Adira - Volume 1: Rise of Legends (IC)

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    Chapter One
    Newborn Contracts and Age-old Abstracts


    Celestia was one of the oldest settlements known to man, founded in the Age of Myths so many millennium ago. A fact only a handful of places could boast of. But where the others stagnated beneath the weight of their age, Celestia soared upon it. No other city was as great a hub for travelers of all cultures to intermingle, and the constant clashing of ideas let the city grow and prosper both physically and figuratively.

    Then, of course, there was the fact that the city did in fact soar high into the sky. Shattered by a waking god in it's earliest days, chunks of a nameless mountain long forgotten rested where they were thrown instead of falling back down to the ground. And the city grew into and among these floating spires. The uppermost reaches dared to challenge the clouds, while the lowermost buildings hid amid ravines that were never touched by the light of day.

    Including the light of this day, with the autumn sun casting shallow light across the city. Across the city, various people of strange and exceptional talents in a city for those with strange and exceptional talents were answering the call of one of a few treasure hunters. Treasure hunters who say they've discovered the location of a remnant of the Age of Myths, and are looking for guards and guides to get them across to the far side of the world in order to claim it.

    For those entering the employment of Ard Revelle, they'd be ushered through the well lit and well decorated halls of a large stone mansion. In fact, the mansion took up the entirety of one of the smaller floating pieces of Celestia. Ard himself would be found in his study, with a few bottles of wine laid out for his quests. He was a tall man, with the combined beard and pointed ears of a half-elf. If the setting around him didn't display his wealth, his attire did; a long-tailed overcoat in green and cloth-of-gold, an array of subdued but valuable rings, and and silver piercings in his ears. He would reply to attempts to talk to him, but eventually deflect the conversation into silence.

    Sandra Misworth, on the other hand, would be found in the common area of an inn resting partway down the ravines. The Jaunty Giant, it was called, with average food and average ale. As her hired help came in, she'd wave them over and offer them drinks, though notably say nothing about the cost being on her. A dark-haired woman with slates of pale stone coating the right side of her face, with her right eye being made of white marble. Disappearing beneath her collar, the slate reappeared on her hands, which were entirely made of the stone with the fingers ending in points.

    As for Felice Saradhan, she asked for those interested in her offer to meet her at the entrance to an old mine deep, deep in the northern ravines. While abandone, the mine wasn't in dangerous disrepair. The wooden supports were as strong and solid as the day they had been put up, most likely due to an enchantment. Those who went to see her would notice her eyes first, and the way they glowed violet in the dim light. Several torches would be lit, their flickering glow revealing a wagon filled with various supplies; enough for a long journey without replenishment. Felice herself would be twitchy, never able to keep her eyes on one place for too long, foot tapping a staccato rhythm on the stone ground.
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  2. Tegami woke up inside of a wooden wagon pulled by four beautiful black horses, it was right middle of the day, with the sun burning in his face, the sweat ran down through his face to the bottom of his body. He saw the beautiful entrance and structure of the city as the wagon passed through Cellestia's main doors which were made from a gorgeous and one of the finest woods in the continent, a wood with a shiny brown color which it is said that never looses its brightness.

    As Tegami presences the beauties of the city he took a silver and peculiar coin out the left pocket of his robe, it was a black coin with the head of a wolf on one side and the tail of a dragon on the one, this was Tegami's special coin which he normally uses for 50/50 challenges. He thrown the coin to the air with a move of his thumb finger, the coin landed on the deck of the wagon covered by straws, the symbol landed by the coin was the wolf head, "Oh, guess it's going to be direct", thought Tegami as he took the coin from the deck and placed inside his pocket again; Tegami's bet was this time what to do in the city, heads would be going direct to his employer, and tails going to some random alley to play dices with any challenger that crosses his path.

    The wagon finally stopped in front of an Inn called "The Jaunty Giant", then Tegami gave a jump out of the wagon's back part and landed right in front of the door which was immediately opened by a mercenary going out of the place to his next job; the mercenary stared at Tegami for a moment as he placed his hand over his sword, ready to defend himself if he saw some estrange move from Tegami; Tegami gave a little smile to the mercenary in guard right in front of him, he placed his hand in his pocket and without saying a word moved aside leaving the path open for the man coming out of the Inn, the man took Tegami's actions as a show of peace and kindness, for this reason he removed his battle stance and kept his path going.

