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    Over fifteen thousand years ago, the world was filled to bursting with magic. Gods the size of mountains walked the land, and mere men could rain down fire from the sky. It was a time of boundless creation and change, commonly known as the Age of Myths. But it became too much for the world to handle, and a cataclysmic event began to tear the world apart. This destruction was halted, but it's effects still scar the world today. Entire countrysides float leagues above the ground, the mighty gods have disappeared, and magic was reduced to no more than sparks and shadows.

    However, now those sparks turn into flames, and shadows turn into false nights. There are rumours of the heads of gods being glimpsed behind distant mountains, and people being born with unnatural powers. The slow decline of the strange races of the world has stopped, and now they grow more populous every day.

    You will be playing the role of a person of exceptional talents in the service of a wealthy treasure hunter that has stumbled upon knowledge of an ancient remnant from the Age of Myths. A remnant that may have caused the awakening of this return of magic. A remnant that happens to be on the far side of the known world; if it exists at all. It's a long, dangerous journey, and your employer has gathered you to act as guides and protection on the roads to come. Whether you hold true, deal in betrayal, or strike out on your own is all up to you.

    Current Available Employers: (Can be seen in the Non-Player Characters tab)
    • Ard Revelle (Advantage: Wealth)
    • Sandra Misworth (Advantage: Powerful Mage)
    • Felice Saradhan (Advantage: Mental Manipulation)
    Note: More potential employers will be added depending on how many players we get. The reason for this is to help keep people in more manageable groups.

    • Note: Format it however you want, as long as the information is present and easy to find. Or just copy+paste the code below this example.

      Name: What is your character called?
      Age: Years upon this fictional world in which your character has been alive.
      Sex: AKA biological AKA androgynous/unknown is allowed AKA whatever
      Race: Are they human or otherwise?
      Appearance: What do they look like? Picture, description, haiku, animated 3D feature length film, dress up flash game, or any combination thereof allowed.
      History: Your character's past. Doesn't need to be extravagant or an eight page detailed account of every aspect of their life. Just give enough to let us understand who your character is.

      • Trait #
      • Trait #
      • Etc

      Unique Aspect - Your unique aspect.

      CS Code (open)

      [list][*]Trait II
      [*]Trait I

      [b]Unique Aspect[/b] -
    • Beyond the normal flavour-focused part of your character, there is a mechanical aspect to them as well. This is to help define your characters strengths and weaknesses from the outset. The purpose of these is that there will be some dice work in the background. Simple stuff, and nothing that you'll really need to worry about. Also to note: there are no critical failures, so you won't suddenly be killed attempting some easy task or anything like that.

      And yes, characters can be killed. But play to your strengths, be smart with your plans, and work together, and you'll probably come out okay.

      Now how does this affect character creation? To start off with, you get four points to divide among the general traits, as well as a unique aspect (which I'll explain in a moment). The general traits measure your prowess in various physical and magical skills. Skills can be taken more than once, with no set limit (so yes, technically, you could put four points into a single skill; that's called minmaxing).

      Unique aspects are designed by you. To start off with, you only get one. This unique aspect can be almost anything. It can scale over time, it can be a passive buff, it can be an active action you are capable of doing. Though something to note: If you are playing a non-human race and wish to gain any benefits that race has (The strength of a troll, the grace of an elf) that will take up your unique aspect. If you wish to be a spellcaster, you will need to use your unique aspect to explain your magical capabilities (fire magic, necromancy, etc). And finally, your unique aspect can be magical in origin or form without you taking Magic traits (examples of such things can include the ability to temporarily turn invisible, or speak to the dead).

      Whenever a fairly major event is finished in the RP (be it accomplishing some kind of goal, failing to accomplish some kind of goal, etc) players will be able to get more general traits, as well as another unique aspect. The specifics of how much of those you gain will be decided by me whenever it comes up.
    • These traits measure your physical (or in the case of Magic, meta-physical) prowess in various areas. Something to note: there are no traits related to intelligence, cunning, or charisma. Those are all solely dependent upon your roleplaying.

