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  1. RP between Tayssi & Sami

    Kaia Harlyn Farah

    Digging into her jeans pocket, she tried to find a hair tie, but instead she only found a clip. It would have to do. Instead of tying her hair up like she had wanted to do, Kaia simply clipped her fringe away from her face so it was away from her eyes. Glancing around, seeing the empty streets, she pulled up her hoodie, letting it fall part away to her eyes. Shoving her hands in her pockets and scuffing her joggers on the path once, she started down the dark, empty street. Even though she couldn't see anyone, she didn't trust the area at night time, but it was easiest time to travel. Less people to see her. During the day she looked odd wearing jeans and a hoodie. It wasn't cold enough for that. At 1 in the morning, however, if anyone saw her, they didn't really think anything of it. Why would they? It was usually only the homeless or the drunk out this late. And with only a small backpack on her, many would think that's exactly what she was. Not that she had much in it. One change of clothes and her wallet that carried only about $50, if that. Her phone was in her pocket. So, really, they'd be correct. She had no home, not since she ran away from it. And she didn't have enough money to stay at a hotel.

    Sighing heavily, Kaia hunched her shoulders, very prepared to make the hike to the next town over, where ever that was. However, when someone grasped her upper arm and wrenched her to the side, she gasped, her heart lurching in her chest. She looked up to see 3 men, all around the age of 25-30. They all wore hoodies themselves to hide their faces and the one holding her arm held a switch blade. One man reached over and yanked her hood down away from her face and one whistled. The man holding her arm pressed his switch blade against the hollow of her neck as she saw the slimy smile creep across his half hidden face. She shuddered at the touch of the cool metal against her skin and tried to pull out of his hold.

    He Tsk'ed and pressed the blade harder against her neck and she froze, fear lacing its way through her veins like ice. These men, she could tell, weren't drunk. They were all sober. They had been waiting here for someone to come past them. Whether they had excepted her to be a girl, she didn't know, but they seemed extremely happy with their catch. She released a shuddering breath as the third man took a step closer and said, "we're lucky tonight," as he grabbed her back pack and pulled it off of her. He searched it, grabbing her wallet and throwing the rest on the ground. After grabbing the cash and pocketing it, he turned back to her, leering. "Should we have a bit of fun?" he asked and the two other glanced at him and then back at her.

    "I think so," said the one who had pulled her hood off of her. He grasped a strand of her hair and leaned down and sniffed it, groaning. He dropped her hair and leaned down more, burying his face into her neck, inhaling. Tears quickly sprung to Kaia's eyes as she felt his tongue trace the length of her throat. "She tastes good," the man moaned as she leaned back, away from her and looking at the other two. But then the three started debating who should 'get the first go' and the man's grip on her arm loosened a fraction. Knife be damned, Kaia took the only chance she knew she'd get and she wrenched her arm from his grasp and darted away, the knife creating a thin line of fire along the base of her neck. She ran for her life, not caring about her bag or clothes.

    Behind her, the men yelled and she hoped they wouldn't care enough to chase her. She wouldn't outrun them for long. She may be quick for her size, but she was only 5'4'' and they were all atleast 6'1'' with much longer strides than hers. They'd catch up quickly. Unfortunately for her, they decided to pursue her and she pushed herself quicker. Tears blurred her vision and she could still feel that man's tongue on her neck.

    She ran as far and as fast as she could and she was soon on the outskirts of town, away from it, even and the men were still following her. They were almost on top of her. She could hear their heavy breaths. Just up ahead, she saw a two story house. It was dark inside, but the place looked pretty old so she wasn't sure if anyone even lived there. Taking her chances that there wasn't, she bolted to the front door. But it was locked, so she darted around the back and found a slightly open window. She jumped in as quickly as possible, but she yelped in surprise when one of the men grabbed her hoodie and started to crawl inside. She wiggled her way out of it and bolted inside. She ran upstairs and into the first room she found, which looked like some sort of bedroom of some sort. But no one was here. She could hear the men downstairs. They had all managed to get inside. She looked around, but saw no where to hide.

    Trying to calm her erratic breathing, Kaia back into the furthest corner of the room and raised a hand to her neck. She pulled it away and it came sticky with blood. It wasn't a lot and wasn't a bad cut, but when it had happened, the blade had felt like fire. She glanced down at her white tank top and then raised her green eyes to stare at the doorway, eyes wide with fear. She was going to get caught.​
  2. Another night just like any other. It always the seemed the same no matter how someone looked at it. Stragglers out and about after a night of drinking, others hurrying home after work while others were heading to. Just a normal night for someone who had lived for two centuries.