    Tegami entered to the Inn and gave a gaze around the place to see if he was able to find his employer which was supposed to be waiting for him there, then he noticed down the ravines a women with a cloak and with a couple of bottles on the table on front of her; he walked through the crowd and tables that were intervening on his path right in the middle of the establishment, when he finally reached the table, "Sandra Misworth?", he said to the female sited in front of the table with a not too small amount of alcohol bottles.
  3. Hua Ling

    "This city is just..."

    The view of Celestia from the outside left Hua speechless. Back in her hometown, they did not have floating constructs as the ones before her. Her right hand slowly went to her back to lightly grasp the bottom of her paint brush, and her left went to wipe the tears that dripped from her eyes. It was her first time being outside of home, and she would make her parents proud by joining a group that would be one of the first to find an ancient remnant. She would bring fame and fortune back to her home while still gaining knowledge on magic for herself.

    Once inside the city limits, the easterner departed from her three legged bird beast. She breathed in deeply, and then breathed out. She was finally here.

    "Well, time to find this Ard person..."

    But where would she find him? She was completely new to this city and it was way larger than she expected it to be. A sigh left her mouth as she walked down the street towards an inn known as The Jaunty Giant. Many views came into her sight while she was on her way. On her left there was a blacksmith with his works of art adorned on his wall. To her right, there was a man who was feeding his horse.

    "Many works of art to be made..."

    Upon entering the inn, she was met with awkward looks from those around. It was probably because of her ears. She made a "hmph" before turning to the male who was attempting to speak to another woman with a numerous amount of bottles in front of her. 'He seems kind enough...well, that's only because he didn't look directly at me yet...' Hua walked behind the man before tapping him on his shoulder. She flashed a smile, putting both hands on her hips before starting off.

    "I'm Hua, nice to meet you! I know this is sudden and you probably think I am annoying already but do you know where I can find a man known as Ard Revelle?"

  4. The voice of an unknown girl behind him followed by a touch on his shoulder called Tegami's attention; the girl just suddenly presented to him with no apparent reason. Tegami turned back his head to see Hua's appearance, he noticed her big ears but decided to not stare or talk about it because she could feel offended by this.

    "Uh? Nice to meet you Hua, I'm Tegami", he presented himself as show of gentleness as he gave a little smile to Hua.

    "Ard Revelle...Far as I know he lives on his mansion, but I don't know where is located; excuse my interest but, why are you looking for him? Just pure curiosity", Tegami replied to Hua's question as he took a seat in the table next to the woman which was his original objective. He called for the waiter which was an average woman.

    "Hey, could you bring me some food? Anything would do it", he asked to the waiter.

  5. Celestia

    "M-Mansion! T-T-Thank you!"

    Hua's hands flew to her head in distress. She looked around at the tavern, receiving even more awkward looks from the common folk than when she first walked in. Grabbing her ears in distress, the elvish looking woman ran out of The Jaunty Giant and into the open street once more. 'How could I have been such an idiot... I was told to meet my employer at his mansion anyways... wasn't I? I shouldn't have lost that note! Goodness!' Her employer's abode would be upon one of the grand floating pieces in Celestia. She put her hand above her eyes and looked into the sky for the floating piece of earth that housed her employer. One particular piece stuck out to her. Upon the levitating fragment of earth was a large home that seemed to be owned by a very rich individual. Could that be Ard's home? With haste, the paint magician ran down the street and towards the stairs in front of the fragment. It took a while to get up to the top, but it was all worth it to her.

    "The exterior is so... intimidating..."

    She gave a gulp before approaching the doors. One knock, then two, then three. No one answered. Putting a little more force on the door lead her to the fact that it was indeed unlocked. Once in, Hua entered into the mansion. Her expression became that of joy as she observed the artwork upon the walls. After observing the drawings and paintings upon the walls, she finally came upon her employers study. The man's desk was covered with bottles of wine and foreign drinks.