      Note: While Poise may seem like a charisma boost, it only is by association. In truth, it is purely in the way you hold yourself. A character with no Intimidation, for instance, can still force others to their will with an appropriate threat, and a character with no Inspiring can still rally an army with an impressive speech.

      Finally, for comparison, the average person would have about two points in relevant traits. So a soldier might have Flurry of Blows I + Block I, an archer Strength I + Accuracy I, a labourer Strength II, etc.

        • Strength - Strength is what allows you to carry great weights and crush foes with your blows.
        • Block - Your ability to defend yourself from threats; be it by the use of armour, shields, or weapons of your own.
        • Endurance - Endurance is what lets you carry on and resist the effects of fatigue.
        • Fortitude - Your ability to take and shrug off injuries.
        • Charger - Speed and momentum is all in the muscles, after all.

        • Flurry of Blows - Lets you unleash a veritable storm of swords upon your foes.
        • Acrobatics - Cartwheels, jumping, climbing, and keeping your feet on unstable terrain.
        • Reflexes - Your reflexes are what let you dodge incoming dangers and such things.
        • Deftness - It takes a certain subtlety to slip a merchants coin purse out from under his cloak.
        • Accuracy - Does nothing for how hard a punch your arrows pack, but at least you can hit someone with one.

        • Unseen - Often times it can be handy to passed unnoticed.
        • Desirable - A measure of your ability to seduce and entrance others.
        • Inspiring - The firmness of your shoulders, the determined set of your jaw; all inspire courage in those that follow you.
        • Intimidating - Be it a mad glint in your eye, the crushing power of your hands, or the disgusting aroma of your body, people are not inclined to get in your way.
        • Trustworthy - People are more inclined to believe what you say, whether or not you're actually being honest.

        • Potency - The sheer strength of your spellcasting.
        • Control - Without control, your magic is erratic and unpredictable. This lets you increase the complexity and versatility of your spells.
        • Recuperation - Just like physical fatigue, spellcasters need rest before slinging more fireballs. This lets you get to the burning faster.
        • Reservoir - How much magic one can cast before running out of juice.
        • Counter-Magic - Your capability to resist magic against yourself. In a spellcaster, also let's them take a more active role and stop the magic at the source.

    • [​IMG]

      Magic is the life-force and very essence of gods. To expect a mortal to harness it without worry is foolish. In order for a magic user to wield this power, they must modify their own physical form to something more than a man. The stronger the magic they use, the less human they become. This process is known as purification.

      For a simple town charlatan, this change could be as simple as eyes of silver. For the average wandering pyromancer (which is about the power level any magician PCs will be starting at), it could be a hand and forearm made of intricate cast iron. But for the true spellcasters, the ones who turn rain to fire and can bid an entire river rise to their service, there is little left of their mortal form. A face replaced with an eternal waterfall, limbs of silk and fire, and a torso of gilded beauty are par for the course for such powerful beings.
    • If there's anything you want to talk to me about, there are two preferred outlets:
      1) Iwaku's own private message system
      2) On Skype. My username is Herzinth, and my current screenname is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

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      Visited Locations (open)

      • [​IMG]

        Celestia is where the roleplay will begin. Nestled in the pass between two mountain ranges, it is built on and around the floating remains of the mountain that used to seal the pass. According to the inhabitants, the mountain was shattered by Ghalad, the Slumbering God, when he awoke to himself buried far underground.

        It is one of the oldest cities in Adira, and over the millennium countless tombs have been carved into the landscape. The people are used to strangers, as the ancient buildings and tombs attract all kinds of adventurous treasure hunters.
    • [​IMG]

      The gods of Adira are powerful beings the size of small mountains. They do not often concern themselves with the doings of man, in much the same way mortals do not concern themselves with the doings of ants. Even among the stories from the Age of Myths, the deaths of gods are few and far between; and the majority of those few deaths caused by infighting between the gods themselves.