    It was dark out, no moonlight. The only light was the occasional streetlight here and there. There was hardly anyone out on this night as there had been several incidents of people being robbed and others being killed. There was only one to blame on the recents killings that no one in their right mind would believe unless they believed in mythical lore such as vampires.

    Footsteps sounded on pavement as Eric made his way down the street, heading toward the outskirts of town. He had just finished feeding, having hid the body of his latest victim in an area that someone wouldn't think to look. He knew humans were ignorant when it came to believing in such things as vampires which made it all the more for him.

    It was about fifteen minutes before he was slowly approaching his home, which looked liked it had seen better years on the outside, needing a bit of work. But the inside was neatly kept as if the inside was more important. The closer he got, his inhuman hearing could hear a commotion going on inside. This was a bit odd that someone was in his home but he could hear three sets of footfalls. He bared his teeth as he quickly made his way to the house, quietly slipping inside as to find out what had brought three men into his home...a vampire's home.
  3. Kaia heard the men just downstairs, making plenty of noise. In the silence of the night, she could hear furniture being moved and doors being opened. One man growled in frustration and said, "she must be upstairs!" to his two mates. The young woman trembled and she ducked her head momentarily as tears spilled down her cheeks. Her light blonde hair fell over her shoulders and she almost let out a panicked gasp when she heard the men come up the stairs. Her heart pounded in her chest and she was a little surprised that they couldn't hear it. Pressing herself further into the corner of the wall, she slid to the ground, bringing her knees to her chest and staring, wide eyed at the door to the room, hoping that for what ever reason, they would pass it.

    She wasn't used to feeling such fear. At first it had been surprise when they had grabbed her. She didn't overly care if she had gotten robbed. However, when she saw the knife, that's when she had become scared. She had heard about people being killed and that terrified her. She wasn't ready to die. She wasn't old enough, had barely lived out her life. She was only 20. Death was not something that she wanted until she was old.
    She clenched her hands as she wrapped them around her knees, one covered in now dry blood, even if the wound on her neck itself hadn't started healing yet. She listened over her thumping heartbeat for the men outside and heard them open doors and explore inside each of them. It wouldn't be long before they decided to look in the room she was in. Taking in a shuddering breath, Kaia slowly pushed herself back to her feet. She'd have a better chance of escape if she was on her feet instead of sitting there. If only one came into the room.

    Not even a minute later, Kaia froze when the handle to the door turned slowly. And then it opened. And unfortunately for her, it was all 3 standing there, apparently having searched every other room. They saw her and one flicked open his switch blade and they advanced toward her. She pressed herself against the wall, watching them, scared. But in a moment of courage - or stupidity - Kaia ran straight toward them, hoping to get through them with momentum. At first they were stunned that she went toward them instead of trying to get away and she had almost gotten past them, but they quickly recovered and one grabbed her hair and another, her arm. They yanked her back and she cried out in alarm as she stumbled backwards, toward them. The one with the blade stepped up behind her and pressed the cool blade against her neck, a drop of blood welling on her skin from the pressure. "Don't move, little girl," he hissed as he grabbed her hair and yanked her head backward.

    She stared at them, horrified as she whispered, "let me go," but the men simply laughed. They were planning to have their fun and then kill her. She knew it.​
  4. Why were people in his home? Out of all the buildings, why here? What were they after? All of these thoughts flooded his mind as he stayed where he was as he listened to the heavy footfalls, furniture being moved around and door being opened and closed. They were clearly looking for something...or someone as he listened as the sounds carried upstairs.

    There was three distinct voices, male at that he picked up. Then he heard another voice, a fourth voice. But this one didn't sound masculine at all. No, it was a feminine one and young at that. Maybe in her early twenties, he couldn't tell for sure.

    Eric followed the voices upstairs to one of the bedrooms, thankfully not his. He stepped to the doorway, listening as the men talked to one another and the girl telling them to let her go. He couldn't understand why they were after the girl, finding it rather odd but he could tell what they were going to do. But he suddenly picked up a scent that was nearly irresistible to him as his fangs showed.