    "M-My name is Hua Ling. I have come for the job that you were advertising about."

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  6. To take an Oath takes courage.

    To bear the hardships of your brothers for your Oath takes strength.

    But, to remember why to took the Oath in the beginning takes wisdom.

    Aeok exhaled as he entered the study. He felt at home within the stone. Celestia was certainly not his first choice in places to meet. At first he was in awe, but he was overcome by a sense of dismay. The stone walls of his order were all that he knew other than the pastures he had attended to in his youth. Aeok was not frightened, he would never be that, but he did not know how to feel about this place. The warrior felt out of place, a sheep within armor among odd individuals he had never seen. He felt alien in a place that should not. Oathkeepers are those who fight for just reasons and to keep the peace. Aeok didn't feel that way here, he felt that his presence was not meant for this place.

    The Oathkeeper stared at the wealthy half-elf before him who only made him feel more unwelcome. He expected a man of large stature who carried a great sword with a black beard, but instead he was caught off guard. This man was much less than Aeok expected. All of his superiors always wore their coat of arms from their rank along with a gleaming set of iron armor. The bottles of wine scattered on the table would not have been accepted back at the order. It was only drank on special occasion when new seasons came or when an initiate became an Oathkeeper. Aeok set his hands in front of him and stood at attention to Ard. He may have not thought the best of him, but it was not the man that mattered it was his quest. The Oathkeeper went down on one knee kneeling before the half-elf.

    "I am Oathkeeper Aeok of The Fifth Order. Ordained by Raemis Gelth of Maceldon, who was ordained by Joseph Delwith of Broadshield...."

    Aeok rattled off a list of names while still kneeling before Ard. He had to say his superior who ordained him and who ordained them. The title the Oathkeeper also held was bequeathed by the superior as well. Before long Aeok finished the names of those who had brought him to where he is had been said. A heavy breathe was taken in by Aeok as he stood up. Holding his sword to his side, he waited for his orders.
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  7. Freya stepped out of her carriage as they finally arrived inside the city of Celestia. Freya strode around to the driver, pulling out her coin purse to pay the driver, and with his services paid for the driver turned the carriage about and left her in the streets near the main gates of the city.

    She breathed in, staring up at the city floating above her. Freya had been dropped down lower in the city - had she requested it, she likely could have had the driver bring her to Ard Revelle's mansion. But she'd only ever been in this city once before, when she was much younger and traveling with her uncle, and so she wanted to walk to see the city some again. She'd forgotten much of the city between now and back then, but the sense of awe she got looking up at the higher portions of the city was familiar enough.

    Freya took her time walking through the city, finally arriving at his mansion - large enough that it took up an entire floating section of the city, if it was one of the smaller ones. She hesitated, momentarily intimidated by the size of the place. She and her uncle had been well off enough, save for a small bit of misfortune in her teenage years, but of course nothing like this.

    She steeled herself and strode up to the doors, knocking sharply twice. Once she was let in, she found her way to the man's study, but stopped outside. Freya wasn't the first to arrive, it sounded like from the voices inside the study - whoever had arrived before her was rattling off what sounded like his genealogy? "No," she muttered, not a genealogy, just a lot of names she didn't care about. She moved to stand just inside the door as the man spoke, waiting for him to finish and stand up before she sidestepped through the doorway and into the study.

    "And I'm Freya Kvalheim," she said, shortly after the man finished, hiding what nervousness she felt behind a confident smile. Her eyes darted over to the half-elf - Ard Revelle, presumably. There was another person there already too, a woman. "I apologize for my tardiness, I was held up on the road," she said. Maybe she shouldn't have taken such a long route up to the mansion. I hope I'm not the last one here.
  8. Iyo Wenrift
    Ard Revelle