      Beyond generally being humanoid in shape, their appearances can vary greatly. Some are clad in gilded plate armour, while others are covered in a chitin exoskeleton. Some wear masks, others have the face of a man, and others simply have a void of light in place of a head.

      Wherever a god treads, purities appear. Purities appear to be ordinary creatures or plants except utterly bereft of colour and impossibly smooth to the touch. They are believed to be made of pure magic, though the secret of how to harness that magic - if there ever was one - has been long lost. Most purities will mindlessly follow the god that created them in a blinding procession, while those that are left behind slowly fade away, disintegrating over the course of weeks.
    • Living
      • N/A
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        Name: Ard Revelle
        Age: 103
        Sex: Male
        Race: Half-elf, half-human
        Known History: One of the many treasure hunters that reside in Celestia, he's a wealthy half-elf who has hired a group of talented people to help him find an ancient remnant of the Age of Myths on the far side of the world. The specifics of what the remnant is or where it is he keeps a closely guarded secret, though he has revealed that he found out about it during his explorations of Celestia, and that it is somewhere in the grand forests of central Wrenstock.
      • [​IMG]

        Name:Sandra Misworth
        Age: 37
        Sex: Female
        Race: Human
        Known History: Sandra was with Ard when they stumbled upon the tomb containing information on the remnant. She decided to strike out on her own in the hopes of claiming it for herself. She's a powerful mage who grew up in Deshold before heading out into the world to make use of her talents.
      • [​IMG]

        Name: Felice Saradhan
        Age: 187
        Sex: Female
        Race: Human Vampire
        Known History: Felice wasn't with Ard or Sandra when they learned of the remnant, but rather took the information from them after the fact. Or at least, the location of the tomb containing said information. Born and raised in Celestia, she gained her current affliction while delving in some caves deep in the ravines.
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  2. Name: Zennith Dumah
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human
    Pic (open)


    History: Zen was an angry girl during her childhood, asocial towards her piers and didn't much go into quilting or textile until in her teens where she used those skills to work on her own garments and even leather armor. However, she was rather violent as a kid and there for did not have many friends. She was boyish and often mistaken for a boy until she hit puberty where her femininity came to her appearance, but only to her appearance. She was a brawler and often got into fights, some of which she did to make money in taverns and made quite a lot at first since many wagered against her.

    Despite her hard attitude she had a certain passion for beasts, fascinated by their behavior and their attributes, causing her to learn the various ways to handle them and train them. Since her biggest interest is in dangerous beasts from large wolves to soaring dragons, her methods tended to go to intimidation and showing the beast who was the alpha. This also required strength to show her superiority to the beast in question.

    With her beast lore and training she took more jobs that involved creatures that cause troubles to various villages such as a lone wolf killing sheep or a dragon that had burned down a farm. She often got help during these, joining sellswords to further this passion of hers even though they tended to use her skills to kill the beasts.

    • Strength II
    • Intimidating I
    • Acrobatics I
    Unique Aspect - Beast Taming

    Zen is an accomplished beast tamer, taking coin to subdue rowdy creatures that cause too much problems yet are not to be killed. Her skill is that impressive though as she isn't magic savvy and instead uses her own natural talent to quell the beast she has her eye on. Her most loyal companion is a canine, large and hunched like a hyena with a light tan fur that darkens at his back in a dark brown mohawk. Spotted with black and a white star on his forehead. He was owned by another at first before he came into the possession of Zen and she nicknamed him Ceb.
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  17. CS

    Name: Hua Ling

    Age: 19

    Sex: Female

    Race: Human (Abnormally long ears because of her unique ability. Left hand is made out of metal. It is usually covered with a brown glove with the symbol of an ancient rune upon it. The glove does not have any influence on her magical abilities.)


