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  1. You and I are classmates, who somehow wind up being C-average students and with that being said we get taken out of class one day. From that point on since we get taken out of class the principal calls us to his office. We arrive and touch base within such an office, and the moment that we do so everything takes a drastic change. He tells us that we are exceptionally intellectual individuals who chose to tank our grades at our own accord, and with that being said he tells us that you and I are going on a field-trip. Wait for it.. Wait for it.. BOOM it's to an Island that has been undocumented and we were sent there to collect "Scientific samples." Yet, upon doing so we find out that this island was undocumented for a single reason. All of the outsiders that touched face with the island died. Electricity malfunctions and we get there safely, after crawling out of the plane that crashes

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  2. [ - Rather a short time has passed, since his memory went totally blank for a moment. All he could've recalled was the blazing heat of the flame, from the now crashed plane. He grasped hold of the females hand, interlocking his fingers with her own, in order to bond he himself to her. Before struggling to climb out of the seat that he once resided within. He'd now begun taking rather incredibly slow steps, and he'd nearly died upon arrival. Such an island that was so beautiful, yet perpetually dangerous. It'd seemed that hatred coursed through the entire island. He'd turned to the right only to notice a slight fatal flaw within the plane, this plane did not malfunction. The plane was rather shot down by the natives to such a vicinity. Where the grasses of emerald hue, were still wet with morning dew of yonder days. The trees grew incredibly tall, and from such trees swung about several bipedal creatures with elongated fur. That ranged from brown, to dark brown to black. These were apes, and several orangutans. Now it'd become even more evident that this island was exotic, and yet using his superior intellect he knew that several apes were herbivores. There had to be a source of food within a place like this. Would Fuu, take to the Trees, or would he await the female, to regain consciousness? He'd chosen to wait. Fuu spoke, "Aurora, wake up. We do not have long before the entire plane implodes from the flame and the fuel that is now seeping onto the ground. If you want your life I suggest we get the hell out of here." He'd threw the entirety of the females embodiment over his right shoulder, and begun a charge into the very dense and thick heavily lavish forest.
  3. Aurora slowly regains her consciousness along with a pounding headache. Soon she was aware that she was being carried into the most dense forest she has ever laid eyes upon, however her vision was not only blurry but also bouncy and unfocused. More concerned with what was happening, for she remembered nothing, she let out a high pitched whimper and dug her nails into her transportation's back, horrified out of her mind. Aurora's breathing was heavy and quick from panic which did nothing to help her vision or memory clear.
  4. [ - "Cut it out, stop quit your panicking I've got you covered, and I won't let anything happen to you, Aurora." Fuu gasconaded. He'd continued dashing off, before taking cover behind one of the larger trees approximately 100 meters away from the plane, and the moment that he'd done so he'd placed the female down upon the tree allowing her to rest her spinal cord up against it, and the moment that he'd done such a thing the fuel was ignited, causing the entirety of the plane to implode instantaneously, leaving supplies to fall out all over the place, the incredible heat radiated around the tree, debris flew about the vicinity as well, killing several of the monkeys.
  5. Aurora pulled her bruised knees up to her chest and hugged them against her body, tucking her head down as to brace herself from the heat wave and debris from the plane's implosion. After the commotion she raked her fingers through her hair frantically, still with her back up against the tree and knees hugged to her chest, "What the fuck!?" She cried out in confusion and terror. Aurora shut her eyes tightly and covered her ears, muttering inaudible things to herself in an anxiety attack.
  6. [ - He'd spoken in a rather soft tone to the feminine entity. " Stay here, I am going to scavenge what I can from the plane crash, and when I return we have to leave here as soon as possible. The natives who shot down the plane will surely be back to ensure that there were no survivors. Do you understand me? All I want you to do is be safe, I will be the one who will take care of the danger. You losing your life here, would ultimately mean me losing mine, in survival situations it is incredibly important that you and I stick together because not only does a second person provide morale. A second person can help keep survivability, without much effort, simply because there are two of us we can get more done. "
  7. Her bottom lip trembles as she looks up at man who saved her life, mascara tinted tears stained her colorless cheeks. Aurora's eyes were wide and bright like a baby deer's in the presence of danger. She shakes her head and grasps his arm with desperation, "No, please don't leave me. Don't leave. Please, i'm begging you." Aurora pleads of the man, still not fully comprehending what's going on. Her mind races, eyes plead, and mouth begs.
  8. [ - "Oh shut it, I'll be right back, just stay here and don't make a move." He'd spoken before darting off into the wreckage, and noticing the blazingly hot red flame. Due to the fact that this was a chemical fire, he knew he wouldn't have long to leave the area, before most everything was reduced to ash, he'd grasped hold of a single bag, and within the bag were several food items, as well as water bottles to last them until they could somehow find a source of fresh water within this forsaken island. He'd Grasped two of the corpses of a pair of burned monkeys. Before making a singular motion, tossing them inside the bag instantaneously. Leaving the monkeys burned aroma within the bag. They were cooked, well done. He'd threw the bag over his shoulders, before returning to the females side. Throwing an arm around her shoulder. - ]
  9. Involuntarily she was shaking, so much was happening and there was so much she couldn't remember or understand. Aurora watched her rescuer retrieve and scavenge for items by and around the crashed plane with minor curiosity and major fear. As soon as he was back she nuzzled his chest with her face and graciously allowed him to wrap his arm around her shoulder.
  10. "The name is Fuu, Beautiful." Spoke the male, before he'd lowered his grip wrapping an arm around her waist, before standing up and slowly walking away from the concurrent area. He'd begun a slow stroll with her at his side. " We have to leave now, and make camp on the outskirts of their village wherever the hell that may be."
  11. She followed him, calming down just a bit with his hand securely on her waist. "Aurora, but I think you already knew that."
  12. [ - "Not very hard, when you study a person closely for a rather long period of time, and I've from the shadows gotten to know a bit more about you and your little discrete personality. That is rather interesting is it not?" He'd spoken meanwhile he continued the slow and steady stroll through the bush, grasping several leaves on the way to a decent spot to make camp at.
  13. A shiver runs down her thin spine at his admission of watching her. Aurora turns her head down and allows herself to be lead by Fuu, her only chance of survival. "And what have you found out?" She asks, not sure if she really wants the answer.
  14. "Theres a good camping spot right over there, it's perfect it's in the dead center of this forest, and it is perfect. The view of the sun here is good, the amount of raised ground will prevent spiders and ants from wanting to come here simply because of the rock face. I'll get firewood later, but first there is something I must do.." He'd turned toward the female instantaneously, placing both hands upon either side of her waist instantaneously. Before he'd allowed those oceanic blue hue'd irises to gaze within her own. "So tell me, do you like me?"
  15. Aurora is taken by surprise and her jaw tenses as he gazes seemingly into her wretched soul. She looks away, "I owe you my life.." she whispers almost questionably.
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