    Sitting in a crevice of one of the hunks of rock that floated stagnantly in Celestia's skies, Iyo surveyed Ard's mansion from above. As familiar with city as any of its inhabitants, she had had little trouble finding the place, but had been forced to patiently await Ard's planned gathering. From what she could gather, messages had been sent out to a variety of contractors, some even overseas. As expected, Ard had given at least some time for the others to flock here to Celestia. And so now, on the set date of departure, she waited, hoping to catch sight of some of the men and women who were to form her crew.
    Eventually, a lone figure came into sight, some boisterous young woman with a large staff on her back, from the looks of it. Pausing at the door, presumably to knock, she then quickly pushed her way in. Shortly thereafter, she was followed by a man in armour. Waiting some time more, she was rewarded with the approach of another woman; she hesitated at the door before making her way in. All three seemed to be arriving at about the same time, so she figured they must have been keeping track of the time enough to know when to arrive.
    Well, she mused, nothing to hold me back now.
    Gripping a rope she had hung nearby, she wung onto it and pulled herself up its length until she had reached the entrance to this particular rock, before making her way down the various ropes, ladders, and bridges that would take her to Ard Revelle's abode. Faced, as were the others, with the stone door, she gave no thought to it and simply pushed her way inside, moving down the hall to the study room. Her light footsteps hardly made a noise as she crept through the doorway and into the room, where the rest of them had gathered.
    It seemed as though some small time had already passed since they had made their introductions, and so Iyo didn't bother, merely placing herself discretely in the corner of the room, watching the others and doing her best to gauge their skills.
  9. DESTON Deston deston...

    Though the warm Autumn light warmed most of Celestia as you grow closer to the ground so do you lose sight of the of the sun and the heat it granted you.

    One Deston Therope could not see the sun from his place on the earth, unlike many of the people living within this city, the beast of the man found himself within one of the ravines below it. The air was several degrees colder in comparison, the change making the chill all the more noticeable. Not that Deston paid it any mind, in fact he was more clothed now then any other point in his life. A fact that brought both a small smile to his lips, something that no one could see if anyone was in fact watching, and the feeling of his stomach dropping slightly.

    Making his way down this dirt path, he was not surprised at all to see that no one else, as far as he could tell, was down here with him. He had passed many souls before entering the ravine, a path that had not seen use in some time. Some gave strange looks as he started down it, many however knew better. Anyone who needed to travel to such a place had buisness they wanted no part of.

    It was several long minutes before he had arrived to what he thought was the meeting point, He kept himself out of the of the dim light of the torches as he cocked his head to the left then the right, scanning the scene for others. As far as he could tell no one was waiting in ambush for him to approach, and though he should be invisible to the person within the warm glow of the torches, the women who could only be Miss Saradhan glanced right at him before looking away again. She too scanned the surroundings, waiting impatiently for the people she was suppose to hire for this work. Work he had come to do himself.

    Deston himself had no intentions of entering the light. From the brief flash of eye contact they did exchange he had seen her eyes glow a vibrant violet. It was not needed for him to introduce himself. Even under his long traveling cloak there would be no mistaking his large form. She knew who he was and so did he know his employer. With that in mind he found a nice spot to sit near the wall of the ravine. His eyes searching for the darkness around him as he waited in silence with Miss Saradhan for the others to arrive.

  10. Azalie Orletylar, silver Wow..." Azalie exclaimed as she passed the numerous shops that lined the street. She frowned when she could not get the sweet treat displayed in the window as she had no money since she had used nearly all of it to obtain safe passage to this wondrous city. She grasped the leather purse that hung off of her frail right wrist, feeling that she had two coins to rub together.

    She grew tired of seeing things that she did wanted but could not purchase and made her way through the crowds on the market street, sidestepping to avoid running into people. Looking in one of the few pockets that lined her dark cloak, she pulled out a parchment and unrolled it. The Jaunty Giant, the paper stated, and she hoped that she could purchase something small to eat while she was there. Azalie searched around for what seemed to her to be hours until she found the area that she suspected where the inn was located. She heard raucous laughter and conversation as she neared the tavern, where the lights were spilling out into the street. Azalie walked into the inn; she felt uncomfortable with the number of patrons who gazed upon her, surprised to see a soft female entering in alone.

