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  1. Hello, everyone! So, today, I've decided to explore a little further. Hopefully this can help me find more roleplaying material within my area of interest and the resume itself. If you look down below, you will see my writing level, which is intermediate. In a jar, this means legit grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc. Adding on to that, I prefer at least one paragraph per post. My favorite genres are loosely explained- romance, historical, modern, and paranormal, etc. If we go into a little more depth, you can find that some of my favorite romance genres are medical romance, historical romance, and paranormal romance. I am always willing to try out others, though, but of course, I always have the right to say no, as well.

    Fantasy favorites can range from modern fantasy to low fantasy. I like high fantasy, but cannot grasp situations with it on roleplaying. It's just too much for me. You can all see my plot candies, as well. Romance is my top favorite in that list (hence why I put it first but didn't care as much about the others).

    Lastly, you can see that I love experimenting with historical settings. When I say "experimenting" I mean adding in things that aren't supposed to adhere to the historical setting, such as Victorian Era with Steampunk, or the 1910's with paranormal activity, etc.

    I understand if not everything can be fulfilled because no one has the same two roleplay resumes or interests, but if most can be fulfilled, I'd love to check out whatever roleplay can coincide with my own.

    How frequently the member can post.
    One Post a Week, Slow As Molasses
    The writing levels this member prefers. [View the Guide]
    SEXUAL ORIENTATION OF MY CHARACTERS:Straight, Pansexual, Asexual
    FAVORITE GENRE:Fantasy, Romance, Modern, Historical, Thriller, Supernatural, Paranormal, Erotica
    LEAST FAVORITE GENRE:Furry, Political, Prehistoric, Pulp Fiction, Porn
    A passive player is someone who needs direction and likes their partner to lead the story. An aggressive players likes directing action and controlling the plot. Some players do both.
    Passive with little twists of aggressiveness.
    These are things the member really loves in their roleplays.
    Romance, Anti-Hero, Fluff, Experimentation, Kidnapping, Plot Twists, Suspense, Forbidden Love
    The kind of characters the member plays most often.
    Complicated Personality, Young Adult With Tragic Past, Calm And Sensitive, Sexually Driven, Female Lead
    The kind of characters the member WILL NOT play.
    Overly Sexualized, Arrogant
    Extra things the member feels are important about their roleplaying style.
    My interests dip up and down. I love many types of fantasy and romance. Experimenting with historical roleplaying is my top favorite thing to do when I plan out a roleplay of some sort. I like to explore different genres of roleplay, so don't be afraid to ask if I like a specific genre. I may or may not, but this does not mean I won't try it out.
  2. Want to mix Romance, Historical and Fantasy together? If so shoot me a PM.
  3. That depends. What kind of romance, historical era, and fantasy are you thinking about doing?
  4. Historically my preference is medieval, fantasy and romance wise it's really whatever you're comfortable with as I don't mind.
  5. Well, I placed down my favorite romance and fantasy up above- if you can choose from something there, I'm sure we can work out something within the medieval era. :)
  6. We can drop the fantasy if you want. MxF is fine with me, I'm sure we can incorporate forbidden love into it.
  7. I never stated I wanted to drop the fantasy genre out of our discussion. I like the idea of incorporating fantasy elements into medieval times (or even better, make the whole thing altogether, medieval fantasy), but it won't be high fantasy, since I'm not very experienced with that yet.
  8. Medieval Fantasy is fine, perhaps set in England? With magic and such.
  9. Sounds great! Would Arthurian times (within the middle ages/medieval era) interest you? It ranges from the late 5th to early 6th centuries.
  10. Yes that's fine, I prefer roleplaying in the Dark Ages or High medieval. Paganism can pave the way for I guess realistic magic, should we have different races or not?
  11. Dark Ages? I'm not familiar with that term- and neither am I familiar with "high medieval"- care to provide a brief explanation of those two? Different races make the world go 'round- yes, but I prefer just your basic elf, dwarf, orc, etc.
  12. Medieval covers -

    Early Medieval, or the dark ages - The time our RP is set, the fall of the Roman empire, etc

    High medieval, which is 11th century to around the 13th.

    And the late medieval ages, which leads to the Renaissance
  13. Ah, gotcha. Well, we know we won't be roleplaying this RP in high medieval, that's for sure. Your opinion on just having the basic races which usually occur in fantasy?
  14. Yeah that's fine. Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and such
  15. One more thing before we set up a basic plot to follow- are you sure you want to do this? I don't mean to ridicule or offend you in any way, but you keep on saying "yeah, that's fine" and it's making me have second thoughts about whether you're actually interested in this or not, but if you are, that's fabulous! :)
  16. Wow I only said it twice ;-;
    I'm definitely interested!
  17. Definitely should have said it a third time, just to make sure that she knows it's really fine. ;)

  18. Yes, but different people have different perceptions of chat on the internet. If someone just keeps on telling me "yeah, that's fine" or "that's fine" (without any smiley faces) I perceive that what I'm doing is not interesting to the person I'm talking to. Anyways, it's great that you're interested. Let's talk about the plot through private messaging.
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