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    What TV show/series are you addicted to?

    My favorites at the moment are United states of Tara (Thanks to Zyph for showing me this) and Nurse Jackie. However, my number one favorite show is Breaking Bad which is starting up again this summer.

  2. I myself don't watch much TV anymore, but my friend I hang out with a lot watches it constantly so I pick some stuff up.

    I personally keep track of Ru Paul's Drag Race, Raising Hope, and MythBusters.

    I sort of watch Glee, Jersylicious, and So You Think You Can Dance? because of said friend.
  3. I don't pay attention to TV much. I keep it on for company, mostly because when I'm alone or being neglected for video games [yeah, boyfriend is in love with his games] I like to look up once in a while to see something that'll make me laugh or somethin'.


    Futurama is my fave show. I watch it on Netflix all the time and catch it now and then on Comedy Central. I also like Family Guy, American Dad, Spongebob, Teen Titans, Justice League. ...yeah. I'm addicted to all those cartoons. And more, but I won't go on. >__>;

    For what's not cartoony: Mythbusters, Whose Line is it Anyway?, My Wife and Kids, and How It's Made.
  4. White Collar, Castle, Psych, Big Bang Theory, and Fringe.

    I don't really watch a lot of ongoing cartoons or anime. All of those are like only 1 or 2 seasons so I don't really count them.
  5. I'm also a Breaking Bad fan and am totally excited for some new episodes!!! I must know what happened, they just left me hanging in that last epsiode, bastards!

    Oh and I'm 100% addicted to Glee and 90210! Love my girly shows!
  6. IKR!?

    That show has the worst at Cliffhangers > <

    House MD was pretty bad this time too though.
  7. I don't watch TV week to week. I'll usually just catch up on Netflix or borrow dvd's, since I can't stand watching a good show one episode at a time.