    Azalie kept her cloak closed as if to hide herself from the unwelcoming gazes. She took what seemed like forever to reach the table. "Umm... Sandra Misworth?" Azalie asked in an uncertain tone while raising a slender hand in a polite greeting. She noticed that there was a young man sitting with the woman already. She sat down next to the man and folded her hands in her lap.
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  11. Hazia
    Felice Saradhan

    Hazia looked up at the serene city before her. My, it really is grand. Were her only thoughts, her face remaining as expressionless as always as she hopped off the carriage. With a simple gesture, Hazia's hood was up, and she was already strapping her copper mask to her face, her distaste of crowds and interaction getting to her as she skirted around the city. While relatively nonchalant, she did have to gaze up at the wondrous sights of Celestia: the floating rock formations were stunning, even if it didn't show on her face.

    Now.....who was I looking for? Sara-something? Doesn't really matter, this work is all the same. Show up, go somewhere, melt people, get something, get paid. Hazia thought to herself, starting down some twisting dirt pathway to some worthless mine. She should've taken the half elf's offer. Pompous rich bastards like him did irritate her, but it probably would've paid better. Finally, she hit a ravine, sighing with relief. This didn't exactly look like a place for innocent souls, and Hazia kept the few flasks of acid she had close to her hands in the pockets of her coat. Could never be too careful, as she learned when her last employer tried to skip out on the payment. Good thing gold is resistant to acid.... Hazia thought with a smirk, cherishing that memory as she started down yet another small path.

    It was another few minutes before Hazia made it to what was, apparently, this woman's idea of a meeting place. Dim torches, dust everywhere, and some huge bloke sitting against a wall. Lovely. Without further delay, she nodded to the woman from under her hood, Miss Sara-something' violet eyes visible from beneath Hazia's mask. "Greetings. I believe you have a job for me."
  12. Guztav V
    Sandra Misworth
    he horses' heads drooped and their pace slowed to a walk as the riders took in what sight Celestia have to offer. Utterly breathtaking. No matter how many time the visitor looked at it, it was still hard to believe it's a result of destruction. That a shattered mountain could be made into such a wonder. In silence, behind the travel-guide, the young Knight studied the terrain. As the two got closer to the city, they were sprayed with tiny droplets of water, barely enough to drench them. A refreshing welcome. No, not rain from the sky but believed to be from rivers or streams and waterfalls from the floating land high above.

    Guztav almost find it hard not to gawk in awe. He raised a gloved hand to shade his eyes from the autumn sun as he stared up at the city from underneath. Flocks of white-feathered birds fluttered across his line of vision, flying in a straight line towards the trees on a different level. It's his first time into Celestia and lucky for him, he have a guide in front to steer his horse in the right path over the earthen-bridge. Otherwise, his visit here would have been brief.

    "Quite a sight, ain't she, my Lord?" said the man without looking back. "Yet there is more to see. Especially at the tombs and old ruins! Ah, the tombs. There is the promise to unlimited treasure, my Lord!" The guide then looked back. "Best not let the other treasure hunters beat you to them though!" said the hooded man with the crooked nose and some missing teeth before he stopped.

    "Is this the place?" Guztav asked.

    "Aye, my Lord. The one and only, The Jaunty Giant!"

    The Knight, or former Knight rather, nodded and climbed down from the saddle. He then reached into his belt-pocket and retrieved a small bag of gold before tossing it at the guide. Without another word, he entered the inn. He noticed how the folks here didn't seem to take notice of him. Indeed they've grown accustomed to strange travelers going through their land. So when he saw a waving hand from one corner within the inn, he knew it was meant for him.

    "My Lady," Guztav slightly bowed with a fist over his heart. "Guztav, at your service!"

    He'd kindly declined her proffered drink and was standing with arms folded across his chest against the wall, right next to the window. The knight-turned-mercenary have also acknowledged the other companions around his client with a nod, offering neither of them any glimpse of a smile whatsoever. From where he now stood, he knew he was still within earshot and have a view of the outside.

  13. [​IMG]
    Amelia has been walking for the past couple of days towards the specified meeting point.
    Who was her employer again? she couldnt remember. "Already forgotten", she murmurred. Amelia got a bit angry with herself and she could feel her blood boiling a bit painfully within her as a result of this.
    "Oh well, maybe I will get to figure out whom she was when I arrive!", she thought to calm her mind.

