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  1. The sun gleaned through the surface of the water,burning through the bubbles and ripples.
    Beneath the surface of the pond was Adonis's face,passed out,almost lifeless by this point.

    His eyes shut open and he saw himself surrounded by water,panicking he swam to the surface.
    His head bobbed up,his hazel eyes looking around frantically for any form of support.

    Adonis looks around himself to figure out that he was in a pond surrounded by a forest.

    As his eyes kept frantically searching for someone,he saw some people on horses. Were they people? Maybe elves or a ruthless army.

    He was about to run after them but he soon realized he was naked. Embarrassed, he sighed as combed back his long honey brown hair.

    "Hey! Over here!" He yelled as he waved his arms.
  2. The woman travelling with the group hears a young man as they gallop past. She tells the others to go on without her as she turns her horse around toward the voice. "Hello? Is anyone out there?" she keeps her hand on her dagger looking around for a stranger.

    After trotting around with her horse she finds a naked young man on the side of the path. She looked over at him blinking at him with her light blue eyes not sure if he's one of those perverted males or a decoy for someone else. "Umm.. May I help you?"
  3. "...what forest is this? I just woke up and I don't know where I am." He softly said,still keeping his chin close to the surface of the water.
  4. She hops off her horse rubbing its back gently before walking over to the pond kneeling slightly looking at him curiously. "This is Hushwood forest you know it gets dangerous here at night which is like in a few hours. Do you remember what you have done yesterday or earlier?"
  5. "I just remember going to bed and my name. That's all." He said.
  6. Hmm...that's odd..." The woman walks back over to the horse pulling out a blanket for him to covering himself walking back over. "Well you can come with me if you like? I live in a village not to far from here"
  7. "Thank you, I owe you." He smiled warmly.
  8. The large man, muscly in size, wearing a suit of black and gold dyed leather body armor looks down at the naked man, a pipe in his mouth as a spiked brass chain swung from over his shoulder. Under strands of coarse black hair and through dark grey eyes, the large man looks down at the naked man expressionlessly.
    "Good grief..." He says plainly in a low, yet calm and collected voice, keeping his large hands tight around the reins of the horse. He looks at the naked man plainly for a while, then sighs.
    "That's a strange story indeed. You'd better get some rest and clothes. I presume you can tell us your name." The large man says in a calm, but certainly not inviting tone. He rummages in his pack, then throws down some basic green cloth garments to the man.
  9. She puts down the blanket in front of him then walks to her horse holding the leash thinking a little. "Maybe someone in town will know him."
  10. "Hmph. Perhaps." The man agrees plainly, looking down at the strange man before climbing off his horse, his heavy body giving a thud as it hit the floor, and his brass chain clanking from the impact. He holds the horse by the reins at its mouth, before turning to the woman with a whisper.
    "This man could be anyone. We should be careful. Although he doesn't exactly seem dangerous." The large man warns, then turns back to the once naked man.
    "Get changed. Like she said, the town might be able to help your bad memory."
  11. Faye sighed softly with a nod since he was right this forest is known for having strange creatures. He could change form at any minute and start attacking. "You's going to be weird to walk into town with a naked guy they're going to think he is our prisoner or something." she crosses her arms slowly looking up at the armored male.
  12. "It certainly will be strange. But that can't be helped. We'll ask why exactly he was laying naked later." The large man says, removing a leaf of chewing tobacco from a pocket in his armour, and slowly chewing it. It was a habit of his that he never really dropped.
    "Besides, we can't just leave him here. Hopefully he'll get changed." The large man says plainly with a light gesture to the pile of basic green garments at the man's feet. He spits out one of the leaves passively as he waits for the strange man to get changed.
  13. Charles looked at the man,intimidated by interested. He gets changed quickly, covering himself in the blanket that the women gave her.
    "Is it okay if I ride on your horse?" He asked the man sweetly, his hazel eyes were soft as he looked at him.
  14. Faye blinked then pointed at the large man's horse "You can ride his horse" she smiled moving her loose golden brown locks behind her ear then looked over at the man chewing tobacco.
  15. The large man indifferently looks into the man's hazel eyes for a while, then spits out another leaf as if he's made a decision.
    "Fine. But don't think about running off with it." He warns, and offers a hand to help the man onto his horse. His eyes were cool and uncaring, but they were always passively searching the area for potential threats.
  16. Charles takes his hand and mounts the horse.
    As he was riding along with him,charles would occasionally meet eyes with the man and occasionally glance at him.
    "What's your name?"
  17. "You can ride with me" She climbed onto her horse smiling softly then patted the back of her horse teasing him a little. "I don't think he would do that plus your horse is too loyal for that.
  18. "Well,I'm already on the horse." He scoffed but smiled.
  19. "Name's Tarrow." Tarrow says plainly as the horse's hooves begin to clop against the ground, his brass chain jingling and clanking over his shoulder.
    "You said you could remember your name. What is it." Tarrow asks in a more demanding than questioning voice.
  20. "Adonis," he said firmly, in the same tone as him, almost mocking.