Additional ChatRP Rooms!

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  1. With ChatRPs growing more popular, we've added three additional cbox rooms for members to roleplay LIVE with other players. :D You can view them in the Cbox.

    Members are always welcome to grab some buddies and go roleplay at any time! Just remember, if you see a room in use ASK before you jump in. Each room also makes use of the "/roll" dice command in case you want to play D&D style roleplays as well.

    If you're looking for Scheduled ChatRP nights (or to schedule your own), view the Calendar for dates, OR see any threads marked with [​IMG] in the Signups forum!

    Make sure to save your Chatrp logs!
    Once a month we clean out the logs from the chat rps. So make sure you save your logs and post them on the forums after each session if you wish to keep them.

    Enjoy playing! :D
  2. They're only popular because of me. I am the way, the light and the word.

    Catacombs, cove and whut?

    And how, pray tell, do we save our chat rp logs in all their glory?
  3. Well. _I_ save the log as an html file on my computer. Then I copy paste all the important stuff out of them to post on the forum/blogs. That way I can keep all the colors and stuff intact. >>
  4. And how do you do that?
  5. Right click the log link and "Save As" or view the log and right click the page and "Save As".
  6. Yay! Thank you Dananachan :D
    *runs off to look at ChatRPs*

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.