    In Amelia thoughts of past adventures run through her...
    How could she still not be able to cast stronger magic? Why did she remain this weak? She couldnt understand this."Maybe I am just that weak", she thought out loud.

    "It isnt even profitable!", she thought. It has never made her much of an income. Money earned by finding a relic was quickly spend again and that what was saved disappeared due to the payments of places to sleep at.
    There really were only two reasons for her to continue the life of adventure and exploration:
    "It is a whole lot of fun!", she nearly shouted, smiling brightly like a child.
    "And because this way I am free.", she remembers her youth in poverty.
    Nothing she has faced personaly in her adventures were as terrible as that long gone past, she was glad that it ended... but she really wished for a home one day.
    That was one of her goals, "It is why I dont want to sacrifice myself to become more...",
    she felt a bit sadenned
    "I dont want to become a living carpet",
    she remembered a friend that once was like her... but he sacrificed all for power and she felt her heart burst with pain at how different he was after he... how do they call it? Transcendet...

    The gates of Celestia came into her sight.
    She stopped walking and looked at the city before her.
    She hoped she would find whom hired her before they depart.
    "I dont want to lose out of all that fun afterall", she yelled before she continued her path towards the gates...
  14. Ard Revelle

    After the four of them had gathered, Ard rose to his feet to address them formally. "Like our young painter here, I imagine you are all here in response to my call for guides and guards. If not, then I congratulate you on somehow getting lost on my private property." He gave them all a small smile. "Oh, and... Eon, was it? Aeon- Aeok!" He snapped his fingers upon correctly remember the name. "That's quite a list of names. I do hope you aren't sworn to repeat it every time you introduce yourself. Tradition is a fine thing, but all fine things have their limitations.

    "And good welcome to you, Freya," he said with a nod, "and you, silent dove."

    Lacing his fingers behind his back, the half-elf straightened his back, ignoring the pop of bones shifting. "As you may or may not already be aware, depending on how you heard of my search, the job I propose is not a small one. We are after an old, old, remnant of the Age of Myths. It is not nearby. It is not simply waiting in some tomb. In fact, it's located in the great forests of Wrenstock. The exact particulars of it's location," he said, giving them all searching looks, "will be kept a secret to avoid... untimely terminations of contract." He quickly gave them all a still smile. "Not to imply any of you are black-hearted in any way.

    "To begin with, we'll be taking advantage of my trading contacts in Fier and Aer. It's not a direct route by any means, but does let us travel from city to city to replenish and refresh ourselves, with well tended roads filling the interim. We'll be leaving with a merchant caravan tomorrow morning. Their guards should keep us safe from any dangers encountered en route-" he spread his hands out to encompass the party, "but then again, I am hiring you for a reason.

    "I recommend spending the time beforehand introducing yourselves to each other, and taking the chance to ask me any questions you may have or finish any business you have in the city. At dawn, I will be expecting you all at the south road out of Celestia."

    Sandra Misworth

    After gesturing to the innkeeper that she wanted her mug filled - again - Sandra leaned forward conspiratorially. "Now, now, let's talk about what you've all gotten yourselves into," she started, grinning. "Me and this rich fellow, Ard, were rooting around in some local tombs as locals are prone to do. We found something valuable- or at least, something that told us where something else valuable could be found. Some piece from the Age of Myths, hidden away in the north-east corner of the world. Exciting stuff. Of course, neither me or Ard planned on just letting the other have it, so it looks like we've split paths." She laughed. "Lucky for you lot. Boring and prim to the bone is what you would've gotten from him.

    "Of course, I can't tell you exactly where to find the ancient thing. Chances are you'd split with me as quickly as I split with Ard," she immediately waved off any potential outbursts. "And don't go taking offense. Just human nature." Just then her new mug of ale arrived, and she drank some down quickly before continuing. "But I do plan on going there in as straight a line as possible. Don't want to waste time, after all. So we'll be heading north. Through the forests to Deshold, and then find ourselves a ship after that.