    Quietly, he slipped into the room with no noise as he did. He stepped behind the one that was closest to the doorway, taking a hold of him. "You shouldn't of come into my home." He said simply, his tone like ice and having a steely edge to it.
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  5. Tears welled in her eyes as the man pressing the blade to her neck pulled her hair even harder, yanking her head back. She reached up to grip his arm, trying to tug his knife away from her, but it did nothing but make the man angry with her. One of the other man slapped her across the face and growled, "Stop it!" and Kaia flinched away from him. The man holding her slowly released her hair, but didn't not move his blade, which kept her from moving and he ran a hand down her now stinging cheek, "if you don't try anything, we won't hurt you," he purred and the girl shuddered. She wanted to be anywhere but here.

    However, before any of them could try anything, she noticed another man come into the room. Was he with them? Had they sent a message to someone else? Why would they need 4 men for someone as small as her? She couldn't put up much of a fight. But instead, the new man grabbed a hold of the closest man to the door and spoke, voice cold as he said they shouldn't have come into his house. His tone intimidated her and yet, for some reason, she felt an overwhelming sense of curiosity toward him.

    The man who had been grabbed, swung around, to attempt to hit the man as he cussed at him loudly. "Get lost!" the man growled and Kaia stared, wide eyed. She didn't know whether this man was to be a friend or foe toward her, but she quickly learned he wasn't a friend to her 3 attackers, so she mustered the courage to whisper, "please help me.. I haven't done anything," which caused the man holding her at knife point to press the blade harder against her skin as he snarled, "shut up!"
  6. Eric looked at each of the men before looking toward the woman. It was clear to him what they were planning. He kept his grip on the man he had a hold of, dodging the man's swing at him. He gritted his teeth, getting angry about this whole thing. How could mere humans think they could handle a vampire...if they actually knew of course.

    Hearing the woman, he didn't turn to look at her but he heard every word she said. He kept his attention tuned to the men, looking at each of them coldly. "Get lost? You three should be the ones to leave." He said angrily at them, swallowing hard as his throat felt dry some reason. Where was that scent coming from? He glanced around rather quickly before noticing the woman had a cut along her neck, seeing the one holding her had caused it. So it was coming from her and it was beginning to drive him insane. How could that little bit be causing him to act like this?

    Needing the men gone, he could only think to taunt them into attacking him all at once. "If you want me gone, why don't all of you attack me at once.?" He said to them, smirking as he spoke. He could only hope this worked. If not, he would have to think fast.
  7. Kaia watched as the new man dodged the swing with ease, almost like he had all the time in the world to dodge the man's clumsy swings. It didn't take long before the man spoke, saying they should be the ones to leave. For some reason, his features looked strained, almost hungry and she didn't understand it. The man soon taunted them, trying to coax them into attacking him all at once. Why would he try that? They were three men and he was just one. What hope did he stand against them?

    But the three men glanced at each other, some unspoken message Kaia didn't understand passing between them. And then the one the man held tried to swing at him again as the one standing to the side lunged at him. The man holding her paused before his face twisted into a hideous smirk as he threw Kaia to the side, sending her tumbling to the ground with a yelp and he lunged at the man, wielding his blade and obviously planning to harm him.

    Kaia didn't know what to do. There were three men, against one man who looked like he didn't stand a chance. Should she try to help? Or should she bolt? No, this man was technically helping her, whether he meant to or not, so she wouldn't leave. She pushed herself to her feet, bringing a hand up to her wounded neck as she watched as the three men tried to rush the other man, who didn't look too happy they were here.
  8. Eric knew exactly what he was doing as he taunted them, knowing the three didn't know what they were getting themselves into. The man in his grip managed to hit him but it didn't phase him as his grip tightened before Eric threw the man into the one that lunged toward him. Having his attention turned away for a second, he heard a loud sound like someone being dropped to the floor. When he turned back, he felt something sharp pierce his skin.

    Looking down, Eric noticed the third man had drove his knife into his torso just below his rib cage. He looked back at the man in front of him, his eyes studying him quietly for a moment. These men were pathetic in his opinion, seeing how clearly the three had decided to rush at him without thinking about the situation at hand.

    "None of you have no idea what you've gotten yourselves into." Eric stated as he placed a hand on the wrist of the man with the knife, pulling the knife out as the wound slowly healed leaving no scar.
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