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What color group would you like the ADMINS to be?

Poll closed May 12, 2016.
  1. Brown

  2. Yellow

  3. Purple

  4. Aqua Blues

  5. Bluey Blues

  6. Mauvey Pinks

  7. Redish Oranges

  8. Creamsicle Oranges

  9. True Greens

  10. Olive Greens

  11. Teal Greens

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. In our last vote for the Staffers, #FF0033 won by a single vote! That was a pretty close poll. I think this color is electric and lovely. Funnily enough, we will be a slight alteration of how the staff tier works, so all staffers will have a variation of this color depending on what their job is on the team. (That'll be a fun announcement for later!)

    Now it is time to vote for your ADMINS! YES! You even get to vote on the Admins new color! :D For admins we need a color that stands out from the other colors. And because all of our selected colors so far have been strong electric colors, it is recommended that you choose something that fits with that theme. Or don't and I'll just frown a lot. >:[

    In this poll "Rosey Pinks" and "Red" have been removed, as the Staff color falls in between those two and we don't want something too similar.

    For reference again, here are the colors that have already been decided!

    Newbies Color
    Members Color
    Donators Color
    Community Volunteers Color
    Staff Color
  2. Brown, the color of mud.
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  4. But brown/tan is my color... I don't want to risk you people voting on me...
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  5. If we vote in horrid colors in spite we still have to look at the colors! >:[
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  6. I'm not gonna put colors I hate in the HEX poll. 8D Cause screw you trolls, I DO WHAT I WANT.
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  7. @Diana if Yellow wins regardless of how much you don't want it to win, I think we should have TRUE yellows only. You don't want the color but it keeps winning!! You're torturing yourself, thus we should hold true to the color! XD
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  8. The poor newbs were the only ones trolled.
  9. I maintain that the CVs were also trolled -_-
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  10. I think there could have been MUCH worse colors.
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  11. Pfft, that's because the color perfectly matches you! <_<
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  12. But we can't do true yellow because it won't show up properly on white. D: All hex codes have to show up on both color styles!
  13. What are you talking about, I selected them all.
  14. I was thinking a nice gold for our lovely admins. not a bright gold, a deep gold.
  15. I don't give a fudge what color the admins get. I'm still mourning the loss of my beautiful blue and crying over my vomit jello orange. ;-;

    But I voted for blue cause at least then the admins would have the color I like. </3
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  16. I'm voting for blues because yellows are horrid.
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  17. Rainbows! I vote rainbow!
  18. Purple is nice, right? >_>
  19. It could have been worse, yes. But it could have been MUCH better too.
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  20. Yellow to complete the rainbow :D
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