    "We can take off tomorrow. For now, might as well spend some time getting to know each other. Have few drinks, share some stories, you know how it goes." She raised her mug, "And tomorrow, the great unknown!"

    Felice Saradhan

    Felice returned Hazia's nod, the movement twitchy. "A job, yes. For you and I think the big guy over there," she jerked her head to indicate Deston. "Honestly, I was expecting a few more of you, but if you're the ones who showed up, well, that's that."

    The vampire took a moment to collect her thoughts, foot tapping a panic on the ground. "There's this thing - I can't say what it is, barely know myself - up in Wrenstock. Hidden away in the forests. Something old, and apparently very powerful. I want it. However, so do some others. A half-elf and a mage. From what I can tell, they aren't working together, which either makes this easier or only increases the chances one of them will beat us to it." Somewhere further down the mine, a pig squealed. Felice started at the sound, before letting out a long breath. "That's- that's mine. Don't mind it.

    "I learned about all this from the mage," she continued, "I have... tricks for getting people to tell me things. It's useful, now and then."

    She twisted her hands together for a moment. "There's a couple of things that are a bit different between our expedition and theirs. First, they don't know about me. As far as they know, they've only got each other to worry about. Secondly, our route will be... unconventional." She glanced back at the mine. "There are a lot of ways under this world. They don't follow rhyme or reason, and there are plenty of dangers, but it's secret and - important for myself - there's no sunlight." the pig squeal sounded again, this time joined by another. "If that prospect scares you, I won't hold it against you if you leave."

    "The donkeys for the wagons should be arriving tomorrow," she finished after a moment of silence. "Enough supplies to last of a couple of months - maybe more, with so few of us - are already loaded up. Until then, do what you will."

  15. [​IMG]
    "Tradition is not for embellishment, rather it is a reminder of where we were born." Aeok turned to his new companions and nodded to them. Then he suddenly realized he was the only male in their troop. Did this mean he would be the one leading them? The Oathkeeper had never had any woman superiors in his time, because they simply were none. All of those who had been initiated into the Order were men. From his belief was to keep the thought of them far away as possible. He had seen women come to the gates to offer goods to the Oathkeepers. Otherwise, he had not set eyes on a woman point blank in quite a while.

    Aeok wondered how they would feel about him? A strong warrior of such a strong lineage must be something to see. Maybe they would swoon over him wanting to share a glass of wine with him. The thought then was broken from his mind remembering his promise. If he broke his oath there would be severe consequences, so severe that his days of adventuring would be over. Aeok breathed for a moment making sure he looked calm for his companions.

    Aeok bowed to them deeply then standing back up in an attentive position. "As you all know I am Aeok. I hail from Fretport where my Order resides. My hope is that we all are able to get along and do our job."
  16. Azalie Orletylar, silver Azalie listened to her employer encourage the three who had arrived to take on her job to get to know each other. She glanced at the young man who appeared to be about her age for a human. There was nothing truly remarkable about him at a first glance, and wondered how he would fare in the quest that was given to them. The other man, however, was imposing compared to her and the young man who she sat adjacent to and appeared to have been in many of a battle. And then there was her, frail little Azalie. I have doubts that we can complete this quest. Maybe I should not have taken this lofty job, she thought.

    She raised her right hand in a wave while trying to smile away the nervousness of the upcoming job, her skin showing a slight change of color as it moved in a waving motion. "Hi! I am Azalie, formerly of the druids near Deshold. I hope I don't hinder our job!" Stupid, stupid Aza. Way to inspire confidence in your partners. Now you are sure to die, she thought while keeping a smile on her face to mask the anxiety. She lowered her hand, all the while forgetting to mention some important items of information about herself that could help with their strategizing.
  17. As he heard Sandra's words; Tegami noticed the girl next to him which had glanced at him before, he also saw the man next to the window which had talked with Sandra before. "These are my partners then...", he thought as he received a dish full of rice and meat from the waiter.

    "Well...If that's the job, it must be done", Tegami replied to his employer words. He then heard the girl next to him introducing at them as a young lady would do; Tegami noticed the awkwardness in Azalie's face when she waved her hand trying to be "nice".

