plenty of food and amusement in the form of feasts and unsuspecting carnies told that the event was merely a get together for the rich and famous. There the grotesque festivities starts, the guest left to themselves and to their darkest desires.

This time, in the year 1805, La Grande Mascarade is held in the Catacombs of Paris, where the very first masquerade was held.

Genre: Horror, Crime, Historical.
Any other resources for this plot:
I think I might try to work up something for Revi's "Death of Mother Nature". I love the concept!
Plot Name:
It's time to take some action boys it's time to follow me!
Set in a world very similar to ours but there are creatures that hide in plain sight, all sorts of fantasy creatures that take on human forms to hide among us. These creatures preach the importance of hiding from human knowledge to their offspring and for countless generations these monsters have hidden from our sight. Then the Great War happened. Massive in-fighting from the creatures made them all swear for peace with one another. The newest generation of creatures is raised in this environment, everybody preaching peace and saying how good it all is while tensions run just beneath the surface.

The new generation, hungry for something more, finds themselves drawn to a movement sweeping their society. A movement that calls for them to leave the dark and enter the light, give the humans the knowledge of what they are, that they're there. The head of this movement is both charismatic and power-hungry, he voices peace but secretly prepares for war.
Fantasy (potentially high-fantasy), possible 1x1, possible group, war, secrecy, spies, and all that jazz.
Any other resources for this plot:
Somewhat based off the American hippy movement, could be more like this or less like this. The basic idea is that these creatures are coming into adulthood knowing that everything is not right and wanting more than what their parents had.
Plot Name:
Come in Closer
Human souls provide energy to keep Heaven warm and Hell cool. Without soul power, both regions will become inhospitable wastelands once more, incapable of supporting the great civilizations that have grown in each one. Of course, there never seems to be enough souls for the both of them, and eventually their greed for new souls drives them to kill the human race off by the billion. Naturally /that/ doesn't last long and with their energy supply now exhausted, both Angels & Demons are forced to evacuate to Earth, each blaming the other for the destruction of the human race.
Of course, there are border areas which neither race inhabit, and these areas become magnets for young people looking to escape the everyday struggle of their lives. Bars, brothels, all kinds of places spring up out of the dust, populated by the handful of remaining humans, by halfbreeds and outcasts from all walks of life. Exposed to each other's culture, those who visit the borderlands become less hostile to the other. What would happen if the prince/princesses of the two sides happened to meet each other at one of these louche locations? If a general is dragged there by a friend eager to show them the wild side of life? Perhaps the two sides will not conflict for much longer- or perhaps outright war will break out.
Fantasy, nonspecific time period
Any other resources for this plot:
Song: Come in Closer by Blue October. Available on YouTube & iTunes.
Plot Name:Highlander rp(could be called last one standing)
Concept:Basically you are either a Mortal,Immortal(new or old)or a watcher. Basically the Immortals fight to be the last immortal left.You can start as a mortal and become a immortal. Baiscally the immortals fight for each others quickings(got by decaptating and killing other imoortals)
Any other resources for this plot: and
plot name: To Search for Home
Concept: you can be ANYTHING do to advanced nanotechnology (nanobots and stuff like that) and genetic engineering and/or augmentation and aliens incountered by the colonists, immortality is common. the Earth is in danger of total destruction, colonization projects where put in to place in 2305 and in 2398 sixteen massive world ships where finished with a new tech that would allow near instant transport from point-A to point-B called a STAR JUMPER. The ships each able to hold 2,356,681 colonists each, a total of 37,706,896 colonists. The ships were finally loaded and filled in 2405 and in 2406 where sent out, each in a different direction but keeping in contact with each other. about a year later Earth was plaged by an incurable diseases it was called "The Gene Plage" or "The G Plage" because it attcked the genetic structure and broke it down, it was highly contagious and had a kill rate of 100%, Earth was immediately quarantined. After a mouth all contact with Earth was lost. during the time the colonists made alliances with new found alien races and colonies where set up. its been 1,000 years sence Earth was lost and war between many races has broke out. All info on Earths location has been eather lost or destroyed over the years but a single pice of information still exists and a new group of scavengers whos only heard of Earth has found it in a deserted out post in an old experimental military starship called the Shadow of Intent with a crew capacity of 8 with weapons and shelds more advanced than even the most current military vessels. And this is were your story starts
Genre: Future Sifi/Fantasy maybe mature
Any other resources forthis plot: none
Requests: please notify me if you wish to modify or add anything and /or start it up. I would like to know ^_^ thank you.
Character Bio. subject to change by the person who takes the RP idea

Character Name: The name of your character.
Gender: Male or Female.
Species/Race: Human, Demon, Etc. Or even Race and Nationality.
Age: How old is your character.
Birthplace/World: Where the character comes from.
Occupation: Their job.


General Appearance: Eyes, Hair, Height, and other visual details. Pictures also work.
Strengths: These are the thing your character is physically good at doing.
Weaknesses: These are things your character physically WEAK at.


Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.
Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.
Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!
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Plot Name: The Hellion's academy

Concept: Hellions, entities with strange gifts and influences over natural phenomona. Even though hellions and humans today get along perfectly fine, it wasn't always like that. When humans first descovered hellions they didn't take too kindly to their powers and banned them from ever using them. The penalty was sever for whoever disobeyed.

A certain group of individuals gave the humans a hard time and, since hellions are harder to kill and live longer than humans, the humans had no choice but to bannish them to a remote island. There, these individuals founded a school for young hellions.

Though the School fights mainly for peace and offers guidence and discipline for those who need it, there's an ever growing group of hellions who call themselves the Efacence and view humanity as weak and pitiful; a species created to be ruled. As their power grows, the students begin to divide themselves between the ones who will fight with the humans, the ones who agree with the Efacence, and the ones who think it's none of their buisness.

Who will you stand for?

Common Powers (so far): Fire, earth, water, wind, ice, speed, and strength.

Uncommon Powers (so far): Metal, electricity, gravity

Rare Powers (so far): Balance, Element Mimicry, Death, Life, Time, Space

Genre: Fantasy?

Any other resources for this plot: PM me.
I'm reviving this!

Plot Name: Cabin Fever
Concept: A locked-room roleplay in which players become stuck in a haunted (or otherwise spookified) cabin; the only way out is to appease the ghosts within!
Genre: Horror/Supernatural
Any other resources for this plot: N/A; I recommend doing some research on writing horror/spooky stuff, but that's just me.
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