Adolescent Canine [Teen Wolf: Next Generation] *WIP*

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    It's been twenty years since the original gang had roamed these crowded halls of Beacon Hills High School and fought the deadly creatures that lurked around in the dark. Since then all has been calm and normal. That is....until now.

    This is a next-generation roleplay revolving around the MTV hit series, Teen Wolf. It's set twenty years after everything that's happened before. It's a new fresh start with our own characters! It's pretty much a sandbox roleplay where anything (as long as it fits) can happen.

    -My word is law!
    -Along with Brea's!
    -And Iwaku's, of course!
    -If I'm not here, then refer to Brea.
    -No fighting in the OOC. No one wants to read that. Take it to PM.
    -If you have any concerns or questions or comments, you can refer to me or Brea!
    -Limit of three characters!
    -There might be character death. Be prepared to let go of your character.
    -If your character happens to be on the verge of killing someone else's, make sure it's okay with them.
    -Ask someone about crushing on their character before you go crushing on their character.
    -You know what, anything that involves someone else's character, ask them.
    -Plot twists are welcomed! Surprises are always fun and interesting.
    -I'd like there to be some humans in this roleplay.
    -No God-Modding, okay? No one is invincible. Not even werewolves.
    -No perfect characters.
    -Only post on the IC when you're ACCEPTED!!!
    -Remember to have fun and not to take things so seriously!
    -Failure to follow these rules will result in you possibly getting kicked out after being warned.

    :Appearance [Real pictures, please!]:

    [You are allowed to add more info. to your CS.]


    GM: Me.
    Co-GM: Brea.
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