    As a shown of respect and equality, Tegami gave Azalie a slight smile without opening his mouth; "The name is Tegami, pleasure to meet you Azalie", he responded to Azalie which was right next to him. Right after that, he saw the other man, "Gustav...Right?", Tegami said to the male without standing up of his chair. He serenely ate his food as he waited for them to response.

  18. Freya Kvalheim Freya looked over towards the avian girl that entered as Ard addressed her, and felt the slightest relief at not being the last to arrive. As Ard spoke, she casually spread her stance, placing both her hands on her hips. She nodded back at Aeok as he nodded at each of them, and she glanced over at the other ladies once again. She'd never been an enormous fan of knightly types, and she got the sense that Aeok was so stiff a light breeze might snap him in half - metaphorically speaking, of course. The other women, she had to hope, were less stiff than that.

    She took a slight step back as Aeok turned to bow to them, giving him room to move. "A pleasure, I'm sure," she said, giving him a smile that looked a little forced. "Freya Kvalheim," she said again, for the benefit of the avian, and she glanced back to the corner of the room where the avian had set up camp. "And our job seems clear enough to me," she said to Ard, "I have no questions. I do plan on going back into the city for a time however, if any of you wish to join me?" If she was going to be working with these people, best to spend time with them and get used to them now. Freya eyed the wine out on the table, but eventually looked away - it was still a little bit too early to be hitting the liquor.
  19. [​IMG]
    {Aya + Arthur}​

    Arthur was moving through Celestia as the warmth of Autumn bounced off the cold steel armor of his as he walked, making surprisingly no noise. Aya on the other hand was enjoying the ride as she looked through Arthur's Helmet seeing Celestia as the dual were walking to their destination. Arthur was looking in front of them carefully watching if anything would pop up he knew he was prepared, while Aya on the other hand was observing the trees and their beautiful maple colored leaves falling around her as they began to descend a dirt path. The two continued walking for a bit until they hit a ravine where they looked around for their employer.

    'What was her name....' Aya thought silently between the two as they were connected by blood and soul. She began going through a list of random names that she called out and decided that their employer's name would hopefully be Felice Saradhan, a name the two agreed upon. But Arthur had saw the job request and memorized the name of their employer so he knew whom to talk to....

    The two of them continued to walk for several more minutes as they followed two pair of tracks, for the most part they looked fresh and followed them, once they heard quiet murmurs up ahead, Aya closed her mouth as she was giving some small talk to Arthur to pass the time for them both, but now it was time for her to be silent, as they approached the group...

    Arthur raised his hand to his helmet to cough, to grab the attention of the group. It seemed like he interrupted a conversation about supplies most likely for the trip that they were going to do. But his mind stopped wondering as he looked at the three studying them quietly before he looked at the one with the... unique violet eyes and bowed slightly with his hand over his heart... "You must be Felice Saradhan? Please to meet you, my name is Arthur and I will be part of your group" He had said politely to his employer and to his two other companions... Aya on the other hand was quiet as she didnt have to move, what ever Arthur did outside with his body didn't affect the space inside his armor, it was like a stasis almost but she was listening intently remaining hidden....
  20. Iyo Wenrift
    Ard Revelle

    "Aeok. Freya," Iyo repeated, her voice soft and a bit hoarse in the corner of the room.
    Standing a bit straighter to draw attention—and then quickly regretting it—she chose to present herself. "I am Iyo, a native of Celestia." Or at least, close enough. She gave something of a nervous smile. "I'm sure we'll get along just fine, Aeok."
    Though this contract surely had its appeals—not the least of which being the chance to finally leave the mountains she considered her home and explore the world—it also held a couple challenges she would have to face. The first being teamwork. She had always acted more as a guide or as a solitary retriever, rarely needing to rely on the ability of comrades, and even less comrades whose skills she was not intimately familiar with. If she was to make the best of this mission, she would also have to make the best of those undertaking it with her.
    "I've no qualms with venturing the city once more, but ah—" she paused for a moment uncertain. Nodding her head towards the elf with the large staff, "I don't think I caught her name."