    Hua Ling is a young oriental woman from the Aer, on the southern side of the Futher Sea. At an early age she has always been gifted with an unique ability – the power to bring her drawings to life. Seeing that she was not like the other children of the city, her parents put her under the tutelage of a skilled artist by the name of Beng Chao. Hua and her new mentor studied in the way of art for as long as she can remember. The better she got with her drawings, the more adept she was with her unique form of magic. One day a letter came to her from Ard Revelle. It was a summons for her to come to Celestia in order to pursue what was thought to be ancient remnant. Eager about the opportunity (and the ability to possibly tap into some unknown power) Hua boarded the next ship to Celestia that day.

    • Potency​
    • Control II​
    • Desirable​

    Unique Aspect
    Paint Magic: The unique ability that Hua has had ever since birth – Paint Magic. Paint Magic allows her to draw almost anything and manifest it into matter, as long as it is drawn on a hard surface. This means that if she chose to paint a sword on the ground, the finished painting would glow before materializing into an exact replica of the item she was imagining in her mind. This newly created blade would then have almost the same strength as a regular blade forged from whatever substance she saw. The only catch is that the image of the object or thing she is trying to paint has to be vivid in her mind, and she can only store up to six images in her mind. Also, their materialization period can only last about ten minutes for now. So, Hua can materialize a bird to send a message to an ally. After the bird delivers the message, or after ten minutes, the bird shall disappear and the image of the bird will disappear from her mind. This opens a space for another item or thing to be remembered vividly, which can be in turn materialized just like the bird. To completely clear her mind and open all six spaces for new drawings, all Hua has to do is simply rub her temples three times in a clockwise motion with her eyes closed.

    I am very eager to join. I want to become the GOD OF PAINT.
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  18. First, a question: Does the image only need to be vivid in her mind while painting, or for the entire duration of the object?

    Also, strength/durability of the objects would be tied to Potency, and complexity+duration to Control. If that's fine with you, then Hua will get to be the first accepted character.
  19. Vivid while she is painting it. If she gets stunned in the process then the image will just fade from her mind.

    And about the second part: Does that mean I should have Potency II, Control I, and Desirable? If so, then I am perfectly fine with it.
  20. Callawyn
    Modern Rogue.jpg
    Name: Callawyn "Cal" Arrowfell
    Age: 27
    Race: Human (Shadecursed)
    History: Callawyn is a thief, plain and simple. He always has been, starting out as a young boy sneaking around his home in the port town of Fier and stealing things from his parents to see how long it would take them to notice. With time and practice, Cal got better at his trade, and began to steal more things, things of value. And keeping them. Only once was he ever caught, and from then on he has always despised the law and it's enforcement. He was jailed, imprisoned for seventeen years on charges of theft (he was trying to steal and heirloom from the richest man in town). However, he never completed that sentence. Three days after he was locked up, Cal found himself able to turn himself and the items on his person into a black cloud of wispy smoke, and escape through the window. He escaped, and discovered the only reason he existed was because his father had made a deal with a Shade, a type of minor demon that reproduces through infecting unborn children with it's blood, as his mother was infertile. Cal ran from home and used his talents and Shadelike abilities to steal his survival from others, and evade lawmen and priests alike.

    Most recently, he was contacted by Ard Revelle, a treasure hunter, seeking to employ his particular set of talents.

    • Acrobatics I
    • Deftness II
    • Unseen I

    Unique Aspect- Shadecursed- Cal can transform as will into a cloud of smoke to travel to harder to reach places- through grates, gates, cracks between floorboards, etc. Anywhere he can't reach without doing so. However, he is limited in this. He cannot travel any more that 100 yards in any direction, and can only hold smoke for for as long as he can hold his breath, or about a minute and a half. He can only move through spaces big enough to blow air through and feel on the other side (no moving through porous brick walls. If he holds it too long or moves too far in this form, he will dissipate beyond a point of being able to keep himself together and die. Needless to say, Cal doesn't use this extremely often.
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